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James Turner (Manager)

Feb 17, 2012

More Hagstroms

   Because of how much I loved the Hagstrom MOCON, which is their concert sized all mahogany acoustic. I decided to order some more guitars from the Mora series once we sold the MOCON. So we now have another MOCON, a MODRE (dreadnaught size), and a MOCON-CE (concert size, with cutaway and electronics).
   All 3 of these guitars focus mainly on the Mids in terms of EQ, there is certainly bass and treble present, but the mids come out strong. The guitars are very rich and smooth sounding. almost no guitar I can think of has notes that come out as smoothly as they do on these guitars. There is no harshness in the attack, a very long slow decay, and the overtones of which there are plenty come out very evenly, so there isn't as much muddiness present as you would expect from a guitar this rich. Because of the nature of the sound of these guitars however, they work much better with finger style or flat picking styles of music rather than strumming. the notes won't ever sound thin and last a long time, so acoustic leads work very well on them as well. but strumming tends to lack the distinction in the notes that you usually want. It's somewhere between strumming a maple/spruce dreadnaught, and strumming a classical. 
   As always with Hagstrom acoustics, they are equipped with 18-1 gear ratio Hagstrom machine heads, the composite "resonator wood" fingerboards and their H-Expander truss rod, which help keep the tuning stable, the action low, and the guitar playing like a dream. The MOCON-CE is equipped with the B-Band T35 pick-up system, which is an under the saddle pick-up with a 3-band EQ, a tuner, (which is the nicest i've ever seen built into a guitar) and a phase control which helps get rid of feedback and gives a unique tone when turned on. The B-Band pick-ups I find to be one of the most natural sounding pick-ups as well. really bringing out the character of the wood while plugged in.
   The Most shocking thing about these guitars however is the price. all of them coming in under $500 dollars, with a semi-rigid "Hag Bag" worth $65 included. There really isn't much on the market in this price range that comes even close to the quality of the build, sound, playability, and features of the Hagstrom Mora series.
Mora ConcertMora DreadnaughtMora Concert CE