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On the left hand side of this page is a list of many of the brands we carry, with links to their websites, and on the right you can find links to our other pages with details on the products we have in stock, the services we offer and discounted items we have available. There is also a video blog for the products we've demoed and for help learning some songs we commonly teach.
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James Turner (Manager)

Feb 21, 2013

Spring Clearout Sale Mar 1st-Apr 30th

Spring is nearly upon us, so in preparation for the new season we are clearing out much of our old stock in order to make room for many of the new brands we are getting into such as Breedlove, Bedell, Parker, Warwick, Sigma, Levinson acoustics, and more. 

Specials list
Effective March 1st to April 30th 2013

  • Aria AD-series dreadnaught and AF series folk size acoustics acoustics are 25% off the tag prices.
  • Get a free 1/4" to 1/4" connector with every effects pedal purchased, as well as 15% off our regular prices.
  • Our Korg microstation is 20% off regular price.
  • Save 15% on all US made Parker electrics, as well as 10% off any accompanying amplifier.
  • Parker Nitefly RF622GGDF724BCBDF624RBParker pdf100qvsb Electric Guitar
  • Get 75% off a hardshell case or gig bag with the purchase of any banjo.
  • When purchasing ukuleles, get an additional 10% off any accompanying accessories for each 100 dollars spent. So if you buy a $500.00 uke you will get 50% off everything you purchase for it, such as books, tuners, cases, stands, etc. (The limit is 50% off)
  • Tech 21 products are 15% off regular price.
  • Rocksmith software is 30% off list price for PS3 and Xbox.
  • Breedlove Cascade series acoustics are 15% off the tag prices.
  • Our Bogner Alchemist tube amps is 25% off regular price.
  • Samson Q7 Mics are 18% off regular price.
  • We still have sales on several brands of guitar strings, as well as 30% off all non-levy's guitar straps. 
  • On top of all this, there will be dozens of other guitars, amps, electronics and accessories with yellow discount tags on them. These will all be discounted 5-50% off, making this one of the best times to get into guitar, or just increase your collection.