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On the left hand side of this page is a list of many of the brands we carry, with links to their websites, and on the right you can find links to our other pages with details on the products we have in stock, the services we offer and discounted items we have available. There is also a video blog for the products we've demoed and for help learning some songs we commonly teach.
We hope your experience on our website, and dealings with us in the future exceed your expectations, and are helpful in your musical exploits.
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James Turner (Manager)

Dec 25, 2012


These specials will be running from now until January 1st 2012

  Our Korg Krome workstation keyboard is 15% off regular price. With hundreds of sounds, real weighted (RH3) hammer action, 88-keys, and a 7" touch screen, its everything you need in a professional keyboard at an affordable price.

  All Aria acoustics, electrics, classicals, and basses are 20-40% off or regular prices, which are already significantly lower than the list prices. 

  With the purchase of every guitar, you will receive a gig bag or hard shell case included free of charge. The price of the case will vary with the price of the instrument, but guitars under $1000.00 will  get gig bags, and guitars over $1000.00 will get hard shell cases

  Levy's Canadian made leather and suede guitar straps are all 15% off list price. This includes all embroidered, screen printed, and hand carved leather and suede straps. 

 As always with the purchase of an electric guitar and an amplifier we will throw in a bunch of free accessories to make it a package deal. Now when you buy both you will also get 25% off any effects pedals, or other electric guitar accessories you want to purchase at the same time. 

  Marshall digital chromatic tuners are 20% off.

  All drum kits in stock or special orders are 15% off regular price, as well as any parts or accessories you would like to purchase with them at the same time.

  With the purchase of any violin, get a shoulder rest for free, as well as 15% off any violin accessories you want to purchase.

  If you buy any ukulele at any price, we will sell you a gig bag or hard case for it at 50% off list price. This will include ukuleles not in stock that we will special order for you. 

  There will be many specific item sales as well, here's a few to whet  your appetite, but to find out everything that's on sale you'll just have to come down and check everything out.

  • Vox AC30H2 with Alnico Blue speakers, $500.00 off
  • German Built Hofner Verythin single cut semi-hollow electric. $400.00 off (humidified hardshell case included)
  • Masaki Sakurai custom hand made concert classical guitar $1500.00 off
  • Parker DF824 US made electric with graphite re-enforced neck, body, and fingerboard, $800.00 off
  • Taylor 810 dreadnaught acoustic save $300.00 (was already at a low price)
  • Spectorcore Piezo-5 bass with f-hole and under saddle pick-ups, 15% off regular price. 
And Many more.


Dec 13, 2012

New Inventory and Other Updates Dec 13th

In time for Christmas we have gotten in a lot of new products that you may be interested in. 

Vox AmPhones
These are the newest innovation from Vox, and they are a fantastic idea. Basically they are an amplifier for an electric or bass guitar built right into a set of high quality over ear headphones. They come in several varieties which are, AC30, Twin, Lead, and Bass. Each has it's own unique tone and even though it isn't the real thing, brings to mind the feel and character of the amps it's intended to emulate. Each ones comes with a volume tone and gain control, as well as an effects control. On the guitar models these are reverb, delay, and chorus, which really gives you a lot to play around with, and on the bass version you get a compressor, which is a very useful effect for any bass player.
They are not only designed to be amplifiers however, as you can also use them for listing to audio on all your devices without draining your on-board batteries. Beyond that though, you can actually do both as once if you have an AUX cable handy, it has a second input for listening to music while playing your guitar. They are also not overly expensive, as there are many headphones in the same price range that are of similar quality but without the amplification features.

