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James Turner (Manager)

Nov 4, 2012

Inventory Update for Nov. 4th

It's a new month, but before we get into November, let's have a quick overview of what October had to offer. here are the highlights:

  • New Gift Card system, making it much easier to get, use, and keep track of your gift cards. This is just in time for the fast approaching holiday season.
  • Sigma Guitars! we now are an official dealer of Sigma Guitars, which are all under 1000, and all have solid tops, and martin style bracing, binding, and body shapes. 
  • We started carrying Kala in August, but we have doubled our Kala inventory during October, so we  have more sizes, styles, colours, and wood grains available than ever before. get 25% off your gig bag with the purchase of any Kala Uke that doesn't already have one as well. 
  • Our non Levy's strap clearance is going well, so we got in a massive order of over $3000 worth of levy's straps on top of our existing stock.
  • Our used inventory has increased a lot in October, with a few new electrics, basses, amps, and acoustics, including a Gibson Songwriter Deluxe 12-string.
  • We got in some new Hartke half-stack bass amps including the Flagship KILO bass head, and a 4x10 HyDrive Cabinet. 
  • Drums and violins are now available in our morinville location, with fairly small quantities to start, but enough for any beginners. 
  • New Parkers! We have got in 3 new parkers in October, including a 4500.00 MaxxFly with the Graphite fingerboard and back, the piezo pick-ups, and all their other requisite high end parts. we are selling this for 3200.00. We also got a few offshore parker models with are simpler, but still fantastic to play, and to look at.
  • New Vox effects pedals, like the Delay Lab (which has 30 delays and a looper), or the Dynamic looper multi-effects pedal. 
  • We now stock a lot more electronics, including Mics, USB mics, guitar pro 6 software, replacement amp tubes, pots, switches, power supplies, and more! 
Now for the new stock reviews. 
Some of this was mentioned in the previous section, but here there will be a review on the specific products we got in over the last week or so, since the last update. 

Parker PDF70TNG
This is one of Parker's offshore models, which puts them in a very affordable price range, yet still offers a lot of the same features, looks, sound, and playability of the US built models. This guitar has the Duncan USM humbuckers which give it a very aggressive tone, but still with the ability to get nice and clean. The bridge system on the parkers is fantastic, and it also has locking machine heads. The guitar weighs about 5 lbs due it it's small dimensions and very carved out figure, which not only aids playing position and comfort, but also makes it great for transport and long playing sessions. This one is in a tangerine finish, which I think looks great, and it comes with a semi rigid gig bag as well.

Parker DF824DB
This is currently our most high end Parker, coming in at a list price of 4500.00, and for good reason. This guitar has a Carbon fiber fingerboard, as well as carbon fiber bracing down the back of the neck and over the whole body. this stabilizes the instrument, makes it more durable, nicer to play, and allows them to shave the neck and body of the guitar thinner than most guitars. This makes it weigh less, and play faster than most guitars out there. The guitar has the full blown Parker tremolo system which you can use for both up and down trems, can lock for just down trems, or lock down completely for better sustain if your not using your tremolo. It comes with Seymour Duncan SSL6 neck and middle single coil pick-ups, which are reverse wound for hum cancelling, as well as a TB14 Bridge humbucker. It also has the Ghost piezo under the saddle pick-up system with the Midi up-gradable Acousti-phonic modular pre-amp. All that basically means you can use your pick-ups under your saddles to give you an acoustic guitar tone. you can also run this out (with a stereo 1/4" cable that comes with it) to 2 separate amps, making it all the more versatile. Unfortunately this guitar dried out slightly in the warehouse giving it a minor wrinkling in the finish of the top, which makes it not quite as flawless as it should be. However, this finish flaw has bumped the price down from 4500.00 to 3250.00 which is about 28% off. to show you how minor the flaw is, I have taken several pictures of the guitar. It's pretty hard to tell there's even a flaw in the pictures, and in person, it's really not that bad either.

Kala Ukuleles 
We got in half a dozen new Kala Ukes, including the TieDye ukadelic ukuleles, a nice Pacific walnut uke, one with a spruce top and rosewood back and sides, a watermelon uke and a couple concert sizes mahogany ukuleles. All the Kala stuff is built well, and is reasonably priced, so be sure to check these out.
Tye Die Ukulele - Going to Woodstock? You're going to want to bring this uke with you!Pacific Walnut Soprano

Hohner Harmonicas 
We've got in quite a few new Hohner Harmonicas in the last few weeks. We now have some of the German made Blues Harps, a Puck Harmonica, some Blue Ice harmonica packs, and some small harmonicas the size of a pinky toe, but with a full 4-hole 8 note C scale, and a chain to wear it as a necklace. We also got in a bunch of entry level plastic harmonicas, which are great for starting out. they still work and sound good, they are just less durable and less well made than the more expensive German models. We got in some harmonica accessories like Neoprene harmonica pouches, and harmonica holders for hands free live performances as well.

Sigma Acoustic Bass
Acoustic basses are strange things, often have undesirable qualities because they can't charge much due to the limited market for them. This tends to limit the market further because it's hard to find ones that are loud enough to compete with an acoustic guitar while unplugged, and if you have to plug it in, then what's the point? There are certainly nice ones available however, like the Hofner acoustic bass we had in before, but you had to spend pretty good money to get that. This new Sigma acoustic bass though is another story. It's more than loud enough to compete with most acoustic guitars, it has a well proportioned body and neck making it comfortable to play, it has a nice Fishman ISYS+ pick-up system and tuner for when you do have an amp around, and is in a very comfortable price range. It has a solid spruce top, and mahogany back and sides, and is available with a mahogany top, or rosewood back and sides as well. 

Hartke Kilo Bass Amp head
This is certainly the nicest, loudest, most impressive bass amp I've had the pleasure of playing, and it is part of one of the best bass rigs in the world. Used by the likes of Victor wooten, David Ellefson (Megadeath), and more, this has everything a performing bassist would need. It has 2 500 Watt power amps which can be sent separately to 2 500 watt Cabinets at 2 Ohms, or in bridged mode, can run to a single 1000 watt cabinet at 4 Ohms (like the Hartke HX410 HyDrive cabinet I have it with currently) It has a passive/active input, overdrive, a compressor, gain and shape controls, as well as a 3 band EQ, and a 10-band active Graphic EQ with + or - 12dB of boost. So not only is this amp extremely powerful, but it has enough control to give you the exact tone you want without any compromise! It's completely road ready with it's heavy duty chassis, and multitude of outputs to suite any venue, and considering all it's capable of, it's quite reasonably priced as well.