The Turner Guitar Studio is a small music store that carries a lot of merchandise, we have over 300 guitars, plus keyboards, violins, amplifiers, ukuleles, parts, accessories, and so much more. we also offer musical instruction in all styles of Guitar, Bass, Piano, voice, Violin, and banjo.
On the left hand side of this page is a list of many of the brands we carry, with links to their websites, and on the right you can find links to our other pages with details on the products we have in stock, the services we offer and discounted items we have available. There is also a video blog for the products we've demoed and for help learning some songs we commonly teach.
We hope your experience on our website, and dealings with us in the future exceed your expectations, and are helpful in your musical exploits.
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James Turner (Manager)

Dec 12, 2011

New Washburn Acoustics

We just received an order of 12 Washburn acoustic guitars. They range in price from $250 to $750, and are built phenomenally well for guitars in this price range. They all have solid spruce or cedar tops, and have Tamo ash, flamed maple, rosewood or mahogany back and sides. They are available in Jumbo, Dreadnaught, Mini Jumbo, and folk sizes, as well as in Left handed, or with Cutaways and electronics. There are also 15 other Washburns on order that should be here by next week.

Dec 1, 2011

New Warwick Bass

   We just received a Warwick Rockbass Streamer Standard, with a satin red finish.
Though the Rockbass series Warwick's are made in China, they still contain Warwick's own parts that are made in Germany, and all their basses return to Germany for inspection once assembled. This ensures that every bass is made with the best parts, and meet all of Warwick's high standards, yet at a price that is quite easy to swallow.
   The bass features such Warwick innovations as the Just-A-Nut III, their patented easy access truss rod adjuster and back panel, and Warwick's 2 piece bridge. It is also equipped with MEC passive pick-ups, Warwick machine heads and it is made with a high quality carolena body, and a maple neck.
   It's a beautiful looking and sounding bass, with great features, and an outstanding price tag. So if your in the market, be sure to check this one out.

Nov 1, 2011

Hofner Strings

I just made an order of 2 Hofner cellos, they should be arriving in a week or so. We also just received 3 Hofner Violins.
for both the cellos and the violins there are 2 different models, the AS 060 (or foundation series) is made with a solid carved spruce top and solid flamed maple back and sides, and has the full package of everything you need to start. the AS-161 (or conservatoire series) has AA quality Solid carved Manchurian spruce top, and solid flamed himalayan maple back and sides. It also comes with the full outfit which includes an octagonal brazilwood bow, and a hardfoam thermo-case.
If you've been thinking of learning either cello or violin, this is a perfect opportunity to start since these instruments show great quality, at an unbeatable price. so come check them out!

visit for more information.

Oct 11, 2011

New Tech 21 Goodies

  We recently got in the Trademark 60 modeling amplifier as well as 2 more SansAmps, (the British, as well as the US Steel).
  The Trademark 60 is modeling amplifier with 100% analog circuitry, hand-wired in the US. It has 2 channels, a 3 pedal foot switch which changes channels, and turns on or off the 9dB clean boost and the digital effects. It has active EQ controls which give an incredible tonal range, top of the line, full length, acutronics Spring Reverb, and a headphone output that doubles as a 1/4 direct line out. The one in stock is a 1x12 Combo amp, but it is available with 2x12s and 4x10s.
  The SansAmp British like all Tech 21 products is 100% analog, and features the unique Character control nob which dramatically changes your sound by altering the attack, sustain, and specific tonal characteristics of each amp type, simply by turning it a few degrees. This means you have a nearly endless supply of great sounding tones at your disposal. The British has an active EQ with up to 12dB of clean boost, combined with the Level and Drive nobs gives you even more versatility and control so you can better find your specific tonal needs. Being the "British" model, it emulates vintage and modern British amplifiers imitating British Steel and Greenback speakers.
  The SansAmp US Steel features the same controls and active electronics as the British, but models American Metal amps instead. The Tech 21 site says it best "Packing more metal than Pittsburgh, the U.S. Steel is high gain Valhalla. Blistering distortions and searing lead tones just keep coming; every nu-metal chunk, every modern rock slab. Back off for smoky blues or ignite the rage of an uber-gain rectifier. Emulating the massive Celestion®-powered chunk of a closed-back cab, the musclebound U.S. Steel is here to raise hell and steal your girl."

We also have in stock the Blonde, the California, and the Oxford SansAmps.

