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James Turner (Manager)

Jan 21, 2013

Inventory Update Jan 21st

As is generally the case around here, we have some really cool new inventory I would like to talk about.

German Made Warwick Corvette $$ 4-string bass
 This is certainly the nicest bass I've had in the store in a long time, and that's with some stiff competition. But everything about the bass is perfect in terms of sound, playability, versatility, comfort, aesthetics, and quality. First off, every Warwick bass, German or otherwise has the following features. Warwick's own strap lock system, easy access truss rod and battery compartments, MEC electronics, 2 piece 3D bridge system, Just-a-Nut III (height adjustable nut), and Warwick machine heads. Then there are the features that are included this specific Warwick bass, which include: IFT (invisible fretwork technology), Bronze just-a-nut III and frets, Passive/active electronics, 2 MEC humbuckers with 3 way coil tap switch for each, Wenge fingerboard, Swampash body, Nirvana black oil finish, glow in the dark fret markers, and it comes with an extremely nice gig bag and Warwick bass care kit. Now most of these features by themselves are brilliant ideas, but together, they create some of the finest basses money can buy. To really grasp the full concept of  Warwick's innovation, it's a good idea to read through their "The Difference" tabs on their website, this is a link to this bass' info page, 
The engineering, innovation, thought and care that has been put into these basses, is what makes them so extraordinary, if you want to experience that for yourself, come check it out.

Breedlove SOLO-C350-CRE
This is our first ever Breedlove acoustic, and already it's getting a lot of attention, with a very unique, yet elegant look, as well as fantastic sound, some excellent features, and a comfortable mid range price point. Now in terms of looks, Breedlove has some very unique body styles, they use many exotic and interesting woods, both for their tonal, and cosmetic properties, and they are well finished, and well appointed. The Solo-C350-CRE, has what they call a soft cut-away, which cuts much deeper than most, and doesn't have much in the way of a horn. This not only looks stunning, but also shapes the tone of the instrument to be less treble oriented. This model is made from Cedar and East Indian Rosewood, and has a monitoring sound hole on the top side of the guitar so you can hear your guitars tone better when your playing it, (and most of the time you are playing for yourself anyway, making this a very useful feature). It is equipped with the L.R. Baggs LR-C TV pick-up tuner, and pre-amp system, which is the first system I've found that I like as much as the B-Band T35 in terms of tuning capabilities, and natural tone. It also has Breedlove's own bridge truss rod system which will keep the bridge from lifting, and increase the volume and tone of the guitar, as well as grover machine heads, Graph Tech nuts and saddles, and D'Addario EXP strings. These guitars are what I will be bringing in to replace the Arias as we go forward, because not only are they Beautiful looking and sounding, nice to play, packed with great features, and built exceedingly well, but they are also well priced, which is something that I always look for in a guitar.
It also comes with a very nice deluxe hardshell case.

Levinson Blade LD-35 Dreadnaught acoustic.
This is another one of the fantastic acoustic guitars from Garry Levinson and Blade guitars. I first played one this summer, and was utterly blown away by it... after waiting 6 months due to stock delays, I finally got my second, with more on the way. Now these guitars are hand made from all solid woods, and have what's called tuned (or voiced) tops. This essentially means that each top is carved out to be thinner in specific areas on the inside in order to promote better movement of the top for more volume, and controlled movement for better balance and tone. This is a technique that has been used for a long time by some of the best custom Luthiers to built some of the finest guitars. However the process is generally very time consuming and expensive, so the guitars you would find with tuned tops would be many times more expensive than the Levinson acoustics. There are a few reasons that Blade has been able to keep the costs down, part of it is offshore labour, (though the guitars are assembled and finished in Switzerland), and part of it is due to the use of modern technology, and computer mapping. This makes it possible to design the voicing of the top in advance and basically EQ the top using machines. This makes these some of the most exceptional sounding guitars for the money I've ever played and in terms of looks and finish, they are stunning. This model has a Solid Sitka spruce top, and solid ovangkol back and sides, and combined with the dreadnaught body it has loads of bass, yet still focuses well on the upper mid-range and trebles. Yet unlike most treble focused instruments, this is not harsh sounding in the slightest, each note is like a bell ringing out loud, long, and clear. There are no harsh overtones, and nothing there to muddy the sound. This makes the guitar ideal for stage performance and for recording, since it will keep its definition and clarity much better in these situations that most, and the sound is much easier to EQ, and work with in a mix than something with a lot of overtones. Click here to go to their website for all the info on the guitar. 