Washburn WJ40SCE
This is a beautiful guitar from Washburn in the Jumbo body size, with Flamed maple back and sides, as well as a solid spruce top, gold hardware and a Fishman 501T pick-up system and tuner. The Jumbo body gives the guitar a really round, well defined and warm low end, while the flamed maple and spruce top keep it very bright and clear sounding. Having such a large body also increases the volume and projection of the guitar beyond most in the same price range. All of this makes the guitar excellent for heavy strumming styles by keeping the clarity through heavy chording, as well as making it loud enough for performances without PA-systems. When there is a PA system however, the onboard Fishman pick-up system will let you keep your guitars voice while being amplified, and give you all the controls necessary to tweek that voice in any way you please and the on-board tuner will let you quickly change tunings or tune up before or after a gig.
Washburn WJ40SCE Jumbo Acoustic/Electric Guitar

Washburn WCD18 (Comfort Series acoustic)
This is a very inventive acoustic design that I haven't seen on anything else. The idea of the comfort series is to make a Dreadnaught body shaped guitar comfortable to sit with, and easier to play. They did this by emulating the way a strat electric is cut out. There is a small bevel in the back of the top waist of the guitar, and a slant on the top where your arm rests when you hold a guitar. This makes the guitar sit closer to you so you don't have to reach out as far, and makes it so you don't have the sharp corner of the body stabbing your arm the whole time you play. I was a little unsure of how much of a difference it would make, but honestly, once you sit with one for a significant length of time and aren't at all uncomfortable, you will be sold... as long as you like the sound. This is really the only way in which it's not really an ideal guitar. It's pretty much modeled off their WD10 series guitars but with laminate tops. It's really not bad by any means, and for the money (which isn't much) they are great. Quite awesome as a first guitar or some peoples seconds actually. But really only unfortunate thing is that they don't have this design on any higher end guitars that an intermediate or professional guitarist would use, if they did I would certainly buy one.
WCD18CE 1WCD18CE Close UpWCD18CE Close Up

Vic Firth drum sticks
Generally we carry about 6 or 7 different types of drum sticks all sort of in the same price range. But now we got in about twice as many different types including some less expensive Nova series sticks, and some higher end signature series drum sticks. We also got most of our standard models in stock with nylon tips as well. There are also some other drum accessories we got in, including isolation headphones that dont have speakers, which are simply for protecting your ears during long practices. As well as things like drum stick bags, and practice pads. Speaking of drums though, we have 2 more Basix drum kits on the way which should be here on the 17th.

Music Stands
We got in 4 different music stands in the last week worth mentioning. All of them are the full size orchestra style stands with the large metal platforms, not the little fold out ones (though we have lots of those in stock as well). These styles are great if you need something sturdy for holding larger books, binders, or papers, without the stand falling over. The least expensive of these are still quite functional, but are just a little harder to adjust, whereas the best ones are the Manhasset stands, which use a special tension spring system to hold everything exactly where you want it, while being able to adjust your height, angle or tilt without having to undo any clamps. If you want it to move you simply move it, and then the spring tension will hold it firmly where you left it.
We have good stock on all of them, and will give you a 15% discount on any of these orchestra music stands for mentioning this post until Christmas. 

Dec 2, 2012

Christmas Specials Dec. 1st -Christmas

  •           An Extension of the November gift Certificate special will last until Christmas, where if you buy a gift certificate over $100, you will receive a coupon for 10% off any one item in the store. This you can keep yourself or give with the gift certificate.
  •           Sigma and Aria acoustics are on sale until Christmas, with  10-25% discounts on all models. There will be pink tags in the strings on all the discounted models with a % discount that applies to that instrument.
  •            We now carry the Rocksmith software for PS3 and Xbox360. Until Christmas these are 25% off list price while quantities last. This will make a great gift for the self motivated learner, or the gamers on your list, because it truly is just a game that you can play using any real guitar as the controller. As part of the special, you will get 5% off any guitar you buy with the game.
  •            Blade electric guitars from Switzerland will be on sale for 10%  off of the under $1000.00 models, and 15% off the over $1000.00 models until Christmas. These are some of the finest built instruments available, and are already discounted 10-20% off list price, so there has really never been a better time to get into one of these professional grade instruments.
  •             Keep your instruments safe from the falling temperatures and dry air this winter buy getting any of our humidifiers or hygrometers at 10% off. A dried out guitar can have the frets stick out the sides or pop out of the fretboard, the neck can warp and twist, giving you buzzing or muted notes, or high string action, and the bodies can crack, necks can break, and bridges can lift off. It's essential to keep guitars at a consistent humidity in this harsh Alberta climate.
  •              Korg Keyboards and digital pianos are 10% off the list price until Christmas. This applies all 5 models we have in stock as well as special orders.

