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James Turner (Manager)

Jun 10, 2015

June Inventory Update

  Going into summer, there will be a lot less students taking lessons. To compensate for this, I've been doing my best to get in new and exciting products in a variety of categories, to keep myself busy. Here are a few reviews of some of our newest products.
  If you have any question about these, or anything else we have, please contact James at 780-278-3679.

Vox Tonelab-EX and Tonelab-ST
  The Tonelab series from vox has two of the most powerful multi-effect pedals I know of. Both utilize a 12AX7 tube pre-amp, giving a very full, warm, and dynamic tone to their amp modeling pre-amp section. This makes these pedals fantastic as a replacement for an amplifier pre-amp, so you can run your guitar into a PA system, or other active amplifier system, without worrying about an actual electric guitar amp.
  The Tonelab-ST offers 33 individually accessible amp and cab models, 25 digital effects on 3 separate channels, user preset options, a tuner, and an expression pedal for wah, and other user controlled effects. It also has a high quality USB audio interface for recording, with the ability to edit the sound programs using Vox's online "toneroom". If you are familiar with the Valvetronix+ amplifiers, this is basically one of those without a speaker, but with the footswitches, Expression pedal, and USB interface included.
  The Tonelab-EX is the big bad brother of the ST, offering the same basic functions, but a lot of awesome additional capabilities. Aside from having 3 extra footswitches to help navigate the system on the fly, it has a much more capable and visible tuner, 45 effects on 5 channels, 100 presets and user programmable presets, 11 stand alone pedals, built in speakers and more. Due to its built in speakers, you can use this as a practice amp when not plugged into an external amplifier, making it an awesome practice tool. With the huge number of options it offers, it is a little cumbersome to use without practice. However, if you want to get a ton of effects, great sounding tube modeling, or something to use as an interface for your electric guitar; these Tonelabs will fit the bill and then some.

Korg SV1 73-key Limited Edition
  Korg has done a limited run of an awesome looking SV1-73. The SV1 (or Stage Vintage) is a retro style digital piano, with some extremely unique features. The RH3 hammer action weighted keybed, makes this one of the most realistic piano feels I've ever tried (which is one of the main reasons I own one of these personally). The graded weighting on the keys, versatile dynamic range, great articulation, and the natural weighting makes it exceptional for playing the most expression intensive piano pieces. The samples include hammer noises, damper and sustain pedal noises, and other artifacts that add to the realism of the sound and playing experience. You can adjust how much or little of these artifacts you hear, as well if you happen to find them annoying. There are 36 different sample banks, and using the USB connection and the included software, you can edit the onboard sounds to a variety of others. Each sound runs through a series of pre-effects, and post effects, which are fairly editable with the analog looking control knobs. These effects include a 3-band EQ, Wah, rotovibe, tremolo, chorus, phaser, flanger, delays, reverbs, and much more. Those who like vintage keyboards will love the samples of old organs, synths, and Rhodes that make the stage vintage true to its name.
  For all the details on the keyboards features and specs, visit (the Limited Edition version isn't on the page, but all of the other specs are the same)

Washburn Willy K. Signature Series Jumbo
  This is one of Washburn's newest signature series acoustic guitars, so it's as impressive as much of their new additions to the line-up. The Jumbo body offers up a lot of volume, and a powerful low end that only a large guitar can produce. The Koa back and sides and solid spruce top, keep the guitar well balanced, with a substantial midrange, and clear trebles. The guitar has a beautiful satin finish, which is great at keeping the woody tone of the instrument in tact, and preventing the finish scratches and fingerprints from detracting from the look of the guitar. It is equipped with gold die-cast machine heads, a Fishman 501T pick-up system and tuner, and a bone nut and saddle. It is also beautifully adorned with flamed maple binding, and mother of pearl top purfling and rosette inlay.
Washburn WJ55SCENS

Kala KA-BE Baritone Ukulele with EQ
  Kala's Mahogany series is by far the best selling of all our ukuleles, due in large part to their exceptional value for money. The deep tone produced by the mahogany makes up for the fact that it's a less expensive wood than most other potential tonewoods. The satin finish allows for full mobility of the top, adding even more volume, and a richer tone than something with a high gloss lacquer finish. And the simplicity of the cosmetic appointments means you are paying only for the things you need (good woods, quality design and construction, and good hardware).
   The KA-BE is the largest model in the series, with a scale length similar to a half size guitar. This allows for much lower tunings than traditional ukuleles, and the most common tuning is that of the bottom 4-strings on the guitar (D,G,B,E). The large body produces a lot of volume, and a very deep tone compared to other ukuleles, and the larger scale, makes it more comfortable to play for those with larger hands. The "E" in the model number signifies that this has electronics built in. The system is from Shadow, and has a fully chromatic tuner, a volume, and a 2-band EQ control. It has a nice natural tone when plugged in, so you're ready to hit the stage or use with effects pedals.
Click here for all the specs on the ukulele.

Bella 5-string Bass (custom local build)
A local bass and guitar builder has just consigned one of his beautiful 5-string basses with us. It is an exquisite instrument, with a high grade quilted maple cap, a Pauferro Fingerboard, with Wenge highlights around the pick-ups and between the quilted maple top, and alder body, and a very unique body shape. The neck is maple, with Walnut stringers, and a double action truss rod with a spoked adjuster at the neck joint. It is equipped with two Bartolini humbuckers with an active Bartolini pre-amp, for a powerful and rich tone, and loads of versatility. It has a brass nut, Hipshot machine heads and a full contact Hipshot bridge for excellent tone, intonation and tuning stability. It plays very easily, is very well made, and best of all, is exceptionally well priced. Being that the builder (Shant Nercessian) does it as a hobby at this point rather than as a full time job, the cost on the bass is surprisingly low. He is only asking $1400.00, which would hardly get you a Chinese made bass with this quality of wood, electronics, and hardware; let alone one hand made in Canada. It's a great way to support local if you're looking for a unique bass, especially if you are on a budget.
Shant is willing to do custom work as well, so if you would like to chat with him about getting something custom made, please let us know.