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On the left hand side of this page is a list of many of the brands we carry, with links to their websites, and on the right you can find links to our other pages with details on the products we have in stock, the services we offer and discounted items we have available. There is also a video blog for the products we've demoed and for help learning some songs we commonly teach.
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James Turner (Manager)

Jan 3, 2013

January Specials List

January Specials List 2013

·       Vox Delay lab, multi-effects delay pedal and looper. $75 dollars off regular price.

·       All ukuleles are discounted 15% off regular price.

·       All digital and analog metronomes are 15% off regular pricing.

·       Get $50 off violins over $300.00 and $100 dollars off violins over $800.00.

·       Rainsong Graphite acoustics are 20% off regular price. This includes special orders when paid in advance.

·       Vox electric guitars are 12% off regular price, plus get 15% of the combined value worth of free accessories when you buy a Vox guitar and Vox amp together.

·       Samson Expedition series PA-systems are 10% off regular price (including special orders).

·       Get 10% off Non-US made Parker guitars, and 15% off all US made Parker guitar.
Parker Nitefly RF622GGParker pdf100qvsb Electric Guitar

·       Get 20% off our THD Univalve hand wired class-A tube amp.

·       Get a tuner, hard shell case, guitar strap and humidifier with the purchase of our Gibson Songwriter deluxe 12-sting acoustic guitar. It is used, and already less than half of its new price and is in excellent shape. It comes with a Fishman pick-up installed.

We also have lots of other specials that are running indefinitely, such as our 30% off non-levy's straps clearance, 10-40% off a variety of our strings, and discounts on some humidifiers, capos, and tuners.