Britishus steel
Trademark 60

Oct 10, 2011

2 new Hofner Orders

  We just received 2 shipments of Hofner Instruments. The first was entirely German handmade classical and electric guitars, and the second was a bunch of their Chinese made models.
  In the Germany order, we got a beautiful Verythin Single Cutaway, in a transparent red finish. It features their Proprietary Hofner Diamond Nickel pick-ups, 1.25 Inch thick body, and solid wood construction with a spruce top and center sustain block which all give it great tone as well as superb feedback resistance. It is also Equipped with a Bigsby vibrato, and comes with a Deluxe hard-shell case. Also in this order was 4 German handmade classical guitars, the HF17, HF14, HZ26, and HZ28 (which is already sold). All these guitar are made from high quality tonal woods, but look extraordinary. the HZ26 has quilted bubinga back and sides, and a Cedar top. these look incredible and give it a very warm tone perfect for finger style classical guitar. the HF14 has Flamed Maple back and sides, and a part cedar part spruce top which gives you the best of both worlds tonally. the warm mids, and depth of the cedar combined with the response, clarity, and projection of spruce makes this a very versatile instrument that will work with many styles, and has a look like no other guitar. the HF17 has A spruce top, with a very nice piece of rosewood for the back and sides. this combination is my personal favorite as it allows for great treble response and clarity due to the spruce, as well as a nice low end projection from the rosewood.  All these classicals are under 1000 dollars, and in my opinion offer incredibly well built, high quality instruments at beautifully low prices.

   Our Chinese model order had a HA-GA05 acoustic, with a black finish. It has is made with a solid spruce top and flamed maple back and sides, and comes equipped with a B-Band under-the-saddle pick-up with a 3 band EQ. Also in the order was some more Hofner Shorty electric travel guitars which represent the absolute best playing and sounding guitars in the $170 price range that I have ever seen. Lastly we got a whole bunch of HAS-D01-BK guitars, which are our least expensive full sized acoustics. They have a laminate spruce top, and mahogany back and sides, but are quite well built so they sound good and are quite playable.

   Our store is in a constant state of change these days, so be sure to stop by regularly and try out our new inventory.

Aug 24, 2011

Back To Lessons and New Hours

As I'm sure most of you are aware, the summer holidays are drawing to a close. As such, the regular school year activities are resuming, which of course means music lessons. Theodore, Joseph, James, Eugene and Marissa are all resuming their regular music lessons as of September 4th, so if you are already signed up, don't forget to show up. If you are thinking of taking lessons, the sooner you register the better, as our teachers availability is going fast. Joseph is already booked up, but may be accepting more students later on this year, and Marissa has only a couple spots left. We are having our official Registration week from Sept. 4th to Sept. 9th, but you can certainly register sooner than that, or later if there are still spots available. As part of Registration Week, if you mention this add, you will get a 10% discount off any purchase (except things already half price) if you are registering for at least 1 month of lessons at that time.  Along with the return to regular lessons is a return to regular store hours. We will now be open again from 10am-8pm Monday- Friday, and 10am-7pm Sundays. As always if you can't make it in during those hours, just give us a call (780)986-2251 during the day, and we will try to arrange a time you can come in after hours or on a weekend.  Hope to see you soon. James

Aug 19, 2011

Used Guitars

We just got 6 used guitars in the store on a trade in. There is a Taylor 810, a Gretsch G400JV (the Jimmy Vaughan Synchromatic), a Takamine G406S, a Manuel Contreras II C-4, a Blueridge BR-243, and The Loar LH 550NA.
All of them are in almost perfect condition and have almost never been played. So come down and check them out.

Aug 15, 2011

Edmonton Fall Guitar Show

We are going to the 3rd Annual Edmonton Fall Guitar Show on September 25th 2011 at the Mayfield Inn from 10am-5pm. There will be booths from many different guitar collectors, builders, and guitar stores. You can try out instruments, buy, sell or trade instruments, or just look around and enjoy the presence of so many beautiful guitars. There will be hourly door prizes, and a special guest artist as well. We will be bringing a selection of our best guitars from our favourite brands we carry, so be sure to stop by and have a look and a chat.
Hope to see you there!

