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James Turner (Manager)

Aug 13, 2014

Inventory Update Aug 2014

  In preparation for the coming School year, through July and August we have been stocking up on new inventory. We have some new brands, new lines of product, and a lot more instruments and accessories in general. There is far to much to fit in one post, so I will just go through some of the highlights.

Radial Engineering electronics
Radial engineering is a new line for us, and we are very excited to be carrying them. They are all Canadian made, from extremely high quality parts, and heavy duty construction. They specialize in a variety of DI boxes for almost any application, switchers or nearly any rig, and some awesome and extremely versatile effects pedals. We have about a dozen different units in stock currently that you can come try out, but to see all they have available, visit their website at
Radial JDI Passive Direct Box Front ViewRadial Stage BugRadial Pro48 Top View

Hotone Effects Pedals
Pronounce 'hot-tone', Hotone is another new line for us. Hotone makes fantastically priced, extraordinarily small, and excellently built effects pedals, in a variety of styles. They also make some miniature amplifier heads. We haven't yet received our first shipment of Hotone pedals, but I have tried some demo ones out, and they really are something you have to see to believe. They are extraordinarily tiny, (measuring in at less than 3 inches long, and about 1.75 inches wide and high), yet are built like tanks, and have some great features. There are a variety of different effects available, including chorus, reverb, delay, distortion, overdrive, octave, and many more, though my favourite is the Looper pedal called Wally. The shocking part is the price, since every effects pedal in the series is under $100.00, which is amazing for high quality pedals like this, especially things like the loopers, which are generally fairly expensive.

They also do some Mini amp heads, which like the Skyline series pedals are tiny, extremely good quality, and very well priced. They have 5 watts of power that can run any cab from 4-16 ohms, regardless of speaker type. There is also a headphone output, allowing this to be used as a silent practice amp, and an Aux input for playing along with MP3 players.

Visit to see the full line up, and all the details. We should be getting our first shipment in later this month.

Samson XP106W
This is my favourite new product to come into the market in quite some time, part of the reason I have two of them personally, and for good reason. The XP106W is a 100watt, rechargeable lithium ion battery powered PA-system, with 20 hours of battery life, a 6" speaker, 4 channels, bluetooth capabilities, and a wireless USB microphone. It's extraordinary battery life and superb portability, make this ideal for a host of functions that almost nothing else will satisfy. If you are busking on a street corner, setting up an impromptu concert in a park, going camping, doing a presentation, or just wanting a speaker for a keyboard, bass, mic, acoustic guitar, etc. This has you covered, and then some. In most situations, it's pretty simple to expand it's capabilities as well by getting a small mixer to add more inputs, daisy chaining this with other systems, etc. The wireless USB mic this system comes with is also capable of plugging directly into a computer as well, so for everything from recording music, to vocal tracks for videos, the mic will be an invaluable tool.
Visit for more details or come check them out in store. Also remember that these are on sale for 10% off until the end of summer, along with all our other battery powered amps and speakers.

Breedlove Oregon Acoustics
  The Breedlove Oregon series acoustic guitars are some of my favourite acoustics in their price range. With stunning solid Myrtlewood back and sides, Solid Sitka Spruce tops, and Ebony Binding, bridge, and fingerboard, it not only looks good, but sounds and feels amazing. There are 3 different body sizes in stock (though now only two are in production), a Dreadnaught, a Concert, and an OM. They are all very nice to play, have and bright, shimmery tone, and a very substantial depth. The Dreadnaught of course is the loudest of the group, with a lot of extra low end tone, while the smallest OM model, has a much more focused upper mid-range, and a subtle, yet clear low end. They are all equipped with Fishman Ultra-tone pick-up systems, and come with deluxe Breedlove Hardshell cases.
  As the name would suggest, these are also entirely built in Bend Oregon, USA, using woods sourced only from the Pacific Northwest. The expert craftsmanship that has gone into these guitars is evident in every detail, from the cuts of wood, to the design, to the binding, to the flawless finishing. I highly recommend trying these out if you are looking for a pro level acoustic guitar.

Used Basses
There has been a strange trend of late, with lots of people wanting to trade in their used basses for other instruments. This has left us with more used basses in stock than we've ever had before. Some of what we have in stock includes a Jay Turser JTB-402-TSB, a couple Ibanez Soundgear basses, an Aria AVB-45, A Fender Squier Affinity bass, and a Washburn Force 4. There are also the B-stock Warwicks mentioned in the last post, which have certain advantages to buying used, including having a warranty, etc. While still being significantly discounted. If you are looking for a great deal on a second hand bass, or a new bass, now would be a great time, as I'd love to move some of these out, and am open to reasonable offers on them.
Jay Turser Jazz Bass Package w/Hartke Amp etc. Mint Condition Edmonton Edmonton Area image 1Fender Squier Affinity Jazz Bass with gig bag and strap Edmonton Edmonton Area image 1Aria AVB-45 Bass Guitar with gig bag Edmonton Edmonton Area image 1Ibanez Soundgear Gio GSR100EX Black with DLX Gig Bag Edmonton Edmonton Area image 1

New Capos from G7th and Grover
  Both G7th and Grover have come out with some new capos that are worth checking out. The Grover Ultra Capo is the first capo to ever have an offset design, giving your thumb extra space when playing in the first position. I was skeptical that it would make much of a difference, but it is actually quite nice. Being that they are no more expensive than the very similar kyser capos, it seems like a pretty good way to go. Being from Grover, they are also very well constructed.
  The new G7th Capo is an updated version of their Performance capo, simply called Performance 2. The Performance 2 is lighter and narrower than the old version, and also has a new release mechanism, making it much easier to take off with one hand. Rather than the switch on the old version that had to be pushed down, the Performance 2 has a grip you squeeze, which releases the tightening mechanism, while using your squeezing to open the capo up. This really establishes their position as the best capo on the market in my opinion, as they are now easier to use then ever, and even more portable than before.