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James Turner (Manager)

Dec 13, 2012

New Inventory and Other Updates Dec 13th

In time for Christmas we have gotten in a lot of new products that you may be interested in. 

Vox AmPhones
These are the newest innovation from Vox, and they are a fantastic idea. Basically they are an amplifier for an electric or bass guitar built right into a set of high quality over ear headphones. They come in several varieties which are, AC30, Twin, Lead, and Bass. Each has it's own unique tone and even though it isn't the real thing, brings to mind the feel and character of the amps it's intended to emulate. Each ones comes with a volume tone and gain control, as well as an effects control. On the guitar models these are reverb, delay, and chorus, which really gives you a lot to play around with, and on the bass version you get a compressor, which is a very useful effect for any bass player.
They are not only designed to be amplifiers however, as you can also use them for listing to audio on all your devices without draining your on-board batteries. Beyond that though, you can actually do both as once if you have an AUX cable handy, it has a second input for listening to music while playing your guitar. They are also not overly expensive, as there are many headphones in the same price range that are of similar quality but without the amplification features.

Washburn WJ40SCE
This is a beautiful guitar from Washburn in the Jumbo body size, with Flamed maple back and sides, as well as a solid spruce top, gold hardware and a Fishman 501T pick-up system and tuner. The Jumbo body gives the guitar a really round, well defined and warm low end, while the flamed maple and spruce top keep it very bright and clear sounding. Having such a large body also increases the volume and projection of the guitar beyond most in the same price range. All of this makes the guitar excellent for heavy strumming styles by keeping the clarity through heavy chording, as well as making it loud enough for performances without PA-systems. When there is a PA system however, the onboard Fishman pick-up system will let you keep your guitars voice while being amplified, and give you all the controls necessary to tweek that voice in any way you please and the on-board tuner will let you quickly change tunings or tune up before or after a gig.
Washburn WJ40SCE Jumbo Acoustic/Electric Guitar

Washburn WCD18 (Comfort Series acoustic)
This is a very inventive acoustic design that I haven't seen on anything else. The idea of the comfort series is to make a Dreadnaught body shaped guitar comfortable to sit with, and easier to play. They did this by emulating the way a strat electric is cut out. There is a small bevel in the back of the top waist of the guitar, and a slant on the top where your arm rests when you hold a guitar. This makes the guitar sit closer to you so you don't have to reach out as far, and makes it so you don't have the sharp corner of the body stabbing your arm the whole time you play. I was a little unsure of how much of a difference it would make, but honestly, once you sit with one for a significant length of time and aren't at all uncomfortable, you will be sold... as long as you like the sound. This is really the only way in which it's not really an ideal guitar. It's pretty much modeled off their WD10 series guitars but with laminate tops. It's really not bad by any means, and for the money (which isn't much) they are great. Quite awesome as a first guitar or some peoples seconds actually. But really only unfortunate thing is that they don't have this design on any higher end guitars that an intermediate or professional guitarist would use, if they did I would certainly buy one.
WCD18CE 1WCD18CE Close UpWCD18CE Close Up

Vic Firth drum sticks
Generally we carry about 6 or 7 different types of drum sticks all sort of in the same price range. But now we got in about twice as many different types including some less expensive Nova series sticks, and some higher end signature series drum sticks. We also got most of our standard models in stock with nylon tips as well. There are also some other drum accessories we got in, including isolation headphones that dont have speakers, which are simply for protecting your ears during long practices. As well as things like drum stick bags, and practice pads. Speaking of drums though, we have 2 more Basix drum kits on the way which should be here on the 17th.

Music Stands
We got in 4 different music stands in the last week worth mentioning. All of them are the full size orchestra style stands with the large metal platforms, not the little fold out ones (though we have lots of those in stock as well). These styles are great if you need something sturdy for holding larger books, binders, or papers, without the stand falling over. The least expensive of these are still quite functional, but are just a little harder to adjust, whereas the best ones are the Manhasset stands, which use a special tension spring system to hold everything exactly where you want it, while being able to adjust your height, angle or tilt without having to undo any clamps. If you want it to move you simply move it, and then the spring tension will hold it firmly where you left it.
We have good stock on all of them, and will give you a 15% discount on any of these orchestra music stands for mentioning this post until Christmas.