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James Turner (Manager)

Mar 24, 2015

March Inventory Update

  As usual, we've been getting into a lot of new gear over the past month or two. I've been somewhat negligent in writing these updates of late, so this will include more products than usual, with somewhat briefer descriptions. Let me know if you'd like to know more about any of the products here by e-mailing me at, or calling 780-278-3679.

Marshall JVM410H and 1936 2x12 Cab
  We have recently received a shipment with a Marshall JVM410 head and "1936" 2x12" speaker cabinet. This is a 100 Watt, British built, all tube amp, with 4 separate channels. It has independent 3-band EQs on each channel, as well as reverb, gain, and volume controls, with a programmable 6-button foot-switch for switch for selecting things on the go. It is also equipped with a variety of outputs to suit most cab stack combinations, an effects loop, as well as line and midi outputs.
The 100 watt tube power amp offers up enough power for almost any occasion, while the on board distortions give you great tone at any volume level. The 4 channels each offer a unique tone, and different distortion type, so it can suit a wide variety of music styles.
   If you are looking for a great performance amp, with enough power for most venues, enough versatility for all your music, and the tone that made Marshall amps the Legend they are; come try out the JVM410.…/amplifie…/jvm4-series/jvm410h/

Breedlove COMOO25B Mandolin
  This is one of Breedlove's least expensive mandolins. However; with a Solid spruce top, maple back and sides, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, and Breedloves unique Mandolin design, it sounds and plays much better than most others in the price range. Part of Breedloves design includes a wider neck, giving much more space for your fingers between the pairs of strings, as well as a radiused fretboard, and larger frets, for a much easier playing experience. It is in a semi-gloss black finish, with little in the way of fancy appointments, contributing to it's exceptional value.

Breedlove Studio SDX21CE 12-string Acoustic
  Breedlove's Studio series of acoustics are excellent buys for someone looking to upgrade from an entry level or midrange instrument, into a pro level model, without going overboard on the price. With a Solid Spruce top, Mahogany, back and sides, Grover die-cast machineheads, L.R. Baggs LR-V-TC pick-up system + tuner, and Breedlove's ingenious bridge truss system, the guitar is ready for anything. The wood combination along with the concert body size, gives you one of the most versatile acoustic tones around, working well in almost any application, and almost any genre. The brightness of the spruce is well tempered by the midrange produced by the mahogany, and focused by the body size. Often Small bodied guitars (especially 12-strings) suffer from a lack of low end. But due to Breedlove's bridge truss system, and forward X-brancing patter, it has a well rounded low end as well. The bridge truss also greatly contributes to the instruments stability in varying climates, and with heavier string gauges, which is a huge benefit on a 12-string guitar especially.
   The L.R. Baggs Pick-up system has a very natural tone, and allows for a lot of control while on stage. The on board tuner is also very easy to use, and is among my favourite of all built in tuners. The guitar also comes with a heavy duty, semi-rigid gig bag, ideal for those who want the most protection out of their cases, without sacrificing portability and convenience (such as back-pack straps).

Breedlove Premier Concert Rosewood Acoustic
  Breedlove's Premier line of acoustics are all hand made in Bend, Oregon, USA, with 25.5" scale necks, and are equipped with L.R. Baggs' EAS VTC pick-up system, and Graphtech Tusq nuts and saddles. This model is made from Solid East Indian Rosewood and Solid Sitka Spruce, and has a Hondurian mahogany neck, and African Ebony fingerboard and bridge. The Concert body size, soft cut-away, and exceptional set-up, contribute to a wonderful playing experience. The Rosewood back and sides, and sitka spruce top give the guitar a lot of projection, depth, and clarity, while the smaller body keeps the low end from overpowering everything. It is an ideal guitar for a studio or stage musician who wants a transparent tone that is easily fit into a mix, while maintaining it's richness and character.
   It comes with a beautiful Custom Breedlove hardshell case, for protection when bringing it to and from all the gigs you'll be playing with this beauty.
Concert Rosewood