 Ongoing Discounts
  •             30% off non-levy’s guitar straps, which are now running very low, so hurry in before they are all gone.
  •      10-25% off some of our guitar strings like John Pearse, Cleartone, Dean Markley and more.
  •      There are also many  instruments and accessories in stock that are already discounted for various reasons such as: old stock, discontinued models, finish flaws, we got them on sale, or just because we felt like marking them down. 

Nov 23, 2012

New Christmas Hours

New Hours
Our store has always been closed Saturdays, and from now until the spring, Friday nights we are closing at 4:00PM instead of 6. However, to help out with your Christmas shopping schedule, we will be open Saturday evenings from 4:30 until 7:00 beginning next Saturday Dec 1st, and continuing on until December 22nd. So our new hours are as follows
Sunday 10-8
Monday 10-8
Tuesday 10-8
Wednesday 10-8
Thursday 10-8
Friday 10-4:00
Saturday 4:30pm-7pm

If you are unable to make it in during our hours, please call me (James) at 780-278-3679 and I will try to accommodate you to the best of my ability. 

Don't forget, we have gift certificates available in any denomination for the hard to shop for people on your list. Also any gift certificate over $100 will be accompanied by a coupon for 10% off any one item in the store, this you can give with the coupon to make it go even further, or use yourself to help buy that new guitar you've been eyeing. Whatever the case, with all the new inventory, and all the current specials, there hasn't been a better time to get started in music, or to give the gift that keeps on giving... a life with music.

Nov 22, 2012

New Inventory and Specials Nov 22nd

Here are some more short reviews on the new products we've gotten in over the last few weeks. As well as some specials.

Korg Krome 88
This is the newest work station keyboard from Korg, with 88 natural weighted keys, a large 7" touch screen display, and many hundreds of on board sounds, effects, and tools. This is now the leader of it's class, with many high quality, full length, un-looped samples, a realistic piano feel that also works well with faster synth styles, and a very user friendly computer system. The main grand piano sound is just astonishing, here's what they say about it on the Korg website "Piano sounds are critically important for nearly every keyboard instrument. Krome borrows the impressive "German D Grand" that was created for the Kronos flagship. In addition to the rich sound of 88 full-length unlooped stereo samples, damper resonance is also included. In fact, the PCM memory used for just this "German D Grand" alone occupies several times – even several tens of times – more memory capacity than the entire PCM memory used in a typical workstation or PCM synthesizer. Unless the original sound is impeccable, no amount of parameter editing can create an enjoyable playing experience. The Krome’s piano is an example of Korg's passion for every musician to enjoy great sounds played on great instruments. This resonant, authentic, and realistic piano represents a major increase in quality for this class of keyboard." There are also hundreds of other high quality samples, as well a drum tracks, arpeggiators, a midi recorder, and so much more. To find out more visit or visit us in store to try it out.

Sigma 000MC-15E
This is one of Sigma's concert sized mahogany topped acoustic electrics. It has a Fishman Isys+ pick-up system Grover machine heads, and a solid mahogany top. Like the Hagstrom MOCON, this is well priced, it looks fantastic, sounds awesome, and is a great finger style guitar, though because of the matte finish, it is slightly brighter and works better as an all-round guitar. The Hagstroms still always play nicer than pretty much anything, but this isn't bad in that regard either, and being that it is more tonally versatile, it is a great alternative to the Hagstrom, and still represents exceptional value for the money compared to a lot of other brands.

