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James Turner (Manager)

May 14, 2014

May Specials and Inventory Update

Here is our short list of specials for May 2014, but keep in mind that all of our Spring Clearance Specials also apply until the end of May. Below, I will also do some reviews on a few new items we've received recently.

  • All Hagstrom electric guitars are 10% off, with 15% off any accessories you purchase with it.
    Viking Deluxe WHTSuper Swede CSBHL-550Ultra SwedeMetropolis-C
  • AKG headphones, and ear buds are 20% off of our regular prices, or 50% off when purchased with an amplifier with a headphone output.
  • With any acoustic guitar purchased, receive a free a-frame guitar stand, or equivalent priced strap of your choice.
  • Audio 2000's wireless guitar system will be 50% while supplies last.
  • Receive 25% off acoustic amps or PA systems when you purchase any acoustic guitar with a built-in pickup system.
  • Any bluetooth capable speaker or headphone system will be 10% off our regular price, and will receive 10% off any accompanying purchases of equal or lesser value.
  • Our USA made Breedlove acoustics are 15% off our regular prices, including special orders.

New Inventory

Hagstrom Tremar Super Swede
This is another one of Hagstrom's brilliant Les Paul like guitars. With a stunning flamed maple top under a transparent red finish, two coil tapped custom 58 humbuckers, 18-1 die cast machine heads, and Hagstrom's Tremar tremolo, it is ready to rock, and look good doing it. On top of these optional features, it is also equipped with all of Hagstrom's standard features, including the Resonatorwood fingerboard, H-Expander truss rod, and Graphtech Black Tusq nut. These all go a long way in aiding the tone, sustain, and stability of the instrument. If you have't tried out one of the Hagstrom Super Swedes yet, now is a fantastic time to try one. As mentioned in the specials list above, we have them at 10% off our regular prices, with 15% off accompanying accessories. As always, we will include a full package of free accessories as well if you purchase any electric guitar with an amp.
Tremar Super Swede
Washburn Forest Lee Bender Acoustic
This new Washburn by all sound and appearances is a standard acoustic electric guitar. Built with a solid cedar top, rosewood back and sides, and equipped with a Fishman Isys+ pick-up system, it is a beautiful looking and sounding guitar, ready for home, the studio, or the stage. But it has one feature that separates it from all other acoustic guitars available. It is equipped with a B-string bender, which gives you the ability to bend your B-string up an entire whole tone, simply by pulling up on your strap button. It's not a feature that everyone will use overly regularly, but it does open up some previously impossible options for your sound. It is somewhat difficult to describe the function, so I have done a demo video on this guitar, showing some ways it could be used. Click here to watch that video.
Washburn WDFLB26SCE

Breedlove Studio-BJ350-SMe4 Acoustic Bass
  This is actually one I bought myself. I decided to describe it anyway in case you would like to order one yourself, or if we get another in later. If you would like to try it, you are more than welcome to play mine, just be sure to let me know before you come out to try it so that I can be sure I bring it to the store.
  Now the bass is made with a solid spruce top, Sapele back and sides, a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, and a mahogany neck. The LR. Baggs LR-TCV pick-up system and tuner it is equipped with is one of my favourite systems, with a beautifully easy to use tuner, and a versatile natural tone. The body on the bass it fairly large, which makes it less comfortable to play than the Washburn AB5K, or the Sigma acoustic basses we have in stock, but much louder. Being that lower frequencies are harder to produce, and require a larger surface for good projection, this bass has a huge advantage over smaller instruments in the volume category. It's always difficult finding an acoustic bass that can really compete with acoustic guitars without plugging in, but this bass is well ahead of almost any other bass I've used. It also comes with a beautiful deluxe hardshell case, worth about $300.00, and plays very easily.

Schecter Demon Solo-6 in satin black
This is one of Schecters mid range priced instruments, with Duncan Designed active HB-105 humbuckers, a rosewood fingerboard, maple neck, and basswood body, and an awesome satin black finish. It has a deep aggressive tone, which cleans up very nicely when necessary, and will handle as much distortion as you can throw at it without getting too muddy. It's set up well, and is very well priced, the only slight downside it has is a fair bit of weight to it. This extra mass helps keep the tone punchy, and increases the sustain and clarity of the instrument, so it may well be a trade off worth making.
Beaver Creek Guitalele
This is a unique little instrument that has a variety of potential uses. With an overall size around that of a Baritone ukulele, but the tuning of a guitar with a capo on the 5th fret, it's extremely portable, yet versatile. You get the same sort of tone that you would from a ukulele, yet you can get the variety of chords that a guitar has to offer with the extra 2 strings. Whether you are in need of something to pack around wherever you go, something small for practicing, something that offers a ukulele tone without having to learn new chords, or a first guitar for a young child, it will have you covered. It also comes with a gig bag to protect it in your travels, and there are hardshell cases available that will fit it if you need serious protection.