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James Turner (Manager)

Jun 11, 2012

Inventory Update and Reviews

Over the Last week we have received over 45 boxes of new inventory. Here are some short reviews on some of the more interesting things we received.

Parker 7243TSB US built Dragonfly (MaxxFLy)
This is an entirely US made electric guitar, with 3 Seymour Duncan pick-ups, the Ghost Piezo under the saddle pick-up system, and the Acoustiphonic modular Pre-amp. This allows you to either run your magnetic pick-ups, your Piezo pick-ups, or both simultaniously in stereo through 2 separate amplifiers or just 1. This means that you can switch between having heavy high gain sounds, and practically acoustic sounds with the flip of a switch on your guitar. or you can blend them both nicely to get a very unique tone unattainable by most guitars. The body on all Parker guitars in extremely figured by carving out un-necessary parts of the body that simply weigh it down. The Benefits to this is that you get an extremely light weight instrument, that is also very comfortable to sit or stand with, and that looks completely different than anything on the market today. The guitar comes with Schaller locking machine heads, The Parker guitars have very thin un-finished necks, which makes them extremely easy to play. Though these guitars aren't cheap, they are certainly worth the money if you are a serious player in need of a versatile instrument. But to make them a little more affordable, just remember that for all of June and July you can special order these or any Vox, Korg, Warwick, Samson, Hartke, Washburn, Hagstrom, or Studiologic product and get 15% off. Also if you spend more than 1500.00, you get 20% off, and over 3000.00, you'll get 25% off. Be sure to take advantage of these incredible offers while you still can.

Parker 624RB US built Dragonfly (MaxxFLy)
This is a US built electric with 3 Seymour Duncan pick-ups, Parker's patented bridge, Ghost Piezo saddle pick-ups, Schaller locking machine heads, an ebony fingerboard, and a carved alder body. Parker guitars are the Lamborghinis of the guitar world, by which I mean that they are very modern and edgy looking, with sleek bodies, flawless finishes, lots of features, and extreme power... but most of all it's fast! The non finished, extremely thin neck, combined with the high quality ebony fingerboard gives you the ultimate playing surface, allowing for extremely fast playing with almost no effort. Many of the models have Carbon fiber fingerboards adding that extra little bit of stability and speed to the guitar. The Ghost Piezo system gives the guitar a much more wooden feel, and a more resonant, vibrant texture to your tone. You can run just your magnetic pick-ups, just your Piezos, or both at once, giving you a huge variety of tones to play with. but beyond that, you can also use the special chord it comes with to run your magnetic pick-ups out to an electric amp, and your piezo out to an acoustic amp or PA-system, allowing you to switch seamlessly between acoustic guitar sounds and heavy electric sounds. 

Vox AC15VR
This is one of Vox's most versatile amps (next to the VT+ series of course) due to the fact that it can do both modern High gain solid state tones, as well as vintage tube tones. It is able to accomplish this by having a 12AX7 pre-amp tube in the power stage, which gives you tube like character, while still having a solid state Power amp. The advantages of this are two-fold. First this amp costs just over half of what a regular AC15 costs, and second, it allows to the variation in tones mentioned above. The amp has 2 channels, one for clean tube sound, the other for your higher gain stuff. In the second channel you have 2 types of overdrive, one is your warmer, more natural tube overdrive, putting that 12AX7 to good use to get that expressive tube feel, and the second is a more modern solid state distortion sound. After spending about an hour playing around with the amp I didn't once find a sound that didn't sound good. Everything about the amp tells me it should be worth twice the price because of the quality of the tone, but because a solid state power amp costs so much less than a tube one, they can afford to sell these at the prices they do. If you are in the market for a mid sized amp and overlook this one, you are seriously doing yourself a disservice.

Vox SSC33
This is one of Vox's solid body electric guitars, featuring their proprietary Coaxe pick-ups, 3D contouring, and cast aluminum one piece tail piece. being the Little Brother of the 55 series guitars it doesn't have the 3-way switches for each pick-up, and instead has 1 2-way switch to select between your humbucker and single coil sounds. Coming in at 2/3s the price of the 55 series makes this a viable option though, since it still has the same tone and feel and high quality components as the 55, it just lacks the awesome versatility of the 55. This one is in a black finish, but we also have them available in a transparent tea burst finish. The one piece cast aluminum bridge is great for sustain, and intonation, and makes it easy to set up and restring. the di-cast machine heads are very smooth, and accurate, and the rosewood fretboard and thin neck make the guitar a dream to play. This is an all round great guitar, with excellent features, good tone, comfortable play-ability, and sharp looks.

Washburn Packages
We got in some inexpensive Washburn acoustic and electric guitar packages. The acoustics come with gig bags, tuners, extra sets of strings, straps, instructional DVD's etc. and the Electric comes with that as well as a small practice amp. The packaged instruments are much better quality than you would find in most guitar packages, since they still play nicely and sound good. But they will save you 20-50 bucks compared to buying everything separately. As always though, we do put together packages with anything for you if you are buying both a guitar and amp together, no matter the price range.

Hagstrom Swede White
We got in a white Hagstrom Swede, which features Hagstrom's proprietary technologies such as the H-expander Truss rod, Resinator wood fingerboard, custom 58 Humbuckers, 18-1 gear ratio di-cast machine heads, and their long travel tune-o-matic stop tail piece. It also has the Rex-Tone switch, which is a Hi-cut/Mid-hi-cut 3 way tone filter switch, to give you that extra versatility. In the white finish this thing is also one of the most stunning guitars in the store... like a bride on her wedding day, it is flawless and clean, and simply beckons you to play with it by it's looks. At least I think so.

Levy's Straps and Gig Bags
Levy's is a Canadian company that produces some of the finest leather, nylon, cotton, and suede guitar straps around. Being produced in Canada not only ensures that they are produced to the highest standards, but also helps out the Canadian Economy. The Straps are so diverse in colours, textures, materials, patterns, and designs, that there is a catalog with over 100 pages just on the straps, so there is sure to be something that suites you. We obviously don't stock the entire selection of straps, but with over $6000.00 worth in stock, we cover a lot of the basics. However if you find one you like in particular from their website or catalog, we can order it for you with a 10% discount if paid up front.

Samson Q7
This is a Handheld dynamic vocal mic, perfect for Stage or studio use. It has a high output Neodymium mic element giving you great quality reproduction of vocals no matter the situation. It is made with a Multi-axis shock-mount design limiting noise from bumps and movement making it even more ideal for stage use. It also comes with a carrying case and a mic clip just to top it all off.

Club Salsa Bongos
For anyone wanting to diversify their sound by adding some interesting percussion. The Bongo is great for anyone who doesn't want to spend a lot of time learning an instrument because of it's simplicity.

Extension for the June Promotion
For those of you who may have missed it, the Promotion is this:
If you special order anything that we don't have in stock from Vox, Parker, Warwick, Korg, Hartke, Washburn, Samson, Hagstrom, or Studiologic, I will give you 15% off the list price. However, if your order is over $1500.00 I will bump that up to a 20% discount, and over $3000.00 will get you a 25% discount. For many of these brands, that is an Unheard of discount on a brand new item, so be sure to take advantage of this offer if your currently in the market for anything from these brands. For clarification, Pricing information, product catalogs, or any other request, please e-mail me at or call me (James) at 780-278-3679