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James Turner (Manager)

Oct 8, 2012

October Specials List

October Specials
Being that it's a new month, here is a list of new special offers I am running this October.

Strap Clearance
This is nothing new, but as a reminder, all our NON Levy's straps are 30% off until they are gone, and of course we can still special order them for you if there is a particular one from any of the clearance brands you want. I just prefer the Levy's straps, so we are sticking with those at least for the time being.

Gig Bag specials
Because we still have a lot of those Tribal planet gig bags in stock after last months give-aways, for this month I will give you 100% off the price of those gig bags with the purchase of any guitar, and I will give you 50% off any of them if you are buying them without a guitar. However, we have sold out of some sizes and styles of them, so if you are buying a guitar in a size that we don't have a tribal planet gig bag for, I will still give you 50% off any other gig bag of your choice. (this offer only applies to the purchase of guitars that don't already include a gig bag or case).

Korg SP-170 and SP-250 Sale
Both these digital pianos will be discounted 15% all month long, so if you are looking for a really nice digital piano with either natural weighted keys, or Real Hammer action keys, and Quality unlooped sampled sounds. check out these for sure! E-mail me, call me (james) 780-278-3679, or visit in store for more information on these keyboards. (the sale applies to special orders of these as well, so you can order them in the colour you'd like)

Guitar + amp special (the "Pick your treat" special)
We have always had a deal where if you buy an amp and a guitar together we will throw in a bunch of free stuff to make it a nice package in a price range related to what your buying. Normally this package will include a gig bag, strap, patch cable, some picks, and maybe a few more things if you are getting an expensive guitar. During October, we will throw in a lot more than that. We will throw in things like tuners, capos, polishing cloths, strings, or whatever, up to 20% of the combined price of the guitar and amp worth of free stuff. I wont be picky about what you get with it either, you could get just a really nice hardshell case, or $100 worth of picks, or whatever you think will help you the most. It's up to you to decide.