Hagstrom Ultra-Swede Sterling Silver Finish
  It's been a while since I've done a write up on a new Hagstrom, so I figure it's time I give them some more attention. The new Ultra-swede we've received in a Sterling Silver finish, is equipped with all the features we've come to love from Hagstrom. This includes their H-Expander Truss Rod, Resinator wood fingerboard, and Hagstrom's beautiful 15-1 die-cast machine heads. The Ultra-swede is equipped with Hagstrom's Custom 62 Humbuckers, which are a great sounding high output, passive pick-up, with a coil tap switch for single coil tones. The guitar has a very slim neck profile (allowed by the added strength of the H-Expander Truss rod), set into a slim profile body. The small dimensions make the guitar lighter, and thus more comfortable to sit or stand with, and the thin neck allows for a faster playing experience. Also available in a variety of other colours, and with a Floyd Rose bridge option, the Ultra-swede is our best selling electric in the price range for good reason.

Vox Mark V (V-MK5-B) Electric Bass
  The Vox Mark V bass uses one of Vox's oldest body designs called the Phantom. With two single coil pick-ups, two volume, and one tone control, it's not overly versatile, but it does have a nice vintage tone and feel to it. The bass only has a 30" scale, and a fairly norrow fingerboard, so those with small hands and short arms will have a much easier time playing this than the majority of basses on the market. The bass also comes with a nice custom gig bag for protection when transporting it.

Vox AC4C1-12
  This is one of Vox's newest releases. With the same circuitry and controls as the AC4C1-BL, you get Vox's classic "Top Boost" channel tone, while the low wattage power section allows for a fantastic tube overdrive tone at even low volumes. The EL84 power tube, and pair of 12AX7 pre-amp tubes, run 4 watts through a 1x12 Custom speaker. Compared to the standard AC4 models, the AC4C1-12 will offer a lot more volume overall due to it's larger speaker, yet will still retain the slightly compressed tone, and easily accessible tube overdrive as the smaller versions. The amp is only available in Vox's classic look, with a black exterior and their brown diamond cloth grill.
Visit for all the details

Digitich Live Harmony

  Have you ever wanted to harmonize with your vocals, but don't have anyone to sing with you? Well fortunately Digitech has created the Live Harmony multi-effects pedal, and vocal harmonizer. The Live Harmony allows you to add 2 separate voices of harmony, with either male or female vocals, in a variety of intervals, and at different levels independently.Using the MusIQ technology, the harmonies will follow along with the Chords you are playing, eliminating the need to pre-program it with your key. You can also add a variety of effects to your vocals, including pitch correction, de-esser, compressor, noise gate, voice doubling, reverb, delay, distortion/filter, and much more. You can also add effects to your guitar, including a Lexicon Reverb, and a variety of modulation effects.
  Beyond this, the pedal gives you a 70 second, unlimited overdub. phrase looper. A sound-check feature for previewing effects with your vocals. Advanced feedback suppression for a cleaner performance at high volumes. A live adapt feature which sets your delays and modulation effects to the same time as your guitars tempo. The ability to create set-lists, so you can pre-set your vocal effects, and harmony settings for your entire performance.
  For all the details, visit
Vocalist live harmony angle medium

Korg Krome 61

 The Korg Krome is one of Korg's workstation keyboards. With hundreds of high quality, editable samples, a touch screen display and variety of hard knobs and buttons for easy interaction, sequencers, arpeggiators, and more; the Krome-61 will do almost anything you need live, or in the studio. The 61 key version has semi-weighted keys, for a fast response, and extra portability. The keybed can be split into sections and transposed for increased versatility, and you can change the sounds, and layer sounds differently in each section. The model we have in stock is in a nice matte red finish, which looks stunning. We also got the keyboard on sale, so we have it marked down a fair bit from it's regular price.

