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James Turner (Manager)

Aug 23, 2013

New Inventory Aug 23rd 2013

As you may have come to expect from us, we've gotten in lots of new items over the last few weeks that might be of interest to you. So here are some of my favorites.

Washburn WCG55SCE
This is another one of Washburn's fantastic comfort series acoustic electrics. This is the series from Washburn with sloped parts on the tops so it's easier and more comfortable to hold the guitar. Unlike the last one however, using the traditional tonewoods rosewood and spruce, this model is made from figured Koa. This makes it one of the most eye catching, and stunning guitars in the shop with deep, rich, and intricate grains running through the wood. The Koa also gives the guitar a deep and rich sound, and like the other comfort series guitar, the resonance, and presence of the guitar is still impressive. It is still equipped with the Fishman Presys+ pick-up system and tuner, and Grover machine heads, and hasn't had much of a jump in price, so it'll definitely be worth checking out.

Parker DF824DB
This is another one of Parker's USA built Maxxfly body shaped electric with graphite on the whole back of the body and neck, and on the fret board for increased durability. It is equipped with Parker's flat spring tremolo that can be switch from fully floating to down trem only in a few seconds as well as the Graph Tech Ghost Piezo under-saddle pick-ups. It's loaded with 2 Seymour Duncan SSL6 single coil pick-ups, and a TB14 bridge humbucker with a coil tap tone pot. It has Spertzel trim-lok tuners for increased tuning stability, and the whole guitar weighs less than 5 lbs due to it's carbon fiber re-enforcement, and excellent ergonomics. With all the pick-up selection options, the incredible play-ability, the US made quality, and all the other features, this guitar is one of the most impressive pieces of equipment I've ever seen.
As a side note, Parker guitars are no longer being distributed into Canada as of a few days ago, and may be hard to get for the next few year until they are picked up again by another distributor. This being the case, you may want to act quickly in getting one, as once they are gone, there's no telling when we can get them again.

Korg PS60
This is one of Korg's performance synthesizers, with 61 semi-weighted, touch sensative keys, and hundreds of high quality piano, string, organ, and synth sounds. It is ideal as a performance machine with loads of easily accessible controls for changing sounds, transposing keys, changing octaves for a larger scale, layering sounds, and much more. For a more detailed look at it's capabilities you can watch the product's demo video here.

Vox Virage II
This was Vox's flagship semi-hollow electric guitar, until recently when they discontinued the line. I was fortunate to get the last one they had kicking around my distributors warehouse. The Virage II is a very well built guitar from Japan, with several unique innovations only available on Vox guitars such as the Coax pick-ups, Vox die-cast machine heads, a one piece cast aluminum tail piece, and is constructed using Vox's unique 3D contouring techniques. The Coax pick-ups are designed to be 3 pick-ups in one, a single coil, P90, and humbucker. Each pick-up has a 3-way switch allowing you to select between each pick-up type, and then there is a 3-way switch to select between your pick-ups, making this a very versatile instrument. Unlike normal single coil and P90s however, all 3 positions are co-axially wound (hence the name) so even the single coil and P90 sounds are noiseless. The contouring of the body makes the guitar exceptionally comfortable to sit or stand with, as the sloping of it makes it sit in a more comfortable place, and you don't have to reach out as much to get around the guitar. Being a semi-hollow electric, you might assume it will have some bad feedback issues as well, but part of the genius of the design is that the smaller body, the 3D contouring, and the inner tone-bar construction all help to eliminate unwanted feedback. The guitar also comes with a nice hardshell case, and being that we got it on a discount due to them being out of production and all of that, we are selling it for $1000.00 less than it's original price. 

Vox SSC33
This is another one of Vox's new electrics with the same Coax pick-ups, 3D contoured body, and 1 piece cast aluminum tail piece as the Virage II. But this is a solid body guitar with a single cut-away, pearl dot inlays, and a less extensive pick-up selection system. It still plays extremely well, and has the same great pick-ups as the Virage, but costs nearly 1/4 the price due to the fact its a solid body, doesn't have as many pick-up options, as fancy of inlays, or as nice of case. Still worth every penny though just for the tone and play-ability.