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James Turner (Manager)

Apr 19, 2015

Inventory Update for April 2015

  There's been a lot of new inventory coming in over the past few month, even compared to usual. I don't have nearly enough time or room in this post to include all of it. But here is a taste of some of the new guitars, and electronics we now have in stock. 

Washburn Parallaxe Electrics
  We've recently received a large shipment of Washburn Parallaxe Electrics. There are too many to go into detail on each models specifications, so here is a generalized list, with photos of each below.
  All the models we received have ebony fingerboards, jumbo frets, graphite nuts, Grover 18-1 gear ratio locking machine heads and active EMG humbuckers. most are set neck models, with fantastic heel-less joints for easy access to the upper frets, while a few have Stephen's Extended Cutaway, bolt on necks, which offer even better fret access. The EMG active humbuckers are ideal for those who want an extremely heavy sound, since you get a ton of output, a very full tone, and some natural compression which evens out the tone and volume while tapping and shredding. With top notch hardware, beautiful finishes, extremely ergonomic bodies and necks, and great metal and hard rock tones, these guitars should satisfy most metal players. We have lots of 6-string single cut and double cut models, as well as a 7-string and an 8-string model in their super strat body.
   For details on the full line of Parallaxe electrics, follow this link.
Washburn PXL20EWH
Washburn PXM18EB
Washburn PXM20EFTBM
Washburn PXM27EC
Washburn PXL10EC
Washburn PXS10EC

Hofner Shorty Electrics and Basses
  The Hofner Shorty is one of the least expensive travel electrics on the market. With very simple controls, a single humbucker pick-up, a volume and tone, you're not paying for much except the quality. They are nice to play (though a little weird to sit with if you don't use a strap), sound good, and will last a long time. despite having a regular 24 3/4" scale neck, the whole guitar comes in at under 33" long. This makes it incredibly portable, while maintaining the pay-ability of a regular full size electric.
  There is also a bass version available with a 30" scale neck, and a single Hofner black top humbucker. We have it in a rootbeer finish, with a black finish available. Tone wise, it's slightly on the bright side, due to the pick-up placement, but because of it's short scale neck, it maintains much more of its low end than you'd expect.
  They are also now available in a wide variety of colours, including red, blue, goldtop, orange, seafoam green, rootbeer, and more. They all come with a nice custom gig bag as well. For all the details, visit:
or for the bass.
(Most of the colours I mentioned are not listed on their website. Visit in store to see the other colours)

Hofner Shorty Bass Guitar - CT

Hofner Ignition, Cavern Violin Bass
  The Hofner Ignition Bass is the least expensive series in Hofner's Violin bass line. Also known as the McCartney Bass, and The Beatles Bass, the Hofner Violin Bass is an icon of music history. The Ignition series faithfully reproduces the feel, features, and qualities of the German made versions, while coming in at around 1/4 the price. The Cavern model takes its name from the Cavern Club in Liverpool, where many bands, including The Beatles made their start. The only serious difference between the Cavern bass, and the standard Ignition bass is the position of the bridge pick-up. Rather than being a half inch or so away from the bridge, it is moved up about 3 inches into the bass's sweet spot. The bass wont have as crisp, and bright of tone when using the bridge pick-up as other models, but it will have a much fuller midrange, and a much more powerful tone.
  The bass has a short scale (30") neck, and a non-fixed, compensating rosewood fretted bridge. The hollow body design without f-holes, makes it very light weight, and very rich in harmonics, while maintaining most of the feedback resistance of a solid body instrument. The spruce top, and flamed maple back and sides, combined the the short scale, construction style, and Hofner staple top pick-ups, give the bass one of the fullest, most dynamic, and most resonant bass tones I know of.
  Hofner's control set up has a rhythm and solo switch, to select between a deep resonant rhythm tone, and a bright, crisp and powerful solo tone, as well as a volume and on/off switch for each pick-up. This system makes it fairly versatile, and easy to switch up your tone on the fly.
  Due to it's light weight design, and short scale length, the bass is ideal for smaller people, including children who are interested in bass. It is much easier to reach the frets, and more comfortable to sit and stand with than almost any other bass available, without going to a travel instrument or something like that.
  The bass comes with a custom fit Hofner hardshell case, and is available in a few other colours, though the one we have in stock is a sunburst finish.
Find out more about these awesome basses by visiting:

Hofner Contemporary 500/1 Violin Bass in Silverburst 
  There are not a ton of differences between this model and the Ignition model above. However, a few of them are fairly significant. Being a 500/1 model, it does not have the Cavern spacing for the pick-ups, allowing for a little more variety in the tone, as well as a brighter, tighter high end when using the bridge pick-up. It uses the traditional zero fret, instead of the strings coming straight off the nut. This makes your open strings and your fretted strings sound the same as each other, and makes it a little easier to play near the nut. It has an ebony bridge instead of rosewood, giving better sustain and a crisper tone. The pick-ups are the exact same German made staple top humbuckers as the original 500/1, giving you a little fuller tone. It has a center block for added sustain and durability, which does ad a small amount of extra weight to the instrument. It also comes with a nicer hardshell case with a combination lock latch, and heavier duty construction.
  I certainly prefer this model over the Ignition series, though the Ignition bass is almost half the price. So really it comes down to what you want to spend, and which features you care about. Though you will certainly be pleased with either model over all, as they both sound, play, and look amazing.
  Here's a link to the Contemporary series page on Hofner's website. However they don't have the Silverburst model listed, which is the one we have in stock currently.

