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James Turner (Manager)

Jun 20, 2013

New Inventory June 17th 2013

We've recently received a huge order of Bedell, and Hagstrom acoustics, as well as a lot of other new electronics and accessories. So here are some reviews of the most interesting of the newcomers.

Bedell HDG-18-G
This is another one of Bedell's Heritage series acoustics, which are great looking acoustics with solid spruce tops, die cast machine heads, and deluxe gig bags included. This model has Sapele back and sides and a dreadnaught sized body which gives it a lot of low end and midrage, and a very big presence. These are no longer going to be available so what we have in stock is what we can get as Bedell is pulling back to only doing USA custom shop guitars in order to not step on Breedlove's Korean made acoustics. So this means two things. First off if you want one, the sooner you act the better as we have less than 20 Bedell's left in stock, and likely the only ones we can get will be well over $1000.00. and secondly because they are discontinued they have dropped the prices fairly significantly, so when on the Bedell sight you can pretty much drop 20% from their prices in order to see ours.

Bedell THCE-28-G
This is from Bedell's performance monitor series which are made from all solid woods. This model has Solid Indian Rosewood back and sides, and a solid Alaskan Sitka spruce top, an ebony fingerboard a Fishman acoustic Matrix pick-up system, gold Grover machine heads, and a deluxe hardshell case. The performance monitor series has a sound port in the side which makes the guitar sound louder and even better to the person playing, and with how high the quality of the woods and the build is, it is a fantastic sounding instrument, and plays extremely well. This is the exact same guitar I recently bought myself, but in a dreadnaught body size, so I can personally attest to how fantastic these guitars are.

Bedell THCE-17-G
Now this and the Next 2 are exactly the same as the above guitar, so I will only mention the main differences between the models rather than giving the whole description again. So this model is simply made from different tone woods than the THCE-28-G with a Solid Canadian Red Cedar top and a solid African sapele back and sides which gives it a much richer, deeper and more open sound. The cedar top wont age as well as the sitka spruce top, but it starts off it's life in a much more open sounding state, and will always retain a warmer more characterful tone. Great for a lot of low end power, room filling presence, and fingerstyle warmth.

Bedell TB-24-G
This is like the TCHE-28-G except without the cut-away electronics, and with a solid cedar top instead of spruce. The lack of electronics and so forth saves you a fair bit of money if it isn't something you will be using, and having a cedar top instead of spruce gives it a warmer, louder, and deeper presence which is great for fingerstyle and flat picking. as mentioned above, cedar does have its downsides compared to spruce since it wont change with age, but it does start off sounding fantastic, and will continue to for many years to come.
Bedell Performance TB-24-G Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Gloss Natural 
It's not on their website, so for details click here the model is somewhat different but the general details are the same.

Bedell TB-18-G
This is like all the above models, but with solid sitka spruce top, and sapele back and sides, and is a straight acoustic without the Fishman electronics. The Spruce and sapele combination gives it a brighter, cleaner and more mid-range oriented than the cedar and rosewood models, which is great for strumming and chording, though it will work for really any style of playing, which is part of the reason that it is one of the most common wood combinations.

Hagstrom Ultra-Swede Left handed
This is Hagstrom's smallest body sized electric, which has a set maple neck in a basswood body, a Resinator wood composite fingerboard, an H-Expander truss rod, a Flamed maple top with a cosmic black burst finish, 2 Custom 62 humbucker pick-ups with a coil tap switch, 15-1 gear ratio machine heads, and more. As one of my favourite electric guitars in this price range, I figured it's a good idea to  get a left handed model for our left handed customers.
Ultra SwedeThis is a picture of the right handed version, but this is the colour and finish we have.

TC Polytune Mini
This is the smallest pedal tuner in the world, and is also one of the fastest and easiest to use due to the fact that is has the ability to tell you which strings are sharp and flat when you strum them all, and then switch itself to chromatic mode when you pluck a single string. The high quality display allows you to see it easily no matter the lighting. Definitely check these out.

TC voicetone R1
This is a live vocal effects pedal, that has 8 different reverb types tuned specifically to work with vocals, and can be controlled from your mic using the MP-75 dynamic microphone. It also has a studio quality mic pre-amp and phantom power supply built in. This means that if you are using a condenser microphone you don't need a separate phantom power unit or pre-amp, which saves space, time, and money. If you are a performing vocalist and don't like relying on the sound guy to get your tone right, and want a pro quality inexpensive and compact way of controlling your sound; you will certainly want to check out the TC Helicon line of vocal effects products.
VoiceTone R1 - vocal reverb pedal

Samson Q4 mic
This is a dynamic vocal mic that works well for vocals and instrument recording as well as live performance miking. It has a neodymium mic element, a supercardioid pick-up pattern, a multi-axis shock mounted element, and comes with an XLR mic cable and mic clip included. It is housed in a high quality metal chassis as well, so this is one of the best mics we have available value for money wise.

Hagstrom Acoustics
I've talked a lot about Hagstrom acoustics in the past, so I wont spend too much time on these here. But basically we are fully stocked with all the different Hagstrom acoustic models with only a few minor exceptions. They all have solid wood tops, composite Resinator wood fingerboards and bridges, 18-1 gear ratio die-cast machine heads, and come with a semi-rigid gig bag. The acoustic electric version have a B-Band T35 pick-up system and tuner which is one of the best tuners I've ever seen built into a guitar, as well as a great sounding pick-up with a 3-band EQ and phase control. There are 4 different basic lines, the Mora, which is all mahogany, the Elfdalia, which has a Cedar top, Siljan which  has a spruce top, and Dalarna which has a Spruce top, but rosewood back and sides instead of mahogany. Then there are 2 body sizes of each, a dreadnaught and a grand auditorium (concert for the Mora series). Then you have some colour variations with black or sunburst in the Siljan series, and just black versions of the Elfdalia and Mora models. The Siljan series also has 12 string and left handed models available, and every model can be bought with the B-Band T35 pick-up tuner and cutaway. These are still one of my favourite acoustics available in this price range, with the only ones coming close being the Bedell Heritage and encore series acoustics, but if those were at their old prices they wouldn't even be as good in that case.
Siljan Grand Auditorium CESiljan DreadnoughtSiljan Dreadnought CEMora Concert CEMora DreadnoughtElfdalia Grand AuditoriumElfdalia Dreadnought CEDalarna Grand Auditorium CE