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James Turner (Manager)

Nov 22, 2012

New Inventory and Specials Nov 22nd

Here are some more short reviews on the new products we've gotten in over the last few weeks. As well as some specials.

Korg Krome 88
This is the newest work station keyboard from Korg, with 88 natural weighted keys, a large 7" touch screen display, and many hundreds of on board sounds, effects, and tools. This is now the leader of it's class, with many high quality, full length, un-looped samples, a realistic piano feel that also works well with faster synth styles, and a very user friendly computer system. The main grand piano sound is just astonishing, here's what they say about it on the Korg website "Piano sounds are critically important for nearly every keyboard instrument. Krome borrows the impressive "German D Grand" that was created for the Kronos flagship. In addition to the rich sound of 88 full-length unlooped stereo samples, damper resonance is also included. In fact, the PCM memory used for just this "German D Grand" alone occupies several times – even several tens of times – more memory capacity than the entire PCM memory used in a typical workstation or PCM synthesizer. Unless the original sound is impeccable, no amount of parameter editing can create an enjoyable playing experience. The Krome’s piano is an example of Korg's passion for every musician to enjoy great sounds played on great instruments. This resonant, authentic, and realistic piano represents a major increase in quality for this class of keyboard." There are also hundreds of other high quality samples, as well a drum tracks, arpeggiators, a midi recorder, and so much more. To find out more visit or visit us in store to try it out.

Sigma 000MC-15E
This is one of Sigma's concert sized mahogany topped acoustic electrics. It has a Fishman Isys+ pick-up system Grover machine heads, and a solid mahogany top. Like the Hagstrom MOCON, this is well priced, it looks fantastic, sounds awesome, and is a great finger style guitar, though because of the matte finish, it is slightly brighter and works better as an all-round guitar. The Hagstroms still always play nicer than pretty much anything, but this isn't bad in that regard either, and being that it is more tonally versatile, it is a great alternative to the Hagstrom, and still represents exceptional value for the money compared to a lot of other brands.

Onerr Effects Pedals
  We got in a few new Onerr effects pedals that would make a great addition to any pedal board.
  The first is a Nitrogen Chorus 2, which is a very nice effect for acoustic, electric, classical, vocals, or really any sort of instrument you can run through an amplifier. It's an easy to use effect that adds a whole lot of depth and character to your music, as well as filling things out a lot more, which is great if your a solo act or anything like that. Essentially this adds a slightly delayed second layer of whatever you play underneath your original guitars sound, making it sound like there are 2 people playing at once. Used moderately, this can add a nice touch to any song by thickening up the sound a little, and used excessively, the effect can really pack a musical punch. No pedal board should be without a chorus pedal, and if you don't want a pedal board, this is still an effect well worth getting due to its versatility, usability, and charm. All Onerr effects pedals are designed to look similar to the Boss effects pedals, but are as nice or nicer, and are less expensive. They are extremely well made, with heavy duty metal parts, good quality components, and great features.
   The second pedal is the DST-1 distortion pedal. This isn't nearly as versatile as the chorus, but for anyone on electric guitar who does anything with gain should have one of these pedals. They aren't overly expensive compared to a lot of other effects, and give you a gain boost beyond what most amps will do. but even more importantly than that, they allow you to switch between your high gain tone and your clean tone without having to reach to your amp. So unless you don't mind stopping your playing all the time, or if you only ever use one tone, this is an essential part of a good electric guitar set-up.
  Lastly, we have the GV-2, which is a volume expression pedal. This allows you to cut your volume quickly and easily, do huge volume swells (which is great for a ton of styles), change your tone by cutting the input volume to your amp, or just as a nice pedal to run though in order to cut your volume down at a specific point in your signal chain. Used properly, a volume pedal can either be an un-noticed yet important part of your performance, or can be the life of the party by giving some great sounding volume swells. This pedal has a second output that doesn't have it's volume cut so you can run out to a tuner and still get a signal while your volume is down, or which you can run to a second amp that you can run at a consistent volume and use the second amp as the one with the swells, or just for added tone or a stereo effect. There is also a minimum volume level control, so you can be sure you never lose your entire signal while performing. All-round, this is another effect that is invaluable in any well designed pedalboard.
  There are also over a dozen other Onerr effects pedals that we have in stock, and all of our effects pedals are on sale until the end of November 2012. The Special is 10% off 1, 15% off 2, and 20% off 3 or more pedals.

AKG headphones
We've received quite a few more AKG headphones in the last few weeks. From the K142 HD which are over ear High Definition headphones for studio or personal use, to the K350 in ear canal earbuds in multiple colours and with an in-line remote and mic for your iPod or iPhone. All AKG products are well made from high quality materials, and have a good sound, and nice features. All our headphones including our AKG Audio-Technica, Samson, and Vic Firth are on sale for 10% off until the end of November.

RockSmith Software
We have a bunch of copies of the new Rock-smith software on order that should arrive in about a week. This is the new game for Xbox360 and PS3 that allows you to plug an actual guitar into your play station in order to play a guitar hero type game. It's not really an ideal way to learn guitar for most people, as it doesn't offer much technical or theoretical help, but as a supplement to lessons, or as a fun way to practice and hone your physical skills it is a very useful tool. For a limited time I will give 10% off the price of the game and 5% off the guitar you purchase with it when you buy the game and guitar together. It comes with the USB to 1/4" cable you need to plug it into the game console as well, so just buy the game and the guitar and your ready to to start playing guitar! 

New String Special
A full list of current specials are listed on the previous blog post. But starting today, and going until the new year, we will be clearing out some of our less popular guitar strings. These include our Dean Markley electric strings, the John Pearse acoustic strings, all cleartone coated strings, and our D'Aquisto electric strings. Discounts on the strings will vary from brand to brand, but they will all be at least 10% off, and some will have quantity discounts as well, the discounts will go as low as 30% off, so if you regularly use these strings, now is a great time to stock up, or if you normally use another brand, you can try out something new.