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James Turner (Manager)

Mar 28, 2013

New Inventory Updates March 27th 2013

It's been a while since I've posted, so there are a lot of new things that have come in over the last month. So here are some short reviews on some of my favourite newcomers.

Washburn WCG25SCE 
  This is the brand new comfort series acoustic from Washburn. Now for those of you who remember when I got in our first comfort series model, you will recall that my only complaint with the product was that there were no high end models available for someone buying anything other than a beginners guitar. But now they have this new one, with a solid sitka spruce top, rosewood back and sides, Grover machine heads, and a Fishman 501T pick-up system and tuner. Now the whole idea behind the comfort series is that they don't have a normal acoustic body shape with a flat top, a flat back, and straight sides connecting them. Instead they have a nice cut on the top of the body where you're forearm rest when you play. This means you don't have to reach outward as much to get around the top, and your arm also isn't resting on the sharp corner cutting off circulation and causing fatigue. This may not seem like it would make a huge difference, but it honestly does, and unless you try it you can never really know.
  Ironically, when it comes to the sound and looks of this guitar they have not cut any corners at all. The entire body is bound in a beautiful dark mahogany, around the top, back, neck, bridge and headstock. The Rosette is also  partly made by inlaying this dark mahogany. Then the cut on the top is a part of this outer binding, contrasting the spruce top, making the guitar stand out even more. The quality of the build, and the woods used has really helped the guitar with tone as well, giving it a really clear bell like tone, but with a very pronounced midrange so it doesn't sound thin. So even at nearly three times the price of the original comfort series models, it still offers better value for money, making this an excellent choice for any serious beginner, or really anyone who wants a great sounding and playing guitar that is more comfortable and versatile than nearly anything on the market.
Washburn WCG25SCE Acoustic/Electric Guitar

Bedell HGM-17-G
  We are slowly but surely falling in love with these new Bedell acoustics. With each new model I get in, I am blown away by the looks, the build quality, and especially the sound quality. This model has a solid Canadian cedar top, and Sapele back and sides, in what they call an Orchestra body shape. The smaller orchestra body size is a fair bit more comfortable to sit with than a full size dreadnaught or jumbo, yet somehow due to the magic of Bedell's design and quality is still exceptionally loud. The somewhat more mid-range focused tone of the smaller body, the cedar top, and the sapele, gives the guitar a great warm presence, and a silky smooth, yet powerful tone that is great for finger style playing. Unlike the first model as well, it is not a bare bones guitar in terms of it's looks. It has a beautiful wood inlay rosette, binding on the back and sides, and a high gloss finish. It also comes with a great heavy duty gig bag worth about $60 included. Everything about this guitar tells me it should be worth around $1000.00 if you compare it to most guitars I've come across, yet we are selling it for less than $400. It's not often that I play something less expensive than a Hagstrom that I would consider buying over a Hagstrom (I don't think that's happened once yet), but this one is definitely putting up a fight for that top spot on my value for money list. {inset_desc_il}

Ernie Ball Everlast Acoustic Strings
  These are another new string from Ernie Ball, created as a replacement for my favourite acoustic string, the Ernie Ball Slinky Acoustic strings. Being that I am no longer able to get the Slinky Acoustics, I decided I might as well try these new ones out to see if they ruined them or improved them. Thankfully, they have not changed the feel of the coating or the string itself in any significant way, so they are still very smooth and easy to play. And when it comes to the sound, it's so hard to tell how well it compares when you are testing it out of context, but they certainly have the same bright and clear tone that I love, without losing any of the richness that the Slinky's had. All in all for better or for worse the Slinky's are gone, but these new Everlast have held their place at the top of my list.
  Now the whole reason for this change was to make a string that lasts even longer, and is even better sounding than the Slinky Acoustics. Instead of using an enamel Teflon coating, they have used nanotechnology to treat the string to repel oils and moisture. Presumably this means the coating wont wear off as easily, and wont allow any oils or grime to build up due to the repellent nature of the treatment. I've only had them on my guitar for about a week, so only time will tell if they were successful I suppose, but my assumption is that they've nailed it again!

Huge Levy's Strap and Bag Order
We got in another large Levy's Leathers Canadian made Strap and gig bag order. This time mostly restocking our high end straps, such as padded suede and leather straps, designed leather straps, and trying out many of their new styles and designs. We also get in some book bags, which would be great for anyone transporting lots of music books to and from lessons or gigs, who wants superb quality, and nice features. As mentioned before, Everything from Levy's is entirely Canadian made from the highest quality materials. They may not be cheap, but do you really want to risk you'r guitar to a strap or gig bag that isn't top quality? You will certainly see a difference when comparing them to nearly anything else on the market, which is why we have been clearing out all our other brands to make room for all the fantastic products from Levy's.
Classic Guitar StrapsDesigner Guitar StrapsUrban Prints Guitar StrapsWoven Design Guitar StrapsLVSA66C

Washburn Rover Travel Guitar
I've Mentioned these on several occasions, so I wont go into too much detail. But these are really well priced travel acoustics with great violin style hardshell cases, and an incredibly comfortable price point. The biggest thing for me is that it doesn't cost a lot, so without breaking the bank you can get a second guitar that you can bring anywhere with you, so you never need to be without a guitar to fill your time, hone your skills, and relax with. It also comes with picks, a strap, and that fantastic case shown in the picture.