Onerr Effects Pedals
  We got in a few new Onerr effects pedals that would make a great addition to any pedal board.
  The first is a Nitrogen Chorus 2, which is a very nice effect for acoustic, electric, classical, vocals, or really any sort of instrument you can run through an amplifier. It's an easy to use effect that adds a whole lot of depth and character to your music, as well as filling things out a lot more, which is great if your a solo act or anything like that. Essentially this adds a slightly delayed second layer of whatever you play underneath your original guitars sound, making it sound like there are 2 people playing at once. Used moderately, this can add a nice touch to any song by thickening up the sound a little, and used excessively, the effect can really pack a musical punch. No pedal board should be without a chorus pedal, and if you don't want a pedal board, this is still an effect well worth getting due to its versatility, usability, and charm. All Onerr effects pedals are designed to look similar to the Boss effects pedals, but are as nice or nicer, and are less expensive. They are extremely well made, with heavy duty metal parts, good quality components, and great features.
   The second pedal is the DST-1 distortion pedal. This isn't nearly as versatile as the chorus, but for anyone on electric guitar who does anything with gain should have one of these pedals. They aren't overly expensive compared to a lot of other effects, and give you a gain boost beyond what most amps will do. but even more importantly than that, they allow you to switch between your high gain tone and your clean tone without having to reach to your amp. So unless you don't mind stopping your playing all the time, or if you only ever use one tone, this is an essential part of a good electric guitar set-up.
  Lastly, we have the GV-2, which is a volume expression pedal. This allows you to cut your volume quickly and easily, do huge volume swells (which is great for a ton of styles), change your tone by cutting the input volume to your amp, or just as a nice pedal to run though in order to cut your volume down at a specific point in your signal chain. Used properly, a volume pedal can either be an un-noticed yet important part of your performance, or can be the life of the party by giving some great sounding volume swells. This pedal has a second output that doesn't have it's volume cut so you can run out to a tuner and still get a signal while your volume is down, or which you can run to a second amp that you can run at a consistent volume and use the second amp as the one with the swells, or just for added tone or a stereo effect. There is also a minimum volume level control, so you can be sure you never lose your entire signal while performing. All-round, this is another effect that is invaluable in any well designed pedalboard.
  There are also over a dozen other Onerr effects pedals that we have in stock, and all of our effects pedals are on sale until the end of November 2012. The Special is 10% off 1, 15% off 2, and 20% off 3 or more pedals.

AKG headphones
We've received quite a few more AKG headphones in the last few weeks. From the K142 HD which are over ear High Definition headphones for studio or personal use, to the K350 in ear canal earbuds in multiple colours and with an in-line remote and mic for your iPod or iPhone. All AKG products are well made from high quality materials, and have a good sound, and nice features. All our headphones including our AKG Audio-Technica, Samson, and Vic Firth are on sale for 10% off until the end of November.

RockSmith Software
We have a bunch of copies of the new Rock-smith software on order that should arrive in about a week. This is the new game for Xbox360 and PS3 that allows you to plug an actual guitar into your play station in order to play a guitar hero type game. It's not really an ideal way to learn guitar for most people, as it doesn't offer much technical or theoretical help, but as a supplement to lessons, or as a fun way to practice and hone your physical skills it is a very useful tool. For a limited time I will give 10% off the price of the game and 5% off the guitar you purchase with it when you buy the game and guitar together. It comes with the USB to 1/4" cable you need to plug it into the game console as well, so just buy the game and the guitar and your ready to to start playing guitar! 

New String Special
A full list of current specials are listed on the previous blog post. But starting today, and going until the new year, we will be clearing out some of our less popular guitar strings. These include our Dean Markley electric strings, the John Pearse acoustic strings, all cleartone coated strings, and our D'Aquisto electric strings. Discounts on the strings will vary from brand to brand, but they will all be at least 10% off, and some will have quantity discounts as well, the discounts will go as low as 30% off, so if you regularly use these strings, now is a great time to stock up, or if you normally use another brand, you can try out something new.

Nov 6, 2012

November Specials List

·       All November, if you buy a gift certificate over $100, we will give you a coupon for 10% off any 1 item in the store. This coupon can be used yourself, or given with the gift certificate, and can be used with the gift certificate. The only exception is that you cannot use this coupon on clearance items or with already sale priced items on this list.