Bedell BDD-18-M
This is our first ever Bedell acoustic guitar as well, and it is shockingly beautiful sounding for it's price. In terms of playability, features, and looks, I'd still take a Hagstrom over this any day. But honestly, the volume, and tone that comes from this guitar rivals that of many guitars that are many times the price of this one. The amazing thing is the balance in the tone, generally guitars in this price range don't have enough volume and bass to have any impact, and the mids are usually dull, and the trebles are a little harsh. This guitar however has much more Bass, Mids, and Volume, and these make everything much more crisp, and less tinny than most similar guitars. There is a very even amount of overtones on each note as well which makes it cut through where most other guitars would blend in, and because of how much volume, power and sustain it has, you can play it along with much more expensive guitars and still hear yourself as well as you should. Now in terms of everything else it's nothing special, but it plays well, and looks as nice as any typical dreadnaught. It's well assembled, with obvious signs of care taken in the construction. As an entry level guitar, this will blow your mind sound wise, and is certainly competitive in every other aspect compared to most of the major brands out there. It also comes with a gig bag, which makes it all the more worth it.

Marshall Fridge
This is a mini fridge that is made by Marshall to look like one of their half stack amps. It's not really for sale, but if someone makes me a high enough offer I may consider parting with it. However, the main reason I am mentioning this, is that now we will be stocking some beverages to sell. So now when your waiting for your kids to finish their lessons, you can sit back and enjoy an iced tea, or if you've been trying guitars for a few hours, you can refresh your weary mind with a Pepsi. We already have a water cooler for free water, but now there are some other alternatives.

This is a grand auditorium acoustic with the B-band T35 pick-up system, and cut-away. It also has a nice black sunburst finish on the solid spruce top. As I've said many times before, these guitars are unbeatable in terms of tone, features, playability, and looks VS Price. Falling the the entry-level/mid range price point, they offer playability beyond almost anything (at least on a consistent basis), due to the Resinator wood fingerboard and bridge. They also sound, and look as nicer or nicer than most similarly priced competition, and on the electronic models, the T35 pick-up system and tuner outperforms almost any other brand's system in this price range. The fact that we throw in a $70 semi-rigid gig bag with each guitar really makes them a bargain. If you haven't tried one yet, and are interested in getting a new acoustic, we have nearly every model in stock, and can get them in quickly if there happens to be one we are out of that you would like.

Hartke A-100S
This is a limited edition A-series Bass amp, with a silver grill, a 15" aluminum bass driver, a 1" tweeter, and 100 watts of power. The large speaker size gives you a lot of low end projection, making sure your audience can feel your bass not just hear it, yet the fact that the speaker is made from aluminum means you still get lots of clarity, sharp attacks, and lots of trebles when you so desire them. The 10 band graphic EQ allows you to really sculpt your tone to be exactly how you want it, and the limiter protects your speaker, and ensures that your sound level remains relatively even when you want it to be. It has active, passive and stereo inputs as well as headphone and XLR direct outputs, and an effects loop, making it ideal for almost any live or studio situation.

AKG headphones
We got in a large number of AKG heaphones, including some performance earbuds, Premium DJ headphones, and some mini fold-able headphones for ultimate portability yet with much better bass response than you'd get from ear buds. As with all AKG products, they are well made, convenient, and practical, and have excellent tone.

Washburn WF10SCE
This is a completely new guitar from washburn, and the first folk sized acoustic they've made in a while. This is by far their smallest body other than the EA series petite jumbos, and yet it much better value for money than many of their guitars as well. It is the least expensive acoustic they have that has a Fishman pick-up system in it, and it's the 301T so you get volume, bass, treble, and phase controls, as well as a chromatic tuner. The smaller body makes it very nice to sit with, and gives it a very clear treble oriented tone. The solid spruce top, and mahogany back and sides combo also helps with the clarity, despite it's small size, it's still got some power behind it. This would make a great first guitar for someone who is hoping to play gigs at any point, or as a second guitar for someone looking to start performing, but without a lot of money.

There's always something new to try out here at The Turner Guitar Studio, and these descriptions, or even demo videos can never replace trying a guitar for yourself. So be sure to stop by regularly to try out the new gear before it moves on.