Aug 6, 2011

New Hofners

   We Recieved our 3rd ever shipment of Hofner guitars and basses. In this order we got another acoustics, 3 solid body electric guitars, a semi hollow electric, and another solid body bass.
   The acoustic is a GA07, which is their mid-sized acoustic body, with Rosewood back and sides, a solid spruce top, gold hardware, Grover machine heads, and a B-Band under the saddle pick-up with a 3 band EQ.
   Two of the Electric guitars are galaxy guitars with 3 Hofner Staple pick-ups, each with an individual on-off switch allowing for a great diversity in sound, as well as a Hofner tremolo system. They are available in metallic red, and White. The other solid body electric is the Shorty travel guitar, which has only a Hofner open humbucker, and volume and a tone control. It has a full scale length, but no body to speak of, making it possible to bring almost anywhere. It is also exceptionally light weight which makes it great for long performances, or just general comfort.
    The semi hollow body electric is the Verythin 3, which has 3 Hofner Black Bar pick-ups, each individually controlled with on-off switches. it has flamed maple back and sides, and a spruce top, as well as a Spruce center block for added sustain and feedback resistance.
   The Hofner HCT185 or Artist Bass, is one of Hofner's only full 34" scale basses. It has to Hofner Black Bass pick-ups, which each have their own on-off switch as well as their own volume and tone control. It has a Maple neck a Rosewood fingerboard, and a Basswood body.
   All in all, they are 6 incredible instruments, with exceptional prices. You can get more information on them by visiting or stopping by the store and giving them a try.

Jul 31, 2011

Another New Brand

We now Carry Tech 21 Electronics.
Tech 21 produces high end, hand wired, analog guitar and bass effects and amplification. They are all produced in the US, are all hand built, and are all 100% analog which gives better clarity, faster response, and a more organic, natural sound.
In stock we currently have the XXL Bass distortion pedal, the Trademark 30 Modeling amplifier, and the system which made Tech 21 famous, the SansAmp. We have the Power Engine 60, which is a 1x12 cabinet, with a 60 watt amplifier, but no pre-amp (so it does not color the sound of the guitar at all), only a 3 band EQ and volume control. In order to have tonal control you need a Pre-amp of which tech 21 produces many. The Character series SansAmps have multiple Pre-amps available that you can use to give your guitar the tone you want. The beauty of the system is that you can link these pre-amps together, and run them through a single cabinet, so to get an entirely new sound all you have to do is turn off the one Pedal, and on the next. Each pedal does an entirely different style, and each pedal has a character knob that when turned even a few degrees will change your sound from sweet cleans, to screaming leads, to warm bluesy tones and everything between. With the even a few of these pedals, and a single Power Engine it is like having thousands of dollars worth of high end, sought after amplifiers in front of you. If you want more power than a single 60 watt power engine can give, you can link as many of them together as you want, since they are all individually powered and grounded.
For more information on the SansAmps, or any other Tech 21 product, visit and remember to stop by and try them out for yourself. They will blow your mind. Trademark 60LeedsoxfordLiverpool

Jul 20, 2011

RainSong Carbon Fiber Acoustics Order

   I just made my first order of RainSong, acoustic guitars. RainSong's are all made entirely out of Carbon Fiber, and Fiber Glass. The bodies are cast as one piece, and produced using an exclusive "Projection Tuned Layering" which gives them great volume and tone. They have no internal bracing, allowing the top to resonate freely, giving them very high levels of volume, and a very crisp, clean tone.
   Due to the RainSong guitars being made entirely out of composite materials, they will never change with the temperature or humidity, almost entirely eliminating the need to set up or tune the guitars. This is what sets the RainSongs apart from wood guitars. With no need to keep the guitar at a consistent humidity or temperature, there is no guess work, and no worries concerning the play-ability, or safety of your guitar.
   For more information on the RainSong guitars, visit their website, there they have details on all their models, as well as demo videos, and other information on them. So check them out, and in August come in and try some out for yourself.

Jun 23, 2011

Levy's Guitar Strap Shipment

We just received our first ever shipment of Levy's guitar straps and gig bags.
Levy's straps are all made in Canada except the least expensive model. they come in many designs, colours, materials, and sizes, so there is something for everyone.
We also have gig bags with our logo screen printed on them.
In this shipment, we have around $2500 retail worth of straps so there is lots to choose from, so come by and check them out.

Jun 20, 2011

New Summer Hours

Since Theodore is gone much of the summer, and there are much fewer students in the evenings. As of July 1st we are changing our hours to the following:

Monday - Friday 10-6pm   Closed Saturday and Sunday

However, often I will be available on Sunday, and Theodore will be able to stay later in the evenings on weekdays. If you want to come in on a Sunday or after 6pm, just give the store a call (if it's during our regular hours) or call my cell phone (780)278-3679 and I will try to work out a time where one of us can be there to help you. 

