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James Turner (Manager)

Apr 25, 2012

New Hagstrom models, and other updates.

   We just got in 3 new Hagstrom guitars. First is a Hagstrom Viking Deluxe Semi-hollow electric in a white finish. The Viking Deluxe has the same features as the Viking, but is just better appointed, with large block inlays for the fret markers, smoother F-holes, and a flamed maple top, though you can't tell with the white paint job. The other features include Hagstrom's Resinator wood fingerboard, H-expander truss rod, 2xHJ50 humbuckers, and Hagstrom 18-1 gear ratio machine heads. This guitar not only is extremely stable due to the fingerboard and H-expander truss rod, extremely good looking because of the design and fine appointment, great sounding due to high quality woods, bridges, nuts, and pick-ups, but it is also Extremely affordable. The Other guitars we got are both Hagstrom Ultra-Swedes, one is in black, and the other has a transparent red finish and a flamed maple top. The Ultra Swede is the smallest, lightest, and most comfortable guitar Hagstrom makes, and is in their UltraLux series of guitars. They both come with all Hagstroms proprietary technology of course, and are equipped with Custom 62 Humbuckers and a coil tap switch for maximum versatility.

   We have a bunch more Hagstrom acoustics and Washburn electrics and acoustics on the way in as we speak as well, which I will update you on once we get them in stock.
   We also received another shipment of Levy's guitar straps. much of the shipment was simply a restock of what we had sold out of, but a large part of it was new guitar straps that we haven't had before. Some of these new additions include a No1 stretch straps which is exceptionally comfortable since it has an elastic material in it that allows it to stretch a little bit, eliminating the harsh pressure on your shoulder. we also have some hand carved deluxe leather straps, some new graphic straps, a strap with pick holders on it, and one with a slide holder on it. All Levy's guitar straps and cases are entirely made in Canada from the best quality materials, other than their least expensive model. So not only are you ensuring that your strap or case is made to very high standards, but you are also supporting Canadian Business which will always be beneficial to our economy.
   We also got in some new stands, and other small accessories including D'Addario's new Pro-Arte Dynacore classical guitar strings which are made to extremely high standards and have titanium trebles. the new Materials of these strings makes them last much longer than a traditional guitar string, so this is basically the equivalent of getting a coated classical string.
   As some of you already know, we have been working with Paul Smith from Smith Music in Morrinville to record and produce our new albums. Because of Paul's extensive experience as both an engineer, a musician, and a producer, the quality of our recordings is exceptional and he allows us to do what we want with our music rather than forcing his own ideas into it, which I think is extremely important. However because of our success working with him, I have decided to partner with him in another way, so we will now be selling guitars from his studio in Morrinville... It's basically going to be our mini second location. He wont have nearly the selection we have, and will start off with basically some guitars we are over stocked with, but over time that will change as the market increases. So if you are up in that area it will be a much more convenient way to buy a guitar instead of driving all the way to the city. Paul offers lessons to students of all ages and skill levels, so if you are thinking of learning guitar, drums, bass, piano, and possibly some other instruments, he can either teach it, or has a teacher there who can teach it. Of course if you want to buy high end guitars or browse our huge selection of acoustics, it's best if you come to our Leduc location. but now you just have another option. The store isn't quite ready to go yet, but I will write a post letting you know exactly when that is happening.
   We still have our Spring Clean-up Clear-out sale on, so if your in need of a guitar, bass, or amp, be sure to visit before April 30th for some amazing deals.


Apr 6, 2012

Spring Clean-up Clear-out Sale

   As anyone who's been in the store in the last month or so knows, we have a lot of inventory... probably slightly more than we should try packing into a store this size. However, because I don't plan on stopping the expansion of the store, and in order to fit more I need to do some renovations, and in order to do the renovations I need more room to work, I am putting on our Spring Clean-up Clear-out Sale!
   The sale will run from now until April 30th. Many of the products we carry will be marked down significantly off the list price, especially damaged and used guitars, or old inventory. Hagstrom Washburn, vox, rainsong, and hofner guitars will all be marked down to some extent, but the focus of the sale will be on the Aria, Vintage, Hohner, and Kustom brands, as well as anything used, scratched, overstocked, discontinued, or just old. On sale items will have a simple paper tag on it with a % discount written on it, and that discount will be applied to the lowest tag price on that item. discounts range from 5-50% off the tag price (which are often already marked 5-30% off list price).
   So if you've been putting off starting yourself or your kids on guitar, or just buying one more guitar to add to your collection, stop by and maybe we can keep you from procrastinating further by hooking you up with some amazing deals on some incredible instruments. 

   PS. It's still not too late to pick up an acoustic and some lessons to learn a few songs before your camping trip this summer. visit our services webpage for our teachers info, and talk to each teacher directly for scheduling lessons.