Mar 19, 2015

March and April 2015 Special List

  Here are our March and April specials, valid until April 30th 2015 (or while quantities last). Being that there are still some overstocked products remaining from Christmas, I will also be putting discount tags on a variety of products I would like to clear out over the next few months. To see what is on clearance, stop by the store, or call James at 780-278-3679. 

All John Pearse acoustic guitar strings are 20% off our regular prices. If you purchase more than 4 packs, we will take 30% off all of them. 

Parkwood acoustic and electric guitars are 20% off, plus receive a package of Free accessories of your choosing worth $50.00 with  your purchase. 

Our THD Univalve, hand wired head and 2x12 speaker cabinet are 20% off our regular prices.

Save 15% off any Vox guitars in stock. Including our remaining 22, 33, and 55 series models, as well as the new Mark III and Mark V models.

Receive an extra 5% discount for every $100.00 you spend on a violin. (Up to 25% off for any violin over $500.00)

All Korg HT clip on digital tuners are 35% off the regular price.

Our Swiss built Levinson Blade Dreadnought acoustic is 20% off. Originally $1549.95, now $1236.96. Plus get 50% off any accessories. 

Get a Free $200.00 gift certificate with the purchase of any Washburn electric over $500.00. (You cannot use the gift certificate towards the guitar, but can use it  for other guitars, amps, accessories, lessons, etc. You can use it any time in the future you’d like as well).

Any remaining Renegade electric guitars are 15% off. Plus when you purchase it with an amp, get up to 20% of the combined value of the guitar and amp worth of free accessories of your choosing. 

Feb 12, 2015

February Inventory Update

   We have a variety of new instruments and products now in stock, and with the NAMM show having just passed, we will likely be getting in many new products from many of our main brands. We also have a few new lines available. Here are a few of my favourite new Arrivals.

Rammer Drum RAMDIB
  These are a new type of hand percussion instrument that's been getting a lot of attention lately. working somewhat like an inverted steel drum, the Rammerdrum has a variety of panels tuned to different notes of a major scale. There are 3 different sizes available, each with a different number of panels, but coming in at fairly different price points. The one we have in stock is the smallest with only 6 panels, and even this one offers more versatility than I expected. It's surprisingly easy to play, as long as you have a good sense of rhythm, and it's a lot of fun to play around with. I ordered myself one of the medium sized ones.

Breedlove Pursuit Nylon
   The Breedlove Pursuit Nylon is Breedlove's least expensive nylon stringed guitar. But with a solid cedar top, mahogany back and sides, a Fishman Isys+ USB equipped pick-up, and exquisite Breedlove styling; it looks, sounds, and feels much more expensive. Classical guitars are generally very traditionally designed, with very little variety in terms of features and looks. Breedlove however doesn't care much for tradition, as is evidenced by their variety of unique features and body designs.
  This Pursuit Nylon utilizes Breedlove's concert body style, with the soft cut-away, which is great for those who want a nylon stringed guitar, but dislike the extremely simple looks, and features of most other classicals. The Fishman pick-up system with a USB output, gives you the ability to record directly into a computer, saving you the hassle of an interface, and giving you much better tone than using your computers mic. As with all Breedloves in the Pursuit series, it comes with a nice padded gig bag as well, for easy and safe transportation.

We also got in a few other new Breedlove acoustics, one of which is the stunning Pursuit concert Ebony, with Java Ebony Back and sides, and the same Fishman Isys+ USB pick-up system as the Pursuit Nylon. The other is a Solo Concert, which has a solid Cedar top, Rosewood Back and sides, a sound hole in the side of the body, and L.R. Baggs LR-T-CV pick-up system, and an extra deep concert body.