May 16, 2011

Another Hofner Shipment

Due to our satisfaction with the excellent prices and quality of the Hofner guitars and basses, I have made a second Hofner order that should be arriving in a week or two. In the order there are 2 classicals, 4 acoustics, and an acoustic bass, They are going to be amazing, so be sure to stop by in a couple weeks and check them out.

May 3, 2011

For the month of May, we have the amazing CT-Club Guitar, from our new brand Hofner. With some original looks, and incredible tones, this guitar is ready to rock!
   During the month of May we will have this guitar at 40% off list. so that's $1000.00 cut down to $600.00, and we will throw in a $60 dollar gig bag for free.
   We also have 7 other Hofner guitars in store, and will be ordering more shortly, so stop by and check them all out. For more information on the CT-Club Guitar, or the other Hofner's you can visit our Products Page, or the Video Blog.

Apr 18, 2011

Hofner Guitar Order

  We just got in our first ever order of Hofner guitars and basses. In the order we got two electric guitars, two acoustic guitars, two classical guitars, and two bass guitars.
  In the electrics we have a black CT series Club Guitar, which has two original Hofner Diamond pickups, and due to its smaller dimensions, and an internal sustain block, it has a more modern sound, and less feedback than most hollowbodies; and a Matte Black Colorama with P-90 pickups, which is great for a smooth blues sound.
  In the acoustic variety we have a Jumbo, with a solid spruce top, and flamed maple back and sides, as well as a Grand Auditorium sized guitar with a solid spruce top and rosewood back and sides. Both are equipped with a B-Band under the saddle pick-up, and Grover machine heads.
  The classicals are both handmade in Germany, one has a solid spruce top, and figured laurel back and sides in a high gloss finish, and the other has an entirely mahogany body, and a matte finish.
  And last but not least, in the basses, we have an entry level violin bass which sounds incredible, with very thick deep bass tones, and in a traditional sunburst finish; and a light blue Galaxy Bass. Both have a 32" scale length which is partly what gives them their deep tone, and which makes them really comfortable and easy to play (especially for smaller people) than most basses with a 34" scale.

Also, due to the fact that the Canadian dollar is so strong right now, we got these all at great prices for how nice of guitars they are, and we are passing those savings on to you, so now is the time to buy. Come by any time during our business hours and we will be happy to let you try out these beautiful guitars.

Apr 10, 2011

New Products from Vintage

   We now have in stock a Vintage bass and 2 Vintage electric guitars.They are all designed by Trev Wilkinson, the man behind Fret King guitars, and many great guitar hardware innovations.
   The V940B Electric Bass guitar is made from solid Bubinga wood, with an open pore finish giving it a really nice natural look. With its Wilkinson active split humbucker, and single coil in the bridge position the guitar has great tone and lots of it; from punchy clear trebles to deep thudding bass, to bright mids, it has it all and then some. The neck on it is very fast, the scale almost feels shorter than most basses even though its not, but the fingers seem to find everything just a little bit quicker. On top of the sharp looks, great sound, and excellent playability, we also got this guitar at a discounted price, and we are passing that on to you. The list price is $800.00, but we are selling it for $649.95.

   The V2BLD Tele style Vintage electric guitar is made from Eastern Poplar, and has a hard maple bold on neck. Like most Tele style guitars it has a volume, tone, and 3 way pick-up switch to move between the Wilkinson WMTB pickup in the bridge position, and the WMTN chromed pickup in the neck position. The pickup setup makes it perfect for rock or blues styles, with bright cutting tone, sharp trebles, and smooth bass. The list price is $575.00 but we are selling it for $500.00.

   The VRS110C electric guitar features the same sharp looks as a double cutaway PRS, with a nice carved top, and cut out horns, but at nowhere near the cost. The VRS110C has a one piece wrap around tail piece, 2 Wilkinson MWVC gold plated Humbuckers, a 3 way switch and a tone and volume control. The tone on the Humbuckers is as thick and rich as you could want, and when EQed right, and with the tone nob set bright, it's got incredible power and richness, with great punchy trebles and incredible sustain. The Neck plays like a dream, with a 24.75" scale and 24 frets, its ready to shred.
The list price is $712.50, our price is $534.95 thats almost $180.00 off.