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James Turner (Manager)

Jul 18, 2013

New Inventory Update July 2013

We've gotten in a lot of awesome new stuff in the last few weeks, even more than usual. So as always here are the most interesting additions to our inventory.

Washburn Lakeside Jumbo
This is a brand new model from Washburn that I've been looking forward to for a while. The guitar is different than anything else we have available, in that it is a full on deep bodied jumbo acoustic. The acoustic chamber is nearly an inch deeper than the next deepest guitar we have, and a large surface on the top, which gives it a lot bigger sound, with a ton of low end, and a deep resonating tone. It has a solid Sitka spruce top, with rosewood back and sides, Wilkinson machine heads, and a nice hardshell case (which is good since nothing else I have would fit it). It may not be the ideal guitar for someone of a smaller disposition, as it is quite a handful, but if you want a massive sounding guitar, with loads of low end, and an extremely deep, projecting tone, putting up with the size may be worth it.

Breedlove Oregon-C20-MYE
This like the Washburn, is the newest line from Breedlove, but it is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum in terms of sound. This is from the new Oregon series, which are all 100% hand crafted in Bend Oregon USA from sustainable woods that are harvested from their local area. The Myrtlewood that they use for the back and sides is indigenous to the Oregon region, and has a beautiful figured look, as well as an incredibly clear, and bright tone. This model has the concert body size, which is the medium size in the series, with a good balance between volume, and tone quality and comfort. This is an extremely easy guitar to sit with, yet it isn't so small that you lose significant amounts of volume or low end tone. This is one of the brightest sounding guitars I have in the store, with no lack of power or presence, yet still a sharp, transparent tone that will cut through any mix. This tone works incredibly well for lots of folk, and country style strumming songs, as well as flat picking, and acoustic lead style playing. The whole series of guitars has Fishman's Ultra-tone pick-up system installed, with a volume and tone control in the mouth of the guitar, and an end pin jack plug. In terms of looks, I think it is stunning, as the Myrtlewood is very unique and interesting to look at, with a satin finish on the back and sides, and a high gloss finish on the sitka spruce top to really help it shine. This also makes it great to play since the neck has the smooth satin finish, and the body wont show those small hairline scratches on it like a high gloss finish would. It also comes with a very nice hardshell case that will help keep the guitar looking beautiful for many years to come.

Breedlove Atlas Solo-D350-CRE
This is another one of the brilliantly priced Atlas series acoustic, with a solid Cedar top, Sapele mahogany back and sides, a dreadnaught body size, their proprietary bridge truss system, Grover machine heads, and an LR Baggs LR-T-CV pick-up and tuner system. This model with the Dreadnaught body, and the cedar and mahogany wood combo, has a very deep, powerful, and rich tone. The large size carries the low end and volume a great deal, and the cedar's punch and brilliance, combines with the richness of the mahogany really helps balance and fill out the tonal spectrum. The Bridge truss system keeps the tension of the strings from pulling on the top, helping to open the sound, and increasing the durability of the guitar. The LR Baggs pick-up system has one of the nicest tuners I've seen built into a guitar (next to the B-Band T35), and the sound and controls of the pick-up allow you to perform with confidence that your guitar's tone is shining through. And last but not least, the guitar has a nice satin finish which gives it a nice toned down look, as well as helps to maintain it's brand new appearance due to the fact that the very minor pick scratches and things like that wont show up in the finish at all. Like every Atlas series Breedlove guitar, this also comes with a deluxe hardshell case, giving these even more value for the money.

Hagstrom Metropolis-S 
This is one of the newest models from Hagstrom, and from the moment I saw them Released at NAMM I've had one on order, and it's finally here. This is Hagstroms first electric with a true single coil pick-up since their 2004 reboot, and they have pulled it off very well. The guitar has as much chimey, bright, and clean tones as a strat style electric, but with a single cut Les Paul Junior style body. This takes the place of the Ultra-swede as the least expensive electric guitar in the line-up and still keeps with Hagstrom's fantastic value for the money. Having just 2 single coil pick-ups, a 3-way switch, a volume and a tone control, it isn't very versatile. But if you want a fantastic single coil tone, a great looking design, and all of Hagstrom's proprietary features like the Resinatorwood fingerboard, H-expander Truss rod, and Hagstrom Machine heads at a good price, then check this guitar out.

TC Electronics Ditto Looper
This is one of my new favourite inventions. The Ditto Looper is a looping pedal designed with guitarists in mind, it's small footprint will fit on nearly any pedal board, and it's utter simplicity means you never have to think twice about what you're doing when performing with it. It has only one footswitch, which is used for recording, overdubbing, undoing, stopping and deleting; and a volume knob. When I first heard about this I assumed that using one button for so many functions would make it very difficult to use (somewhat like using a digital watch with 1 button to set alarms and timers). But honestly it is one of the simplest loopers to use that I've ever seen. The way that the controls work makes it very intuitive, so I was looping ,overdubbing, and deleting in less than a minute with no issues. The only manual I had was a 1 inch by 3 inch piece of paper with about 30 words on it, whereas most other loopers require a manual with dozens of pages and take hours to master. Being as simple as it is, it obviously doesn't have nearly as many features as other loopers, like the Vox dynamic looper for example has many digital effects and 2 separate effects loops that you can switch between. But if you want something that takes almost no thought, and will allow you to easily jam along with yourself on the fly in practice or in live situations, then this is the perfect looper.

Hagstrom Ultra-swede Floyd Rose
This is the same as any other Hagstrom ultra-swede, with two great coil-tapped humbuckers, an H-expander truss rod, resinator wood fingerboard, and a sweet price. But this model has a Floyd Rose bridge, which is a fully floating tremolo system that is ideal for deep drops or high bends across all the strings. The Floyd Rose Bridge has never been something I cared much for, as it is a hassle to deal with trying to keep the tension of the strings balanced with the springs in the back of the guitar. However if you are playing metal or heavy rock, the floyd rose bridge is the favourite of many artists, so without the bridge, there are a lot of songs that you wont be able to play. So if you're into that type of music, you can now use a Hagstrom to play it.

Used Taylor 110 with electronics
This is another new guitar we've gotten on a trade in, and it is in pretty good shape. This is a standard 110 model Taylor, but with a fishman active undersaddle pick-up system installed after wards. The Guitar has a solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and has a hardshell case with it (which is a little beat up, but will still protect the guitar as well as anything).