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Jul 22, 2014

New Inventory update July 2014

  We have been acquiring a great deal of new inventory over the past few weeks, with some amazing new instruments and accessories. So here I will go through a few of my favorite newcomers to our inventory. 

Warwick Basses
  We've gotten in 6 new Warwick bass guitar from the Rockbass series. Because there are so many, I wont go into details on each specific model. However the models we received are the following: a 5-string Fretless Corvette with Jazz pick-ups, a 5-string Fortress active bass, a Left handed Streamer Standard 4-string, a natural finish Streamer Standard 4-string, a Corvette $$ 5-string with some finish flaws, and a Corvette Premium 5-string in a natural finish. A few of these have some minor finish flaws from shipping/storage, etc. These models will be severely discounted, up to 40% off, with nothing more than some scuffs/scratches in the finishes. For someone looking to save some money on an incredible bass, these present a great opportunity.
RB Corvette Premium 5 - Natural Stain High Polish RB Corvette $$ 5 - Burgundy Red Coloured Oil Finish
RB Corvette Basic Active 5 - Nirvana Black Coloured Oil Finish, fretessRB Streamer Standard 4 - Natural Satin

Breedlove Pursuit Concert Ebony
  This is the newest Breedlove model in Canada, with us being the only store with one so far. These models will be coming in, in full throughout the next few months, as the production of the new models catches up to the demand in the States. The guitar itself is a concert sized model, with beautiful Java Ebony back and sides, a solid Engelmann spruce top, and Breedlove's Bridge truss system. The ebony Jack and sides gives the guitar a bright cutting tone, with a lot of low end volume. This combines with the smaller body size has a very nice balanced tone with some soft mids, a warm low end, and a shimmering high end. The guitar is equipped with a Fishman Isys+ USB pick-up system, which has a tuner, 2-band EQ, and a volume control, and is also capable of plugging directly into a computer for direct recording off the pick-ups pre-amp.
Click here to see the demo video I made for this guitar.
We also have all of our acoustic's on sale this summer, so this guitar will be 10% off it's regular price, with 10% off anything you purchase with it until the end of August 2014. See the post below for more details.
Concert EbonyConcert Ebony

Hagstrom Viking Baritone
  This is Hagstrom's only Baritone electric guitar, but they've gone all out to make it incredible. Baritone guitars have longer scale lengths than regular guitars (28" scale in this case), heavier gauge strings, and can thus be tuned to much lower notes. There are a couple common tunings including a perfect 5th down from a standard guitar (A-D-G-C-E-A), or a perfect 4th (B-E-A-D-F#-E). The lower tuning gives the guitars a note range that bridges the gap between bass and regular guitars, while offering a much deeper more powerful tone, similar to drop tuning a guitar. This makes it great for a lot of experimental music, as well as a lot of metal and hard rock. The pick-ups Hagstrom designed for this guitar are called the P-Urified P-90 (placed in the neck position), and the Custom 58 C Humbucker (in the bridge position). The P-90 is humbucker sized, and offers a really bright clean tone, and a fairly aggressive cutting lead tone, while the Custom 58 C has a lot of low end power, and a deep and rich mid-range. The versatility these pick-ups offer is excellent, while the tone itself is just incredible. I've honestly never been a big fan of Baritone guitars in the past, as I found the tone hard to control, and overly thick and muddy. This baritone is much easier to handle, and offers much more clarity than I've experienced with baritones before, especially using the P-90. If you want to hear what it sounds like, don't hesitate to come try it out, or watch my demo video on it by clicking here.

Breedlove American-OO-VTG 
  This is one of the most stunning mandolins I have encountered. Being that my personal mandolin is the same, with only the body shape being different, that may not be a surprise to hear me say. But it's absolutely true. With the Solid Carved Sitka Spruce top and Western maple back and sides, the mandolin is a powerhouse of volume. despite the small body of the instrument, it is easily as loud as any of my guitars, and despite being so high pitched, has a very smooth and warm tone to it. The softness of the overtones makes it a pleasure to listen to, but the greatest thing about these in my opinion is the play-ability. Mandolins are notoriously hard on the left hand, with a pair of thin strings tuned to very high tensions for each note, it's a lot of work pressing them down to the frets. The narrow necks and flat fingerboards of most mandolins makes things even worse by giving your fingers very little room to move, causing some fingers to crowd others out. The Breedlove mandolins combat these problems in several ways. First they have a radius on the fingerboard which helps give more room and a better angle for your fingers to attach the strings. Second they have a wider nut with extra space between each string pair for even more room. Third, they use over-sized frets making it easier to press the strings down onto them. And last but not least, the high quality woods and parts, combined with exquisite craftsmanship, allows for a low action wet up, with perfect intonation, and no fret buzz. If you are looking for a world class mandolin to play, you will certainly want to try out a Breedlove.
Here's a link to Breedlove's website to see all the details.
You can also see the demo video I made of my own Breedlove the KF-VTG here.

