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James Turner (Manager)

Aug 21, 2009

Changes at The Turner Guitar Studio

If you haven’t been in the store lately, there is a thinner and clean-shaven version of me working here. No, it’s not my son, it’s really me. And there are even more changes that may surprise you.

My son, Joseph should be here more often. He will be teaching classical guitar and his new wife, Marissa, will be teaching piano and voice. Joseph has 10 years teaching experience and is an accomplished classical guitarist and has grade 10 RCM. He will be taking any students who are especially interested in classical guitar.

Marissa has been teaching piano and voice in Breton Alberta, where she is from. She has her grade 8 RCM in piano and is currently working on grade 9. She will take beginner to intermediate students in piano. She has also completed her grade 9 RCM in voice and is currently working on her grade 10. Marissa has experience in choir and solo performance. She has toured extensively with The Canadian University College Choir as a member and soloist. She has directed church choir Christmas Concerts in 2008 and 2009. Joseph and Marissa both offer a classical perspective and love of music. Students greatly benefit from their instruction.

Stephen Jordan-Zerr will be teaching here for his third year. Stephen is a great acoustic and electric player. He is highly trained and experienced as a guitarist. As a teacher he is able to inspire and encourage students to learn and become better guitarists. He will be taking beginner to intermediate students in both electric and acoustic guitar.

Eugene Poholka will continue teaching Violin and Fiddle. He enjoys teaching. A retired elementary school principal from Breton, he continues teaching for the enjoyment it gives him. He is an active performer and an extremely patient teacher.

Steve Rukavina , is the store manager and our resident guitar tech. He has helped make Turner Guitar a more efficient place. He help has given me more time to focus on teaching. As well, the store has been prudently expanding its lines. We carry more high-end electric guitars and amplifiers. We hope this trend can continue.

My son, James, who had been working here in the evenings, is being replaced by Janelle. Hopefully, he may pop in once in a while.

Some of the rates for lessons have changed. We continue to restructure the teaching studio. We wish to have fair rates for both students and teachers. If you have concerns, I always welcome feedback.

Theodore Turner