·       All effects pedals are 10% off all month, 15% off if you buy 2 at once, or 20% if you buy 3 or more. With our already low prices on effects pedals, there has never been a better time to start a pedal board.

·       Because few people seem to know we carry headphones, for November I will put a spotlight on them by selling them all at 10% off. This includes our AKG earbuds and headphones, as well as our Samson, vox, and vic firth headphones.

·       Our other specials that are not specific to this month are our “Non-Levy’s” Strap clearance, which is 30% off all straps that aren’t from Levy’s Leathers. As well as our 50% off Tribal Planet gig bags, and our Sigma t-shirt give-away, with the purchase of any Sigma guitar or bass, while quantities last.

Nov 4, 2012

Inventory Update for Nov. 4th

It's a new month, but before we get into November, let's have a quick overview of what October had to offer. here are the highlights:

  • New Gift Card system, making it much easier to get, use, and keep track of your gift cards. This is just in time for the fast approaching holiday season.
  • Sigma Guitars! we now are an official dealer of Sigma Guitars, which are all under 1000, and all have solid tops, and martin style bracing, binding, and body shapes. 
  • We started carrying Kala in August, but we have doubled our Kala inventory during October, so we  have more sizes, styles, colours, and wood grains available than ever before. get 25% off your gig bag with the purchase of any Kala Uke that doesn't already have one as well. 
  • Our non Levy's strap clearance is going well, so we got in a massive order of over $3000 worth of levy's straps on top of our existing stock.
  • Our used inventory has increased a lot in October, with a few new electrics, basses, amps, and acoustics, including a Gibson Songwriter Deluxe 12-string.
  • We got in some new Hartke half-stack bass amps including the Flagship KILO bass head, and a 4x10 HyDrive Cabinet. 
  • Drums and violins are now available in our morinville location, with fairly small quantities to start, but enough for any beginners. 
  • New Parkers! We have got in 3 new parkers in October, including a 4500.00 MaxxFly with the Graphite fingerboard and back, the piezo pick-ups, and all their other requisite high end parts. we are selling this for 3200.00. We also got a few offshore parker models with are simpler, but still fantastic to play, and to look at.
  • New Vox effects pedals, like the Delay Lab (which has 30 delays and a looper), or the Dynamic looper multi-effects pedal. 
  • We now stock a lot more electronics, including Mics, USB mics, guitar pro 6 software, replacement amp tubes, pots, switches, power supplies, and more! 
Now for the new stock reviews. 
Some of this was mentioned in the previous section, but here there will be a review on the specific products we got in over the last week or so, since the last update. 

Parker PDF70TNG
This is one of Parker's offshore models, which puts them in a very affordable price range, yet still offers a lot of the same features, looks, sound, and playability of the US built models. This guitar has the Duncan USM humbuckers which give it a very aggressive tone, but still with the ability to get nice and clean. The bridge system on the parkers is fantastic, and it also has locking machine heads. The guitar weighs about 5 lbs due it it's small dimensions and very carved out figure, which not only aids playing position and comfort, but also makes it great for transport and long playing sessions. This one is in a tangerine finish, which I think looks great, and it comes with a semi rigid gig bag as well.

Parker DF824DB
This is currently our most high end Parker, coming in at a list price of 4500.00, and for good reason. This guitar has a Carbon fiber fingerboard, as well as carbon fiber bracing down the back of the neck and over the whole body. this stabilizes the instrument, makes it more durable, nicer to play, and allows them to shave the neck and body of the guitar thinner than most guitars. This makes it weigh less, and play faster than most guitars out there. The guitar has the full blown Parker tremolo system which you can use for both up and down trems, can lock for just down trems, or lock down completely for better sustain if your not using your tremolo. It comes with Seymour Duncan SSL6 neck and middle single coil pick-ups, which are reverse wound for hum cancelling, as well as a TB14 Bridge humbucker. It also has the Ghost piezo under the saddle pick-up system with the Midi up-gradable Acousti-phonic modular pre-amp. All that basically means you can use your pick-ups under your saddles to give you an acoustic guitar tone. you can also run this out (with a stereo 1/4" cable that comes with it) to 2 separate amps, making it all the more versatile. Unfortunately this guitar dried out slightly in the warehouse giving it a minor wrinkling in the finish of the top, which makes it not quite as flawless as it should be. However, this finish flaw has bumped the price down from 4500.00 to 3250.00 which is about 28% off. to show you how minor the flaw is, I have taken several pictures of the guitar. It's pretty hard to tell there's even a flaw in the pictures, and in person, it's really not that bad either.

