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James Turner (Manager)

Apr 14, 2013

Some Fantastic New Inventory

  As many of you know we have been getting into some new brands such as Bedell and Sennheiser, so I will be writing some reviews on a few of these below. As well as some now models in our older brands.

Bedell Encore Series BSDCE-18-G 
This is a dreadnaught body shape acoustic electric, with a solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and a Fishman Presys+ pick-up system and tuner. In general a spruce top, mahogany back and sides dreadnaught will be fairly bright sounding, with a powerful low end projection, and a clear treble tone. And this guitar follows that rule very well, however, I've rarely heard any guitars in this price range that sounds as rich and sweet. Generally guitars around this price have some harsh overtones that give a course tone to the guitar. And The ones that are really clear, sound fairly thin and weak. This guitar, and all the Bedells I've tried don't have these characteristic, so when they are clear (like this model), they are still very big and open sounding, not thin and reserved. And on the cedar top models, with a richer warmer sound, the thickness and richness doesn't come from uneven overtones which muddy up the sound, but rather from a wealth of well harmonized tones filling out the sound giving it more depth and body than the spruce top models, while keeping the bell like clarity. With how competitive the acoustic market has become in the last few years, I'm surprised that there are still guitars like these that stand out so far ahead of the pack in terms of sound quality for money, but I guess Bedell, like Hagstrom have found a way of cutting costs and margins without negatively impacting the quality.

   Now I don't want to ramble on about Bedell too much longer, so I shall keep the other models we have simpler by simply noting the Key features of each that distinguish them from the BSDCE-18-G

This model is the smaller Orchestra body shape (which I personally Prefer), and has Rosewood back and sides instead of mahogany giving the guitar both more crispness and sharpness due to the wood, and a slightly warmer mids focused tone due to the size. This is really ideal for flat picking lead style playing with a great deal of articulation, yet with the presence to give the individual notes their desired emphasis.

Heritage Series HGD-28-G
This dreanaught sized model with rosewood back and sides is the ideal guitar for country and folk style music with a lot of heavy strumming, and a lot of low end power and a very bright tone. The rosewood gives you the volume, projection, and sharp attack, while the large body carries the low end much more than the smaller guitars. The Heritage series doesn't have the electronics built in like the Encore series, so these are more ideal for personal use and practice as you save about $150.00 off the list price, but keep all the tone. (this same wood variation is available in the Encore series if you would want the Fishman Presys+ pick-up)

Discovery SeriesBDMCE-18-M
With the Fishman ISYSt pick-up system, this model offers some serious value for money at the same price as the HGD-28-G above. The Discovery series cuts costs simply by being simpler. The quality of the build is still great, with fantastic tone woods, and the same incredible sound and playability as the Encore and Heritage series. The only difference is in the details like the less expensive matte finish, simpler rosette and inlay design, and a less expensive gig bag. So for someone on a tight budget, this is the ideal instrument from a sheer value for money perspective, even compared to the Hagstroms, as it is a fair bit less expensive.

Hagstrom Viking 
We now have a black Hagstrom viking, which looks absolutely stunning. I'd still prefer the white one from a fingerprint notice-ability perspective, but this guitar looks awesome! and with the HJ-50 humbuckers, the Resinatorwood fingerboard, H-Expander Truss rod, and Hagstrom stop tail tune-o-matic bridge, it sounds awesome too! The feedback resistance of the vikings due to the center block design is great, and with a very open and bright sound, that can turn dark if you need it too, makes it great for a lot of different styles. It handles distortion quite will, and though the pick-ups aren't overly high output, the sustain from the truss rod and other design elements is very impressive. From any perspective regardless of price, they are amazing guitars, but when you factor in the relatively low costs, they are incredible. Definitely check them out if you haven't yet.

Vox SL1G Stomplab
This is the new multi-effects stomp box from Vox. With over 100 digital effects, over 100 preset programs, and many user programmable presets, it does a lot for a good quality pedal under $100.00. The programs are saved under genre categories, making it fairly easy to navigate with the 2 footswitches. This is an ideal pedal for testing out a lot of different types of effects without spending thousands of dollars on specialized analog pedals, as it is in a nice price range, has a large variety, and the effects are very usable in most situations as long as you don't need the higher quality, more transparent tone of an analog unit.

We are now official dealers of Sennheiser microphones, headphones, and other audio accessories. Sennheiser is a German company that produces some of the highest quality Professional headphones, and microphones available. With a very diverse line-up of headphones for all applications, and recording and live microphones, they will make a great addition to our high end audio inventory like AKG, Shure, and Audio Technica. So far we only have a few models of mics and headphones in stock, (though there will be more coming) but if there is anything you need from them I can get it in for you no problem.