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James Turner (Manager)

Apr 18, 2011

Hofner Guitar Order

  We just got in our first ever order of Hofner guitars and basses. In the order we got two electric guitars, two acoustic guitars, two classical guitars, and two bass guitars.
  In the electrics we have a black CT series Club Guitar, which has two original Hofner Diamond pickups, and due to its smaller dimensions, and an internal sustain block, it has a more modern sound, and less feedback than most hollowbodies; and a Matte Black Colorama with P-90 pickups, which is great for a smooth blues sound.
  In the acoustic variety we have a Jumbo, with a solid spruce top, and flamed maple back and sides, as well as a Grand Auditorium sized guitar with a solid spruce top and rosewood back and sides. Both are equipped with a B-Band under the saddle pick-up, and Grover machine heads.
  The classicals are both handmade in Germany, one has a solid spruce top, and figured laurel back and sides in a high gloss finish, and the other has an entirely mahogany body, and a matte finish.
  And last but not least, in the basses, we have an entry level violin bass which sounds incredible, with very thick deep bass tones, and in a traditional sunburst finish; and a light blue Galaxy Bass. Both have a 32" scale length which is partly what gives them their deep tone, and which makes them really comfortable and easy to play (especially for smaller people) than most basses with a 34" scale.

Also, due to the fact that the Canadian dollar is so strong right now, we got these all at great prices for how nice of guitars they are, and we are passing those savings on to you, so now is the time to buy. Come by any time during our business hours and we will be happy to let you try out these beautiful guitars.

Apr 10, 2011

New Products from Vintage

   We now have in stock a Vintage bass and 2 Vintage electric guitars.They are all designed by Trev Wilkinson, the man behind Fret King guitars, and many great guitar hardware innovations.
   The V940B Electric Bass guitar is made from solid Bubinga wood, with an open pore finish giving it a really nice natural look. With its Wilkinson active split humbucker, and single coil in the bridge position the guitar has great tone and lots of it; from punchy clear trebles to deep thudding bass, to bright mids, it has it all and then some. The neck on it is very fast, the scale almost feels shorter than most basses even though its not, but the fingers seem to find everything just a little bit quicker. On top of the sharp looks, great sound, and excellent playability, we also got this guitar at a discounted price, and we are passing that on to you. The list price is $800.00, but we are selling it for $649.95.

   The V2BLD Tele style Vintage electric guitar is made from Eastern Poplar, and has a hard maple bold on neck. Like most Tele style guitars it has a volume, tone, and 3 way pick-up switch to move between the Wilkinson WMTB pickup in the bridge position, and the WMTN chromed pickup in the neck position. The pickup setup makes it perfect for rock or blues styles, with bright cutting tone, sharp trebles, and smooth bass. The list price is $575.00 but we are selling it for $500.00.

   The VRS110C electric guitar features the same sharp looks as a double cutaway PRS, with a nice carved top, and cut out horns, but at nowhere near the cost. The VRS110C has a one piece wrap around tail piece, 2 Wilkinson MWVC gold plated Humbuckers, a 3 way switch and a tone and volume control. The tone on the Humbuckers is as thick and rich as you could want, and when EQed right, and with the tone nob set bright, it's got incredible power and richness, with great punchy trebles and incredible sustain. The Neck plays like a dream, with a 24.75" scale and 24 frets, its ready to shred.
The list price is $712.50, our price is $534.95 thats almost $180.00 off.

Apr 1, 2011

April 2011 Featured Product of the Month

   The Featured Product of the Month for April is something very special, 
the Blade Durango Series. With 25-30% off List price on either of the 3 
models in stock, or 35-40% of list price worth of free accessories which
includes amps, straps, strings,cables, etc. 25% off 2011 models if you 
want one special ordered.
   For more details visit our products page  or stop by the store and
try them out.