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James Turner (Manager)

Mar 19, 2012

Win a $750 Washburn Acoustic With Shine FM

   We have now partnered with 105.9 Shine FM in an acoustic guitar package give-away.
   We are giving away a Washburn WG2S acoustic, which has a solid cedar top, quilted ash back and sides, gold Grover 18-1 machine heads, and mother of pearl inlays and binding. It is a beautiful guitar, with a decorative back, and just an all round expensive look and feel about it. It plays very well, and sounds great, especially for fingerstyle and acoustic lead type playing. It comes with a Washburn deluxe hardshell case, and an Oasis acoustic guitar humidifier. If you bring in your guitar and the note that comes with it we will give you 4 free guitar lessons with one of our 3 guitar instructors. The package is worth over $750.00, and is a Mid-Pro level package, so it's definitely something worth trying to win.
   Unlike our "enter our inventory system give-away" this is a contest and requires you to do a little work. In order to win the guitar and the lessons, record or video yourself playing or singing a song that you wrote about why you should win the guitar. It doesn't have to be long or very well produced, as long as we can hear the words your fine. Some of the Shine FM staff and myself will be picking a winner based mostly on how funny, interesting, unique, or entertaining your song is. The songs will be posted on the Turner Guitar, and Shine FM Facebook pages, and the winners will be selected after April 10th when the contest closes. Once you've recorded the song you can like the Shine FM Facebook page and post it on their wall, or E-mail it to for more information visit

We have an identical guitar in stock so if you want to buy this guitar or try it out before going through the trouble of entering the contest, you can stop by during our business hours and try that one out. 

Mar 8, 2012

New Hagstrom Acoustics

  We just received an order of 7 different Hagstrom acoustics. 
  Every Hagstrom guitar features their proprietary composite "Resinator Wood" fingerboard, which wont be effected by humidity and temperature, as well as their "H-Expander" truss rod, which helps stabilize the neck and allows them to slim the neck down a little. 
  In this order we got a 12-string, 3 models with cutaway's and electronics, which is the B-Band T-35 system that has a really nice tuner built in and has warm, rich, woody sounding electronics. We have at least 1 model from each of their 4 lines of acoustics, and we have them in a veriety of body shapes including grand auditorium and Dreadnaught sized ones. 
  All their guitars are built to Hagstrom's high standards, and are nearly flawless, yet at a price that is shockingly affordable. They also all come with Hagstrom's Hag Bag, which is a semi-rigid padded gig bag, adding to the value of these guitars. for more info click here to visit their website or stop by and try them out.
Dalarna Dreadnought CEDalarna Grand AuditoriumMora DreadnoughtElfdalia Grand AuditoriumSiljan Dreadnought 12  

Mar 2, 2012

New Hagstrom and Vox products

  We now have 2 new hagstrom electrics. One is the HJ500-BK "Jimmy" which is a arch-top electric 2 humbuckers, gold hardware, ebony bridge and pickguard, and their requisite Resinator wood fingerboard, H-Expander Truss rod, and 18-1 di-cast machine heads. It also comes with a $170.00 custom fit hardshell case. The second is a Viking Rex-tone which is exactly like a regular viking but with a second 3 way switch which acts as a hi-mid cut, or a hi cut, giving the guitar a lot more tonal flexibility. The guitar it'self is a semi-hollow double cutaway electric, with 2 Hagstrom custom 58 humbuckers, H-Expander Truss Rod, Resinator wood fingerboard, and 18-1 gear ratio machine heads.
  Both guitars play extremely well out of the box, and sound and look beautiful. For more info visit

The viking is a different colour than shown.

   We also got in 2 vox amps. First the new TB35C1 Tony Bruno boutique 35watt tube amp with 1x12 speaker. There are too many features to list here, but if you want serious Vintage American tube voicing in a high quality extremely versatile package, definitely check this amp out. For more info click here to visit their website. Second is the new Vox AC15C2 tube amp, which has 2 12"celestion speakers, and is powered by 2x EL84 pentode tubes and 3x 12AX7 pre-amp tubes. It has a master volume, reverb and tremolo, and a 2 channel design with Vox's coveted tob boost channel delivering a great deal of tonal control. For more info click here to visit their website, or stop by the store to try out either of these incredible tube amps.

   And Last but certainly not least, we got 2 SDC55 Vox solid body guitars. They are equipped with Vox's Coaxe pick-ups which have a single coil, P-90, and Humbucker in one. Each one has 3 individual coil taps, and all 3 positions on each are noiseless. It also has a regular 3-way switch to select between your bridge and neck pick-up. Like all Vox guitars, they also come with Vox's MaxConnect cast aluminum bridge, which has increased saddle travel, and is a stand alone bridge for maximum tone transfer. The body of the guitar is made from maple and mahogany and is carved in 3 dimensions, so the guitar is much more comfortable to sit or stand with than most, because you don't have to reach your forearm out as much over the body in order to reach the strings. We have them available in Black and Gold, and we still have the single cutaway in blonde. All 3 come with a heavy duty vox padded gig bag. Click Here for more info from their website, and of course you can visit us in store to try them out for yourself.

And these pictures really don't due justice to the beauty of these guitars in my mind.