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James Turner (Manager)

Mar 21, 2014

New Inventory Update March 2014

It has been a while since I've posted on our new inventory, and there is a lot to cover, so I wont go into as much detail as I often do.

Washburn Parallaxe
  Washburn recently came out with an entirely new series of electric guitars, geared towards the hard rock and heavy metal type styles of music. The Parallaxe series offers a wide range of high quality instruments equipped with top notch hardware, built from good quality woods, and designed with features not available on any other guitar.
A couple of the more note-able features include the following:
  The Buss Feiten tuning system, which ensures accurate intonation and stable tuning.
  The Stephen's Extended Cutaway, for easy access to the uppermost frets, and a solid connection for tone transfer.
  Exclusive Grover locking 18-1 gear ration machine heads, also helping with the accurate and stable tuning, plus easier string changes.
  Graphite nuts, for better string stability, tone, and durability.
  The Evertune bridge, which is one of the most amazing pieces of guitar engineering I've seen in a while. Capable of keeping your guitar in tune permanently once set up, while still offering easy string changes, and good tone. visit for details on this.
  The whole line-up is packed with these types of features as well as many more, all aiming to offer a guitar with great tone, amazing playability, incredible looks, and superb intonation.
visit for details on the whole Parallaxe guitar line.
Washburn PXL10WA

Parker PDF30WH
Parker recently released a new lower priced model in the PDF series, and we just got in one of the first in the country. The PDF30 offers a guitar with Parker type looks, and Parker quality features, at a much lower price than before. The PDF30WH we got in is built with a Basswood body, a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, is equipped with a tune-o-matic bridge, and two humbucker pick-ups. Everything on the guitar is a little less in quality than the PDF60 or higher, (rosewood instead of ebony for the fingerboard, regular machine heads instead of locking machine heads, tune-o-matic bridge instead of the Parker Tremolo, and some sort of stock humbucker rather than the Duncan USMs). However, the new pick-ups still offer a powerful tone, with bright cleans, and a fairly hot overdriven tone, the solid bridge is great for those who do not use a tremolo, and the the guitar still feels great to sit with, plays extremely well, and looks amazing. If you can afford the extra few hundred bucks, the higher models certainly offer more, but on a budget, this will beat out most of the competition in this price range.
Parker pdf60wh

Marshall Amps
For those who don't know, we are now officially Marshall amp dealers. We still haven't gotten too heavily into the line as there are some other amps we will need to move out of the way first, but if there is anything from them you would like, we can get it for you. So far we have gotten in a few of the MG Carbon fiber series amps, and a MB B15 bass practice amp. We also got in a Marshall guitar pack called the MGAP, which offers a les paul style Marshall guitar, an MG10CF amplifier, a gig bag, tuner, strap, picks, and a cable.

Walden Guitars
  Walden guitars is the newest line to grace our store, as we haven't yet received our first shipment. Obviously I can't review a guitar I haven't yet played, but from what I have seen from Walden, they will be a fantastic addition to our selection, offering some extremely good value guitars to a variety of price ranges. I am hoping that these will be as nice as they seem from my research, and will be able to replace some of the Aria acoustics and classicals that we can no longer get, filling some vacant niches, and adding a few completely new things for us. For example their acoustic Baritone guitars, which I have personally played, and have fallen in love with.
  Keep your eyes on our website, and FB page for updates on the models we get as they come in, and come check out the first ones in person early next week.
visit for more details.

Levy's Strap Order
We have just received a very large order of new Canadian made Levy's Leathers guitar straps. There is a huge selection of straps that we've never had before, including some great new embroidered designed straps, new padded straps, more super soft garment leather straps, and more. We also got in some straps that come with the Loxx strap locks already installed, and of course have restocked some of our regular sellers.

Washburn R45SCE Resonator Guitar
This is a Washburn resonator that we've never had before. With a beautiful flamed maple body, a cut-away, and a tube style single coil pick-up, and a great sounding resonator, it's one of the nicer Resonator guitar's I've come across. The satin finished body also gives the whole thing a very nice fool and look, and helps to protect it from pesky little finish scratches compared to a high gloss guitar.
Washburn R45RCE

Vox Night Train 50 NT50H
This is the largest wattage all tube amp that Vox produces. With 50 Watts of power, coming off two EL34 Power tubes and 4 12AX7 Pre-amp Tubes. It is a two channel design with a 3-band EQ, and a gain on each channel, as well as a "thick" switch on the bright channel, bypassing the EQs for more gain, and a "tight" switch on the master section which cuts some low end. Now the NT50H is a discontinued model as they have come out with the NT50H-G2 recently, so this one is discounted at 25% off the original price, and the new G2 model that replaced it costs $100 more regularly, and only really adds a reverb effect and a slightly different look. This makes it a fantastic buy, simply because a new model came out.
For more information visit

Used instruments
The last 3 months or so have been by far my busiest for getting in used instruments on trades or as consignments. We've been selling them off nearly as quickly as we can get them in, but we still have more used guitars in stock than almost ever before. I wont go into details on the individual models, as there are simply to many to cover in one post, but here is a list of the used items we have as of today.

  • Morgan custom made, one of a kind folk size acoustic, with all mahogany design.
  • PRS USA made Mira electric guitar with gig bag.
  • Kamouraska made in Canada classical guitar from the early 70's.
  • Aria A55S classical with after market pick-up
  • Peavey T-26 USA made electric from the 70's
  • Roland Jazz Chorus amplifies with 2x12 speakers.
  • Cort acoustic electric 12-string acoustic with finish cracks
  • Eastman T386 semi-hollow electric
  • Boss JS-8 recording, and effects unit
  • Boss ME-50 multi-effects pedal
  • Stonebridge SM-20 all solid, hand made Mandolin
  • LaPatrie Concert classical guitar.
  • Aria AC70FCE Spanish built concert flamenco classical with electronics
  • Taylor Solidbody USA made electric with 3 single coils and Deluxe hardshell case
  • Oscar Schmidt 3/4 size acoustic guitar

      On top of this, we also have some used hardshell cases and gig bags, some finish flawed brand new guitars at great discounts, and all our Aria acoustic and electrics at blowout prices (40-50% off our regular price). So if you want to save some money on a first guitar, or just to add another one to your collection without breaking the bank, we have a lot to offer right now. Also we are interested in taking trades, so if you have something you are interested in getting out of, and something new you'd like to get into, bring it buy for a free, no obligation quote.