Kala Ukuleles 
We got in half a dozen new Kala Ukes, including the TieDye ukadelic ukuleles, a nice Pacific walnut uke, one with a spruce top and rosewood back and sides, a watermelon uke and a couple concert sizes mahogany ukuleles. All the Kala stuff is built well, and is reasonably priced, so be sure to check these out.
Tye Die Ukulele - Going to Woodstock? You're going to want to bring this uke with you!Pacific Walnut Soprano

Hohner Harmonicas 
We've got in quite a few new Hohner Harmonicas in the last few weeks. We now have some of the German made Blues Harps, a Puck Harmonica, some Blue Ice harmonica packs, and some small harmonicas the size of a pinky toe, but with a full 4-hole 8 note C scale, and a chain to wear it as a necklace. We also got in a bunch of entry level plastic harmonicas, which are great for starting out. they still work and sound good, they are just less durable and less well made than the more expensive German models. We got in some harmonica accessories like Neoprene harmonica pouches, and harmonica holders for hands free live performances as well.

Sigma Acoustic Bass
Acoustic basses are strange things, often have undesirable qualities because they can't charge much due to the limited market for them. This tends to limit the market further because it's hard to find ones that are loud enough to compete with an acoustic guitar while unplugged, and if you have to plug it in, then what's the point? There are certainly nice ones available however, like the Hofner acoustic bass we had in before, but you had to spend pretty good money to get that. This new Sigma acoustic bass though is another story. It's more than loud enough to compete with most acoustic guitars, it has a well proportioned body and neck making it comfortable to play, it has a nice Fishman ISYS+ pick-up system and tuner for when you do have an amp around, and is in a very comfortable price range. It has a solid spruce top, and mahogany back and sides, and is available with a mahogany top, or rosewood back and sides as well. 

Hartke Kilo Bass Amp head
This is certainly the nicest, loudest, most impressive bass amp I've had the pleasure of playing, and it is part of one of the best bass rigs in the world. Used by the likes of Victor wooten, David Ellefson (Megadeath), and more, this has everything a performing bassist would need. It has 2 500 Watt power amps which can be sent separately to 2 500 watt Cabinets at 2 Ohms, or in bridged mode, can run to a single 1000 watt cabinet at 4 Ohms (like the Hartke HX410 HyDrive cabinet I have it with currently) It has a passive/active input, overdrive, a compressor, gain and shape controls, as well as a 3 band EQ, and a 10-band active Graphic EQ with + or - 12dB of boost. So not only is this amp extremely powerful, but it has enough control to give you the exact tone you want without any compromise! It's completely road ready with it's heavy duty chassis, and multitude of outputs to suite any venue, and considering all it's capable of, it's quite reasonably priced as well.

Oct 14, 2012

Awesome New Inventory

It's been a little while since I've done an update on our products, so there is a lot to cover. I'll start with my favourites and work towards my slightly less favourite, with little reviews on each item.