Samson XP1000
  This is the newest member of the Expedition series of portable PA-systems from Samson. With a 1000 Watt  power amp, and two 500 Watt power handling 10" speakers each with a 1" high frequency driver. The speakers are designed to clip together into one conveniently portable package, with the mixer in the back of one, and the cables in the back of the other. The mixer itself has 10 channels, 4 of which have an XLR and a 1/4" input, with a compressor or limiter on two of them, and 16 DSP effects on all 4 of them. You also get a 2-band EQ, a volume control, and a impedance switch for using with either a mic or an instrument on each channel. The mixer also has a bluetooth receiver for wirelessly streaming music from your iPod or phone through the system. The extreme portability of a system this powerful is impressive, and when combined with the myriad of convenient features, it is sure to become an indispensable part of your jam sessions, small gigs, karaoke nights, and parties. you can click here to see all the details.

Hagstrom Super Swede EMG
  This is Hagstrom's only guitar that utilizes heavy metal's favorite pick-up, the EMG. This is one of EMG's newest creations however the 81TW and 89R, with much more versatility than most. Unlike typical humbuckers EMG active pick-ups like these do not have individual pole pieces, and are not made by sticking two single coils with reverse polarity next to each other. So EMGs are unable to coil tap (use only one of the single coils) like you can on a humbucker, but with these new EMGs there are two modes on each pick-up, with one sounding like a standard EMG active, and the second sounding more like a single coil. This guitar allows you to switch modes on each pick-up individually using push pull volume knobs, which greatly increases the versatility of the instrument. Not only can you choose between the neck, bridge or both, but you can mix and match them giving you 8 different selection options instead of 3. Having a single coil voicing really opens up into new tonal territory as well, giving a thinner crisper tone for some great sounding open chords, or some intricate lead riffs. The guitar is also equipped with a kill switch button, which can add another completely unique dynamic to your sound.
   Of course this is still a Hagstrom guitar, so you are also getting some other awesome features. These include Hagstrom's H-Expander truss rod, Resinatorwood fingerboard, 18-1 die-cast machine heads, a Graphtech Black Tusq nut, and Hagstrom's distinct look and feel. If you are looking for a versatile guitar that can handle anything you can throw at it, you'll want to check out the new Hagstrom Super Swede EMG.

The one in stock is in a trans red finish, the only pictures online are in black however.

Vox Tone Garage Pedals
I've done reviews of these pedals in previous posts, so I wont go into too much detail here. However the reason I mention these now is that we have gotten in a powered pedal display for the Vox tone garage pedals. We have this set up and ready to go, so you can quickly and easily come in and try them all out (as long as we have them all in stock by the time you make it here). We are also offering 15% off all Vox effects pedals until Aug 31st 2014, with 20% off any accessories you purchase for the pedal. So there really wont be a better time to come try these awesome pedals out.

Jul 2, 2014

Summer Specials 2014

Hello everyone, here are all of our specials for summer 2014. These will apply from now until August 31st, 2014. Since our June specials were late, they will still apply until July 10th 2014.

·       Korg Krome workstation keyboards are 20% off our regular price. KROME

·       Any portable battery powered PA-systems, amplifiers, or Bluetooth speakers are 10% off. These are ideal for playing or listening to music when you are out busking, camping or road-tripping this summer.

·       All acoustic guitars are on sale. Any acoustic under $500.00 is 5% off, from $500.00-$1000.00 are 10% off, and any acoustic over $1000.00 is 15% off. Plus get the same discount off any accompanying accessories.

·       Aria Acoustic guitars are still 50% off, but all summer long if you buy one, we will throw in a package of accessories worth up to 10% of the sale value, plus will offer 10% off any additional accessories.

·       (Introductory Special) We now carry JBL headphones and ear buds, so all in stock or special ordered JBL products will be 10% off our regular price.

·       Our Parker USA made DF824DB will be 25% off our regular price. Plus get 10% off any amp purchased with it, as well as the regular free accessories we include with amp+guitar purchases.

Any Vox effects pedal will be 15% off, plus get 20% off any cables or power supplies you purchase with it!