The Turner Guitar Studio is a small music store that carries a lot of merchandise, we have over 300 guitars, plus keyboards, violins, amplifiers, ukuleles, parts, accessories, and so much more. we also offer musical instruction in all styles of Guitar, Bass, Piano, voice, Violin, and banjo.
On the left hand side of this page is a list of many of the brands we carry, with links to their websites, and on the right you can find links to our other pages with details on the products we have in stock, the services we offer and discounted items we have available. There is also a video blog for the products we've demoed and for help learning some songs we commonly teach.
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James Turner (Manager)

Mar 22, 2011

New Brands

We are now a certified dealer for Hofner and Suzuki digital pianos.
Hofner is a high quality stringed and fretted instrument brand from Germany, mostly known for their classical instruments and their "violin bass" that was used by The Beatles. They offer instruments in a variety of price ranges and styles, from $150 to $8300, in everything from classical, acoustic, electric and bass guitars, to violins, cellos and double basses. you can view their full lines of guitars and basses here, or stringed instruments here.
Suzuki is the worlds largest manufacturer of musical instruments for education, however we are only able to get their digital pianos in Canada (not that we would have space for acoustic pianos anyway), but they have a nice selection of some really beautiful digital pianos which you can see by clicking here.
We don't yet have any of either brand in stock, but we will be ordering some once we sell some of our Korg digital pianos, and Aria guitars to make room for them. So until then, if there is anything on their websites you are interested in buying let us know, and when we make the order we will try to include that item (depending on what it is), or if you are willing to pay up front we will give you a really nice discount, and order the product immediately.

Mar 14, 2011

Featured Product of the Month

The featured product of the month is the Vox Night Train, save $275.00 or up to $775.00 when buying it with the Vox HDC77CSB semi hollow electric and the V112NT cabinet, for more information visit our products page, or come by the store to give it a try and ask us about this special offer.

Mar 13, 2011

New Acoustic Brands

We just received our first ever shipment of Vintage and Santos Martinez guitars, which are two of the many brands we will be bringing in to replace the no longer attainable Aria guitars. The guitars are well built and are comfortable to play, and some of them have really nice finishes, and with prices starting at 184.95 for the Santos Martinez, and 414.95 for the Vintage, they are definitely worth trying out. For more information on the Vintage guitars visit and for information on the Santos Martinez visit and as always, feel free to stop by any time to try them out yourself.

Mar 9, 2011

New Korg Piano

We just got in a Korg SP-250 digital piano; and just like the LP-350, and their highest priced full scale keyboards, the SP-250 features their RH3 graded hammer action keybed, and the same 30 sounds as the LP-350. it doesn't quite have the same sharp looks as the Lp-350, but at only 959.95 with the stand and sustain pedal, its definitely worth checking out.