Hagstrom Tremar Super Swede with 3 P-90 pick-ups
As the title suggests, this is a Hagstrom super swede, with their brilliant (Bigsby style) Tremar tremolo system, which I like more than a Bigsby for 1 very good reason, which is that it's arm is longer and better designed making it fall into the perfect place to play, as well as making it more comfortable to use. It is also equipped with 3 of Hagstrom's "Spiced" P-90 pick-ups, which offer the dirty, crunchy tone you expect from a P-90, but with more saturation of natural overtones filling out the sound more than a traditional p-90 (hence the "spiced"). to select between these 3 incredible pick-ups is a 6-way rotary switch, giving you more tonal options than most guitars. each pick-up has its own tone control as well. The composite "Resinator Wood" fingerboard and "H-Expander" truss rod gives this guitar a very nice playing feel as well, since they can set it low off the bat, and the stability of the neck will keep it playing well so you don't have to worry about it changing and needing a set-up every few months. The composite fingerboard and the truss rod also help with the unique Hagstrom tone of this guitar by increasing sustain, and evening out the tone throughout the scale.
Beyond all that, this is truly a stunning guitar, just look at it! though the picture doesn't do it justice.

Hagstrom Ultra-Swedes
We got in a few different Ultra Swedes, in a few different finishes. They are made in the same way, and with the same materials as the Super Swede above, but instead of 3 P-90s they have 2 humbuckers with a coil tap switch to turn them into single coils. They have a tune-o-matic style bridges, and a much smaller body than the super swedes, which is nice for portability, and comfort, since it weighs a fair bit less. The price on these is much lower as well, making these the bargain of a lifetime considering the features, looks, sound, and play-ability they offer.

Sigma Guitars!
We are now an official dealer of Sigma-Guitars, which is now under the ownership of AMI Audio Distributors in Germany, instead of Martin. Established in 1970 to counteract heavy competition from Japan in that time, Sigma guitars were designed and built as less expensive versions of Martin guitars, copying their looks, shapes, and bracing patterns. Though they are no longer built by martin, they still copy the D series, and the 000 series body shapes, with the same looks, and their same logo. every Sigma guitar in production at the moment has a solid wood top on a laminate back and sides, which is the best way to go for sound if you are on a budget. Solid wood back and sides will always be better than laminates, but a price hike of double or triple the price of a laminate is a lot to swallow, especially if you are just a hobbyist or a beginner. we currently have 6 models in stock, across most of their product range, so you can really pick one to suite you. Find out more about these guitars Here. or by stopping by the store and trying them out yourself.

Washburn Festival Series Acoustics
Washburn's festival series is a line of smaller bodied guitars designed with the small venue or "festival" in mind. They are more portable than many acoustics, and have a slightly shorter scale for easier play-ability, warmer tone, and a more comfortable playing position. These work well for younger kids as well because of the shorter scale. They all come with a Washburn pick-up and tuner system installed as well, which is great for quick tuning (it's my second favourite on board tuner I've com across, next to the B-Band T35 system in the Hagstroms) and the pick-up sounds pretty nice as well. They are budget minded as well, never getting over $400.00, and they all look fantastic, with options like flamed maple tops, nice paint jobs, or just nice looking spruce or maple wood grains.

Levy's Canadian Made Leather Guitar Straps
Levy's is a Canadian company that makes a huge line of guitar straps, from stitched leather, to suede, to printed poly, to stitched cotton, to hard carved leather, and everything in between. Being Canadian made means your supporting our economy as well as getting the assurance that you are getting a quality product when you buy their straps. They have become our main brand for gig bags, as well as the straps, which are now taking over completely as we are currently clearing out all our other straps to make room for them. This last order was of over 3000.00 dollars in straps, with a selection of straps from each part of their line, so there is a lot to choose from... In fact, we've never had this many straps in stock before.

Used Instruments
For some reason we've recently got in a lot more used instruments than usual. Just today we got in an entry level Aria acoustic in a blue sunburst finish, a Marshall 15 watt Bass amp, and an Ibanez SGR100EX bass in black. these are all priced much less than any new instrument we have in stock, which makes these great for beginners who don't want to spend a ton to start out. We also have a used Fender Squire Strat, which is fairly rough shape physically, but because it plays nicely is definitely a good buy if you don't care about the looks, because it is hugely discounted. We have 4 or 5 used electric amps in stock, as well as a variety of other guitars, such as our Taylor 810 (which is in completely flawless condition, it is the definition of mint), a Gibson songwriter 12-string acoustic, a Blueridge folk size acoustic, and many more.