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James Turner (Manager)

Jul 31, 2011

Another New Brand

We now Carry Tech 21 Electronics.
Tech 21 produces high end, hand wired, analog guitar and bass effects and amplification. They are all produced in the US, are all hand built, and are all 100% analog which gives better clarity, faster response, and a more organic, natural sound.
In stock we currently have the XXL Bass distortion pedal, the Trademark 30 Modeling amplifier, and the system which made Tech 21 famous, the SansAmp. We have the Power Engine 60, which is a 1x12 cabinet, with a 60 watt amplifier, but no pre-amp (so it does not color the sound of the guitar at all), only a 3 band EQ and volume control. In order to have tonal control you need a Pre-amp of which tech 21 produces many. The Character series SansAmps have multiple Pre-amps available that you can use to give your guitar the tone you want. The beauty of the system is that you can link these pre-amps together, and run them through a single cabinet, so to get an entirely new sound all you have to do is turn off the one Pedal, and on the next. Each pedal does an entirely different style, and each pedal has a character knob that when turned even a few degrees will change your sound from sweet cleans, to screaming leads, to warm bluesy tones and everything between. With the even a few of these pedals, and a single Power Engine it is like having thousands of dollars worth of high end, sought after amplifiers in front of you. If you want more power than a single 60 watt power engine can give, you can link as many of them together as you want, since they are all individually powered and grounded.
For more information on the SansAmps, or any other Tech 21 product, visit and remember to stop by and try them out for yourself. They will blow your mind. Trademark 60LeedsoxfordLiverpool

Jul 20, 2011

RainSong Carbon Fiber Acoustics Order

   I just made my first order of RainSong, acoustic guitars. RainSong's are all made entirely out of Carbon Fiber, and Fiber Glass. The bodies are cast as one piece, and produced using an exclusive "Projection Tuned Layering" which gives them great volume and tone. They have no internal bracing, allowing the top to resonate freely, giving them very high levels of volume, and a very crisp, clean tone.
   Due to the RainSong guitars being made entirely out of composite materials, they will never change with the temperature or humidity, almost entirely eliminating the need to set up or tune the guitars. This is what sets the RainSongs apart from wood guitars. With no need to keep the guitar at a consistent humidity or temperature, there is no guess work, and no worries concerning the play-ability, or safety of your guitar.
   For more information on the RainSong guitars, visit their website, there they have details on all their models, as well as demo videos, and other information on them. So check them out, and in August come in and try some out for yourself.