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James Turner (Manager)

Sep 11, 2012

September Specials

  Being that it's School season again, and there are a lot of things that need doing and buying, I have several great promotions and sales running all September long that will hopefully help you out a little bit on the music side of things. 

  First off, all our Aria Brand acoustic, electric, and classical guitars are 10% off our regular prices, which are already 10-20% below list price. This gives you some nice entry level options, as well as a ton of phenomenal high end options in all 3 categories. 

Gig Bag Give-away!
We are giving away free gig bags with the purchase of any guitar this month that doesn't already come with a case, in an effort to clear out our Tribal Planet Brand bags. They are really wonderful gig bags, that are worth up to $150.00. Unfortunately, I don't understand their code system, and they are all just piled in our storage area taking up space so I'm just giving them away rather than trying to put them into our new inventory database. They do come in a variety of quality levels, so the more you spend on a guitar the nicer the case will be.

Ukuleles priced from:
$1.00 - $50.00 get 5% off
$51.00 - $100.00 get 10% off
$101.00-200.00 get 15% off
$201.00 - $300.00 get 20% off
$301.00 - $1000.00 get 25% off
We also have a black sparkly uke from Mahalo normally $40.00, which is 25% off.
  Many of our Ukulele's come with gig bags, but for those that don't I am offering 25% off the purchase of a gig bag with the purchase of a Uke as well. 

  Lessons + Instrument Specials
Anyone who purchases 4 or more months of lessons and buys an instrument at the same time will receive 10% of the total purchase value in free accessories. 

  Strap Clearance
This doesn't only apply to September, but we are clearing out all our LM, Planet Waves, DiMarzio, Dunlop, and Surelock straps at 30% off normal prices. This is in an effort to make room for our preferred Levy's Straps. However, we are always still able to order in anything from these brands if you are interested, and will give you 10% off special orders of these indefinitely.