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James Turner (Manager)

Sep 22, 2014

Sept 2014 Inventory Update

Here are some of the awesome new inventory items we've received over the past few weeks. 

Breedlove Custom Concert
Breedlove is a company that will always impress, with stunning designs, flawless builds, original ideas, and exceptional quality controls, from the bottom of their line-up, to the most impressive masterclass guitars. This guitar is no exception, and truly exhibits what Breedlove is capable of producing.
This is a beautifully crafted custom designed guitar that was produced when our Canadian Reps went down to Bend Oregon for a tour of Breedlove's Facility. It is made with a gorgeous Sinker Redwood top, and rosewood back and sides. It is bound with flamed Walnut, has mother of pearl inlays in the fingerboard and rosette, and uses Ebony for the fingerboard, bridge, and headstock veneer. It is equipped with Gotoh 18-1 machine heads, a Fishman pick-up system, and Breedlove's bridge truss system for exceptional stability and excellent tone. The Forward Scalloped X-bracing pattern allows for a much more prominent low end than you would typically get on a guitar of this size, and the Sinker Redwood top really brings out the lower mids as well. This give the guitar a well rounded, articulate tone, ideal for a wide range of fingerstyle and flatpicking styles or music. The Soft cut-away offers great access to the upper frets, while giving it a very unique and sophisticated look to it. This is easily the most stunning guitar we currently have in the store in my opinion, and its sound and play-ability is wonderful. If you are in the market for a pro-level instrument, I highly recommend that you try out this one of a kind guitar.
All of our Breedlove USA made acoustics are 10% off during Sept and October as well bringin the price down to $4050.00 CAD, plus you will get 15% of the sale value in free accessories (which is $607.50 worth), and you can put that towards any accessories you'd like.

Alabama Steel Resonator
This is the first brand new all steel resonator guitar we've had in a long while, and it sounds pretty great. The all steel design really brightens up the tone compared to the wood bodied models. It also is exceptionally durable due to this type of design.

Tech 21 Flyrig 5
On of Tech 21's newest creations is the Flyrig 5. It's a suprisingly small multi-effects/pre-amp pedal pedal, with completely analog circuitry and an incredible range of fantastic sounds. The analog signal pathway keeps your signal clean and immediate, while the Sansamp technology, Reverb, and Delay completely transform your sound into a vast array of classic amp styles, and sought after tones. It's compact design makes it easy to take with you anywhere, and saves space on your pedalboard. The Sansamp Pre-amp, allows you to run this directly into a computer, or through high fidelity Pa speakers, without compromising on your Electric guitar amp tone. This can really save you a lot of time, money and hassle, since you can replace your amp with this, and run this right into a DI for any live applications. I can't say enough great things about this technology. Come check it out if you don't want to keep on lugging a huge amp around.
Click here to see a demo video of this pedal.

JBL Synchros E50BT
The Synchros series of headphones from JBL is a great new line, offering exceptional value for the money. The E50BT is a great over hear designed headphone with bluetooth wireless capabilities, an 18 hour rechargeable battery, the ability to plug it in, and a mic for echo cancellation and noise isolation. They look great, sound great, and have some very useful features.
You can visit their website by clicking here for all the details.

Breedlove Pursuit Concert 12-string
As mentioned previously, we are now receiving some of Breedlove's newest models, including this Pursuit Concert 12-string. The Pursuit series falls into a very comfortable mid level price range, while offering some exceptional features including the new Fishman Isys+ pick-up system with a USB output, Breedlove's bridge truss system, which helps with the sound and durability of the instrument. The bridge truss is especially helpful on a 12-string, since there is such a massive amount of tension pulling on that bridge, it's not uncommon for bridges to pull right off on 12-string guitars. The bridge truss system counteracts much of this tension, directing it to the bottom of the guitar for much more stability, as well as allowing for a Forward X bracing pattern, offering a much more substantial low end. The concert body size makes it very comfortable to sit with, while the soft cut-away allows for access up the entire fretboard. The Mahogany back and sides, and Solid spruce top give the guitar a well balanced tone, with a crisp high end, a full mid-range, and that powerful bass due to the bracing pattern. All round, if you are looking for a 12-string acoustic electric, you wont find much with as much value for the money as this guitar.
Click here for all the details


Santos Martinez SM450CEA
These are one of Santos Martinez's Flamenco classical guitars, with beautiful flamed maple back and sides, and a solid spruce top, they have a bright, crisp tone. This makes it great for the heavy strumming typical of Flamenco styles, as well as a lot of other folk and rock applications. The guitars are equipped with a Fishman Classica blend pick-up system, which offers a convenient built in tuner, a natural sound, and a variety of useful tone controls. These are on sale for 15% off our regular price for our Sept and October Specials, so now would be a great time to come try these out, as well as the rest of our Santos Martinez classicals.

Sep 7, 2014

Sept and Oct Specials 2014

·       All USA made Breedlove instruments are 10% off, plus get a package worth 15% of the sale value of the guitar in free accessories.

·       Get 25% off any Guitar Grip hand shaped wall hanger, with the purchase of any guitar.
·       Any KAT drum kit will be 15% off, plus get 25% off drum sticks for an entire year following the purchase.
·       All Santos Martinez classical guitars are 15% off our regular prices.

·       All Banjos over $400.00 are 20% off our regular prices.
·       Aria Acoustic guitars are still 50% off, but for Sept and Oct also get 30% off anything else in the store of equal or lesser value.

·       Get 25% off any mic stands, clips, cables or windscreens with the purchase of any microphone from CAD, Shure, Samson, or Sennheiser.

·       Get 5% off any Hotone effects pedal or mini amp head, plus get 20% off any cables or power supplies you purchase with it

·       *Clearance* the Korg LP-350 has been discontinued, we have 2 remaining, and will sell them at 40% off the list price. The sale price is $869.97.