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James Turner (Manager)

Oct 20, 2013

Inventory Update October 2013

Here's another short list of new products that we now have in stock. 

Hagstrom Viking Deluxe 12-string
This is another semi-hollow electric guitar from Hagstrom, with 2 Hagstrom HJ-50 humbucker pick-ups, 18-1 die-cast machine heads, and 12-strings. For those who don't know, a 12-string guitar uses the same E,A,D,G,B,E tuning as a 6-string guitar, but each of the notes has a second string next to it tuned an octave higher (or in the case of the B and High E, the same octave). This adds a natural chorus effect to the guitar, as if there are two guitars playing the same thing, at the same time. It also adds more volume, brightness, and thickness to the tone. It is especially useful for playing rhythm parts, with big powerful chords, but can also sound very cool when flat picked, fingerpicked, or with any number of other techniques. This particular 12-string, being a Hagstrom, is very nice to play, due to the composite "Resinator wood" fingerboard, H-Expander Truss Rod, and comfortable neck profile. It also sounds fantastic, with a great deal of warmth, and clarity coming from the HJ-50 Pick-ups. The 18-1 machine heads ensures an accurate and stable tuning (which is even more important on a 12-string), and from a value for money perspective, it certainly stands out of the crowd. It will make a great addition to any guitar collection.

Samson Wireless mics
We've been getting quite a few requests for wireless mic systems of late, so I found a few from Samson that looked good and brought them in. They are both VHF wireless systems, with hand held dynamic vocal mics, with built in transmitters, and a receiver with all the cables. The Stage V166 system is very well priced, and will work well for someone who doesn't need a pro level mic, and wants to save some money. The Stage 55 on the other hand, uses a Q7 platform for it's microphone, which is Samson's workhorse Dynamic mic. This system is all you would need if you only needed a single wireless mic. It gives a great quality sound, a simple design, and excellent value.

Some new Hagstrom acoustics
We got in another fairly large order of Hagstrom acoustics, (which is nothing amazing, being that we go through so many of these). However, we did get in a few new variations not previously available, including a Siljan series acoustic electric in a black finish, as well as an Elfdalia model with a black finish. This obviously doesn't affect the most important aspects of the instrument, which is how nice they play, how great they sound, or how well they are built. But it does open up these models to someone who wants a specific look, so that you can get the massive, open sound of the Elfdalia's solid cedar top, or the clarity and warmth of the Siljan models, with a different look. We also got in some more of our best selling Mora series models in stock in both black and natural finishes, as well as some Siljan Models in Tobacco sunburst and natural finishes as well.
Another reason that I am posting this as an update, is that the prices of the Hagstrom acoustics has gone up once again. Not by as much as last time, but each model is 5-10% more expensive for us than they were a few months ago. However, I don't like making new tags all the time, so I'll be holding over the existing prices until the new year, so you can still get them at the current prices for the Christmas season.
Siljan Grand Auditorium CESiljan Dreadnought CE