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James Turner (Manager)

Feb 5, 2013

February 2013 specials lists

These specials will run from now until February 28th 2013.

·       Korg SP250-BK and SP-170-BK digital pianos are 15% off regular price.
·       Aria PE-series electrics are 20% off the lowest tag price (which are already 10-40% off the list prices)
·       Get a free planet waves humidifier with the purchase of any acoustic guitar, and a free Marshall MT-1 tuner with the purchase of any electric. Also with any guitar get a free set of strings, and get it strung for free (string type depends on amount spent, ask associate for details)
·       Get 15% off any in stock tambourine.

·       All Onerr digital effects pedals are 20% off the tag prices (which are already significantly below list price)
·       Buy any Parker guitar and get 25% off the amp of your choice, as well as the full package usually thrown in with a guitar and amp sale. This includes a patch cable, strap, case, tuner, strings, and picks (substitutions can be made to suit your needs, and the quality of these accessories goes up with the price of the total sale).
·       Basix brand 5 piece drum kit with cymbals and throne is 20% off, as well as any drum accessories you purchase with it, or within 3 months of the purchase date. This applies to special order drum kits as well as our in stock models.
·       Samson professional studio headphones are 20% off, or 30% off if you purchase any other audio equipment over $100 at the same time. (this includes amps, PA-systems, mics, recording interfaces, recording software, etc)

        There are also some ongoing specials that will continue indefinitely. The newest one starting today is that if you buy 4 assorted guitar picks, you get the least expensive of the mix for free. This means you can get up to 25% off guitar picks. This applies to all brands and types, and there is no limit on the number of picks you can purchase at once with the offer. There are also our 30% discounts on all Non-Levy's brand guitar straps, and 10-25% off select brands of guitar strings.