Kala KA-GTR Tenor Guitar
   I am so excited about this instrument! It is the first tenor guitar I've ever played, and the only one that I am aware of (though I'm sure someone else makes them). Coming in only slightly larger than a Baritone ukulele, this a very portable and comfortable instrument to play, the solid spruce top, rosewood back and sides, and satin finish gives the guitar a lot of volume, and a crisp and clear tone. It is tuned in fifths (like a violin, viola, cello, and mandolin), so anyone who plays instruments like that will find it very easy to pick up and play. It is tuned to C,G,D,A, so it's not nearly as high pitched as a violin or mandolin either, which is nice for those who currently play those instruments. The KA-GTR is equipped with Grover Sta-tite machine heads, bone nuts and saddles, and D'Addario strings. On top of this, we will also offer 50% off a gig bag for it, with the purchase of the tenor guitar.
Here's the link for Kala's Website:

Samson Synth Seven Wireless Earset System
Samson is well known for making high quality wireless systems, offering good value for the money. They now have a new model for those looking for a roadworthy, high end UHF wireless system, still coming in under $500.00. The Synth Seven wireless systems have an all metal construction for the receiver and transmitter, offer over 100 channels, allowing for up to 20 systems to be used at once. The range of the systems is up to 300', the receiver has an LCD readout showing your channel and transmitter battery level. It also will automatically scan the frequency range for the most optimal signal for the area. You can get it with a variety of different microphones, including lapel mics, handheld dynamic mics, or use it as a wireless transmitter for your guitar.

Parkwood Guitars
  We've recently received 6 guitars from the brand Parkwood. Parkwood builds some of the most affordable all solid wood guitars on the market. With excellent all solid woods, well designed bodies, and good quality hardware and accessories, you'd be hard pressed to find something even close to these in the same price range. With most brands costing well over $1000.00 before getting into all solid bodies, the Parkwoods starting at just over $600.00 are pretty hard to beat.
  We have a variety of models in stock, including a Semi-hollow electric with a piezo bridge pick-up, a couple Jumbo acoustics, a few folk models, and a dreadnaught, there's likely something that will suit your style. Here's a link to their Website for more information.

Korg LP-180
  This is one of Korg's newest digital pianos, designed with aesthetics and usability in mind. Like our best selling SP-170, the keyboard has Korg's NH weighted 88-key keybed, and 10 high quality sounds. But it combines these features into a slimmer design, with a slow close keybed cover, a larger speaker cabinet, and includes a 3 pedal unit for sustain, half damper, and damper functions. It comes in a black or white finish, but for all the details visit:
LP-180 BK

PRS SE 245 Soapbar
This is our first Paul Reed Smith with their single cot body design, which I think looks awesome. With a gloss black finish, maple binding, PRS' bird inlay fret  markers, and two soapbar pick-ups, it looks very classy and ready to rock. The P-90 pick-ups offer a fairly aggressive tone, with some nice mids, and a chimey high end, great for a lot of cleaner styles of playing, or for a really fuzzy overdriven tone. As with all PRS SE electrics, it comes with a deluxe padded gig bag, and offers a lot of value for the money.

Dec 30, 2014

Jan and Feb Specials 2015

January and February 2015 Specials List

All Resonator guitars are 15% off, with 15% off any accompanying purchases.

All Bluetooth Speaker systems and headphones are 20% off our regular prices.

Hercules brand stands and accessories are all on sale. Buy any 1 Item at 5% off, 2 at 10% off, 3 at 15% off, etc. (up to 30% off for 6 or more items).

Get 40% off any accessories purchased with any ¾ sized guitars. 

All Hagstrom Bass guitars are 20% off, plus get 20% off any accompanying bass amp.

Hohner harmonicas are all 10% off regular prices. Plus get an extra 5% taken off any other purchases.

Breedlove USA made acoustic guitars are all 15% off our regular prices.

Levy’s Leathers guitar straps are all 10% off. We will also offer 15% off any strap buttons or strap locks you purchase with the strap.

All remaining G7th performance capos are 25% off, plus we will offer 10% off any of the new Performance 2 capos.