Vox Soundbox-M-OR
  Vox has been creating some incredible portable music technologies lately; from their AmPhones, to the AC1-Rhythm Vox, to the Mini3-G2 and Mini5-G2. The Soundbox-M however is one of the most versatile of these creations. With a pre-amp system designed to work with bass, acoustic/electric instruments, electric guitars, and keyboards, no matter your weapon of choice, this has a tone to suit it. It has stereo inputs, so when using a keyboard, or stereo guitar effects, you can get proper stereo sound out of the twin speaker 2x4 combo. It also has an Aux input, so you can run your MP3 player through it with stereo audio. It has 8 good quality digital effects including reverbs, delays, chorus and more, with tap tempo capabilities. There is an independent mic channel with a level and effects level control, so you can use the effects toward the mic as well as the other instruments. It has a center cancel function for the Audio input which cuts out the vocals in a song for doing karaoke style singing.
  On top of its plethora of awesome features and great tones, it is also very portable. Coming in at 5.29 lbs, with a nice metal chassis and carry handle, you'll be able to bring it everywhere you go. It is able to mount onto a standard American thread mic stand as well, so you don't need to have full size pole mounts. It can be run off 6xAA batteries, or the included AC power adapter.
  So if you want a small portable practice amp, a versatile amp for a variety of instruments, a battery powered busking amp, an excellent sounding stereo audio player, or all of the above, check out the Soundbox-M
  The "-OR" at the end of the title refers to this being the orange model, which we have several of in stock, though we also have it in a black and ivory finish, with a green model available.

Samson Synth Seven Wireless Guitar System
  Samson's original claim to fame was their wireless microphones and guitar systems. From their beginnings in 1980 with their first wireless microphones, to where they are today, they've done an incredible amount of innovation in a variety of fields. Their USB mics have become the industry standard, their Hartke Hydrive bass amps are used by some of the best bass players in the world, and now they've created a new flagship series of Wireless systems called Synth Seven. With an all metal chassis for both the body pack transmitter and the rack-mountable receiver, LCD screens for information on channel, signal strength and battery life on each, and over 100 auto select-able frequency bands, it's made to handle the rigors of live performance. You can run up to 20 systems simultaneously without interference, and with the auto scan function you are sure to find the best possible frequency band for your area. You get over 300 feet of range with the powerful UHF transmitter, and a pair of AA batteries will get you 15 hours of performance time. With the LCD displays showing your battery level, you wont have to change batteries before they are dead, "just in case" either.
  Samson has made its name by being innovative, and producing high quality products at very reasonable prices. The Synth 7 systems stay true to the name by offering fantastic value for money, on one of the best systems on the market.

Digitech Hardwire DL-8 Delay Looper
  Digitech's Hardwire pedal line is probably my favourite in terms of quality for the money. With super heavy metal chassis, versatile and durable metal knobs, excellent tones, and great pricing. The DL-8 Delay/Looper pedal is my favourite in the line, due to it's incredible ability to augment your performance. I've always had a soft spot for loopers, and despite the fact that this one is fairly limited in its loop time, it's still enough for most things you'd need. The wealth of incredibly versatile delay styles combined with the control over each delay type, makes this one of the more compact, and versatile pedals in this price range. Once you combine that with the Hardwire series' durability and features, you have a pedal that's very hard to resist.
  The Pedal's delay types include 4 digital delays, with varying delay time ranges, Modulated Chorus Delay, Lo Fi delay, Slap Back, reverse delay, and more. You can use the footswitch to dial in a tap tempo for setting your delay frequency, and it has a switch allowing you to hear the delays continuing after the pedal is switched off, or mode is changed if you so wish. It has true stereo capabilities, and has a true bypass switch, eliminating tone loss in your signal chain.
  For all the details and specs, visit
Delaylooper medium

Oscar Schmidt Ukuleles
   Oscar Schmidt has been well known for their quality ukuleles for a very long time. Being affiliated with Washburn certainly helps, as Washburn is one of the oldest instrument manufacturers, and is particularly well known for their acoustic instruments. Because of this affiliation, you get the same lifetime limited warranty on parts and manufacturers defects, that you get with all Washburn guitars. Our most recent shipment includes 3 all mahogany ukuleles. A soprano, a concert, and a tenor. The concert and tenor models both are made from all solid mahogany, have bound bodies with wood purfling, are equipped with Grover die-cast machine heads, and come with deluxe hardshell cases. These are some of the nicest ukulele's we have in the store, especially when factoring in the relatively low cost. Because these ukes don't have fancy exotic woods, and aren't overly adorned with inlays and shiny finishes, all you really pay for is the quality of the construction, the tone woods, and the hardware. If you're looking for a serious ukulele for recording, or performing, but don't have a huge budget, I recommend you try out the OU220SWK and OU240SWK.