Vox AC15C2
We just got in a new AC15C2. This is the new AC15 tube amp from Vox with two 12" celestion speakers, rather than the usual 1x12. This gives you twice the volume, with the same medium wattage clean headroom, and some fantastic features. This amp is pretty much identical to the AC30, except that it has lower wattage by using half as many power tubes, it only has two inputs instead of four, and doesn't have a tone for the reverb unit.
now the lower wattage of the amp doesn't mean it's quieter, it simply means you have less clean headroom, so it's easier to overdrive your amp, and get that great tube break-up, and that classic Vox crunch tone at a low volume. Also despite not having the tone control on the reverb, it has an otherwise identical analog spring reverb unit to the AC30, also adding to the classic vox tone.
  The AC15 is powered by two EL84 power tubes, and three 12AX7 pre-amp tubes making this a very versatile amp for a lot of styles of music. You can clean it up enough to get some great country and classic rock tones, and on the top boost channel you can get really gritty with all that natural low wattage tube overdrive. This is one of my favourite amps, and has been for a long time, partly due to its versatility, and partly due to its incredible tone. And at about 2/3's the price of an AC30, but with nearly all the volume and features, it's a fantastic buy.

Marshall AVT50 Tribute
This is a used amp we got in, with a 50 watt power amp, and 12AX7 pre-amp tubes to get some natural tube overdrive tone. The AVT stands for Advanced Valvestate Technology, which essentially means you get the reliability and low cost of solid state, with the warmth and character of a tube amp. It has 2 separate channels for versatility, and a reverb unit on the clean channel. It has 1x12 speaker for enough power and volume for nearly any situation, as well as headphone outputs DI outputs, and effects loops so you can expand it to even more situations. This is an ideal amp for anyone wanting extremely high gain metal tones, and enough versatility and power for most practice and many performance situations.

Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue
This is a brand new Fender 40 watt tube amp. With two 6L6 power tubes for a very warm clean tone, a 12" Eminence speaker, and a Fender long spring reverb unit, it is wonderful for any blues, country, and jazz style players. The Warm tweed tube amp break-up is a classic tone, perfectly suited for so much of the music over the past several decades. It also comes with a nice cover, and a footswitch.

Jay Turser Electrics
Now these are nothing special by any means, just some copies of some classic guitars and basses. But for anyone looking to start playing who doesn't want to spend a lot buying a big name item, they really are quite a good option. Of particular note is how well put together they all are. Generally guitars in this price range are fairly obviously inexpensive, with a very cheap feel and look, and many obviously cut corners. Now these may not be using great pick-ups, or be hand made with features that are unique and spectacular, but they are nice to play, feel well made, and don't sound half bad.

Gibson Les Paul Traditional 1960 reissue
We got in this used Gibson on a trade a few weeks ago. It is in quite good shape aside from a little belt rash on the bottom back edge, and comes with a great hardshell case. Now I've never been a big fan of Gibson, but at half of its original price it's certainly worth checking out if you want a well built, USA made Les Paul guitar, for a much more comfortable price. Click here for a link to the Gibson webpage, we have it in the Satin Honeyburst finish.

Breedlove Voice-CM
This is one of the most fantastic acoustic electric guitars is my opinion for a few reasons. First off it's looks are completely unique, and will stand out in a crowd, yet it is not too outlandish, and is extremely elegant and functional in it's design. Then the build quality is absolutely perfect. There are no shortcuts taken in the building of the guitar, everything is built entirely in Bend Oregon USA, and the flawless finishing and assembly is a testament to how much care is put into these guitars. It is made with a Solid Sitka Spruce top and Solid East Indian Rosewood back and sides, giving it a very clear tone with a pronounced low end, and bell like trebles. The most amazing part of this guitar however is the pick-up system, which was made by L.R. Baggs for each model in the Voice series specifically. It is a modification of their Anthem pick-up system, using both a piezo pick-up under the saddle, and a very high quality internal mic that is capable of filtering much more of the standing waves and noise inside the guitar than any other pick-up system available. This along with the specific voicing for each model creates a pick-up system that when plugged in will sound identical to the guitar unplugged. With this guitar, you can go to any venue, from tiny coffee shops to huge stadiums, and your guitar will sound the same as when your writing the songs in your living room. Beyond this, the features such as the Breedlove Bridge Truss system, really helps keep the guitar stable, so your tuning, playability, intonation, and durability is increased through many environmental changes. This works by bolting the bridge to a wood truss inside the body that will keep the bridge completely level. This does several things. First it ensures that no matter how dry it gets, there wont be tension on the top from the strings, so the bridge wont lift, and the top wont pull from it's braces. This in turn keeps the tuning and intonation stable, and the lack of tension on the top allows it to move more freely, increasing clarity, sustain, and volume. This system can be found on most of Breedlove's guitars.