The Turner Guitar Studio is a small music store that carries a lot of merchandise, we have over 300 guitars, plus keyboards, violins, amplifiers, ukuleles, parts, accessories, and so much more. we also offer musical instruction in all styles of Guitar, Bass, Piano, voice, Violin, and banjo.
On the left hand side of this page is a list of many of the brands we carry, with links to their websites, and on the right you can find links to our other pages with details on the products we have in stock, the services we offer and discounted items we have available. There is also a video blog for the products we've demoed and for help learning some songs we commonly teach.
We hope your experience on our website, and dealings with us in the future exceed your expectations, and are helpful in your musical exploits.
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James Turner (Manager)

Jan 31, 2011

Onerr February Effects Sale

During the month of February, all Onerr Digital Effects Pedals will be on sale for 15% off of our currently posted prices. Though Onerr is a Brazillian company and is a fairly unknown brand in Canada, they have good quality, highly refined pedals, and very reasonable prices. The effects we have available include, Touch Wah, Distortion, Delay, Reverb, Overdrive, Wah Wah, Line Selector, and many more. for more information on their pedals you can visit
or you can stop by our store and hear the effects for yourself.

Jan 28, 2011

New Martin Coated Acoustic Guitar Strings

Martin&Co released a new coated acoustic string in the new year, called Martin Lifespan SP. They are treated with Cleartone's proprietary technology, which is specially designed to give the strings the longest possible life, without sacrificing playability or tone. They are available in Custom light (11-52), Light (12-54), and Medium (13-56) gauges. 

New Renegades

We just got in 6 more Renegade models, (our entry level electric guitars and basses), and since the last order we've had of them they have really upped their quality, especially in the looks and playability department, and at the same time have dropped their prices even lower than before. so now with models starting at just $159.95, you can get your entire outfit (guitar, amp, gig bag, strap, patch cable, and picks) for as low as $250.00.
Renegade RST7262 Satin Black Finish
with package shown,  $335.00

 Renegade RPB PJ Bass, satin red open pore finish
with package shown $470.00

Jan 26, 2011

New Lap Steel

Anyone ever interested in playing a lap steel?
Well now's your chance, we have a brand new SX Electric Lap Steel for sale. 
With the stand and a hardshell case included, $299.95
and if you buy it with an amp, we will also add picks, a slide, and a patch cable free of charge.

Jan 25, 2011

New Guitar Tech

As of today, we have a new guitar tech, Mark Stayko, who will be doing the guitar repairs for the store.
Mark has graduated from Fretworks Guitar Repair School, December 18, 2010, and his specialty is setups, and the Playability of the Instrument. So whether you have a guitar that you want Modified, repaired, or just set up so it will play a little smoother, bring it in for a free cost estimate.

Jan 22, 2011

Numa Nano 88 key, keyboard controller

We now have a very briefly used Studiologic, Numa Nano, 88 key keyboard controller for sale. 
With fully weighted key's, dynamic curve programs for the white and black key's, easy to use touch sensitive controls, and weighing in at 10kg; this will be perfect for someone who wants a versatile gigging keyboard, or someone with a recording studio. 
With the double tiered Hercules collapsible Z-stand included- $949.95, List for both is $1500.00

Jan 3, 2011

New Management

As of January 1st 2011, The Turner Guitar Stuido Ltd. is under the management of James Turner, (Theodore Turner's son), and as such there will be several changes. these changes include bringing back Kustom Amplifiers, and fazing out Aria guitar's (because we can no longer get them in canada) and bringing in brands such as Vintage, Schecter, Fret King, and Santos Martinez to replace them. so stop by and see the changes that are coming, and try out the new inventory. We wish you all the best in the new year.

James Turner