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James Turner (Manager)

Oct 11, 2011

New Tech 21 Goodies

  We recently got in the Trademark 60 modeling amplifier as well as 2 more SansAmps, (the British, as well as the US Steel).
  The Trademark 60 is modeling amplifier with 100% analog circuitry, hand-wired in the US. It has 2 channels, a 3 pedal foot switch which changes channels, and turns on or off the 9dB clean boost and the digital effects. It has active EQ controls which give an incredible tonal range, top of the line, full length, acutronics Spring Reverb, and a headphone output that doubles as a 1/4 direct line out. The one in stock is a 1x12 Combo amp, but it is available with 2x12s and 4x10s.
  The SansAmp British like all Tech 21 products is 100% analog, and features the unique Character control nob which dramatically changes your sound by altering the attack, sustain, and specific tonal characteristics of each amp type, simply by turning it a few degrees. This means you have a nearly endless supply of great sounding tones at your disposal. The British has an active EQ with up to 12dB of clean boost, combined with the Level and Drive nobs gives you even more versatility and control so you can better find your specific tonal needs. Being the "British" model, it emulates vintage and modern British amplifiers imitating British Steel and Greenback speakers.
  The SansAmp US Steel features the same controls and active electronics as the British, but models American Metal amps instead. The Tech 21 site says it best "Packing more metal than Pittsburgh, the U.S. Steel is high gain Valhalla. Blistering distortions and searing lead tones just keep coming; every nu-metal chunk, every modern rock slab. Back off for smoky blues or ignite the rage of an uber-gain rectifier. Emulating the massive Celestion®-powered chunk of a closed-back cab, the musclebound U.S. Steel is here to raise hell and steal your girl."

We also have in stock the Blonde, the California, and the Oxford SansAmps.

Britishus steel
Trademark 60

Oct 10, 2011

2 new Hofner Orders

  We just received 2 shipments of Hofner Instruments. The first was entirely German handmade classical and electric guitars, and the second was a bunch of their Chinese made models.
  In the Germany order, we got a beautiful Verythin Single Cutaway, in a transparent red finish. It features their Proprietary Hofner Diamond Nickel pick-ups, 1.25 Inch thick body, and solid wood construction with a spruce top and center sustain block which all give it great tone as well as superb feedback resistance. It is also Equipped with a Bigsby vibrato, and comes with a Deluxe hard-shell case. Also in this order was 4 German handmade classical guitars, the HF17, HF14, HZ26, and HZ28 (which is already sold). All these guitar are made from high quality tonal woods, but look extraordinary. the HZ26 has quilted bubinga back and sides, and a Cedar top. these look incredible and give it a very warm tone perfect for finger style classical guitar. the HF14 has Flamed Maple back and sides, and a part cedar part spruce top which gives you the best of both worlds tonally. the warm mids, and depth of the cedar combined with the response, clarity, and projection of spruce makes this a very versatile instrument that will work with many styles, and has a look like no other guitar. the HF17 has A spruce top, with a very nice piece of rosewood for the back and sides. this combination is my personal favorite as it allows for great treble response and clarity due to the spruce, as well as a nice low end projection from the rosewood.  All these classicals are under 1000 dollars, and in my opinion offer incredibly well built, high quality instruments at beautifully low prices.

   Our Chinese model order had a HA-GA05 acoustic, with a black finish. It has is made with a solid spruce top and flamed maple back and sides, and comes equipped with a B-Band under-the-saddle pick-up with a 3 band EQ. Also in the order was some more Hofner Shorty electric travel guitars which represent the absolute best playing and sounding guitars in the $170 price range that I have ever seen. Lastly we got a whole bunch of HAS-D01-BK guitars, which are our least expensive full sized acoustics. They have a laminate spruce top, and mahogany back and sides, but are quite well built so they sound good and are quite playable.

   Our store is in a constant state of change these days, so be sure to stop by regularly and try out our new inventory.