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Jul 30, 2015

July 2015 Inventory Update

  Here is some info on a few of the newcomers to our inventory as of July 30, 2015. There is of course a lot more new items than this, so to keep fully up to date with our new products, stop by the store for a chat and to try out any of the new stuff.

PRS SE Angelus Acoustic Electric A10EBK
  The Angelus A10EBK is one of Paul Reed Smith's new SE series acoustic electric guitars. It has a solid mahogany top, mahogany back and sides, a Piezo undersaddle pick-up, with a volume and tone control in the mouth of the guitar, and PRS die-cast machine heads. The body style, and bracing pattern are the same hybrid x-braced/classical design as the original PRS acoustics, but being made in Korea, the prices is many times lower (with some differences in wood quality and hardware as well). That being said, the tone is very full, with a punchy, and predominant midrange, great for fingersyle and flatpick. It comes with a nice hardshell case from PRS, and sits comfortably in the middle of the pack price range wise.
We also have the natural gloss finished model in stock, if you're not so keen on the black.
You can find out more by visiting:

CAD Wireless Systems
   We recently received about a dozen different wireless mics, and wireless instrument systems from CAD. Well known for their consumer and pro Audio gear, including some great studio mics, USB mics, and the quietest LDC mic available - the E300S. I may go into more detail on their mics in future E-mails, but for now I will focus on the wireless systems. (If you do have questions about their mics, or any others, feel free to contact James at 780-278-3679, or visit us in store).
   There are 3 main series of mics we have from them. the least expensive is the GXLV, a dual channel VHF system with two handheld mics, two body packs (with a headset mic, and guitar cable), or one of each. having two channels in one receiver not only saves a lot of money, but also saves space in your rack units or on your workstation desk. The VHF signal has great range, though it will have more static issues than some of the higher end ones. But for simple speaking engagements, or the odd smaller event, the quality will do just fine and the price take will be much more comfortable.
 The Second series is the GXLU, which is still a dual channel system, but with an upgrade in the quality of the mics, and transmitters, and a switch to a UHF signal, which is much less prone to noise and dropouts.
The last system is their top end model the Stagepass 1610, with a single channel wireless body pack, with a great condenser mic, lapel mic, and guitar connection. The receiver has a metal chassis for great durability on the road, and the 100 channel, frequency agile UHF signal will ensure clear, interference-free sound in nearly any environment.
   There are links to the different versions below, but for more details, visit us in store.
GXLVHH - 2 Hand Held TransmittersGXLUBB Wireless - 2 Belt pack transmittersStagePass WX1610 Wireless Body Pack System

Fishman Asterope Cables
   Fishman is well known as one of the largest manufacturers of high quality acoustic guitar pick-up systems and pre-amps. On top of this they do some amplifiers, PA-systems, Electric guitar pick-ups, and many other unique innovations. What I'd like to focus on today is their line of ultra-high quality cables called Asterope. The Asterope cables have been developed over the course of a few decades in order to bring greater bandwidth, and thus better clarity, harmonic response, and overall tone. When we first got a few of them in, I was fairly skeptical that it would make a big difference in tone. I understand that the concepts behind it make sense, but I thought it seemed like a gimmick, and wouldn't make much difference compared to a much less expensive cable. However, the other day I put one to the test, switching back and forth between the Asterope Studio cables, and the CBI GA1 cables. Much to my surprise, I could clearly hear the difference between the two. When using the Asterope, I could hear much more definition between the notes, it was as if the CBI cable was compressing my sound. There was also slightly more volume, and an overall more open and shimmery tone. The cables also have a flow direction marked on the ends for maximum efficiency, and when I tried plugging it in backwards, there was also a noticeable tone difference (though I still prefered it to the CBI cables tone).
   Now the price difference between the cables is fairly significant, and depending on your needs, I would still say that it's overkill for a lot of people. But if you want to get the most tone out of your instruments, whether live or in the studio, The Asterope cable will ensure that your signal is getting from your instrument to your amplifier in the most efficient way possible.
For the details on the cables, here's a link to Fishman's website:

Vox VX series
  Vox have just released a new series of ultra lightweight, USB capable modeling amplifiers, with two models called the VXI and the VXII. The VX series utilizes what Vox calls the VET (Virtual Element Technology), which offers digital and analog sound with a variety of amp modeling settings and digital effects. The USB cable can be used to edit the onboard sounds and presets, as well as record off the pre-amps directly into the computer.  You can also interface with the included Jamvox software, allowing for much more versatility of tone, and a huge number of practice and rehearsal tools that will help improve your playing and writing. The Chassis of the amps is made from a high quality ABS material, for exceptional portability and added resonance due to specific design elements, while the speaker is still mounted to a wooden baffle for traditional tone and projection.
   If you want a great practice amp that will deliver on tone, regardless of your style or genre, or if you just want something portable and cost effective, look no further than the new VX series from Vox. Visit: for all the details.

Warwick Rockbass Streamer Stage I
   Warwick's Stage 1 offers some of the best value for money in Warwick's line up when it comes to a neck through bass. The bass features most of Warwick's proprietary technology, the curved back streamer body design, a 3 piece maple neck, and Alder body wings. It has 2 MEC Jazz pick-ups, and active electronics. The one we just got is a 4-string version, though we have a 5-string in stock as well. But here's a video from Warwick going through all the tones, and features on the 5-string version.

Korg TMR-50
   Korg's new TMR-50 is a great tool for any musician looking to do some serious practice exercises or getting into recording and writing music.
   First of all, it has a chromatic tuner that can run off a mic (or the guitar input jack in noisy environments). The tuner has the ability to play a note through the speaker which you can match, and allow for calibration from 440HZ, for extra versatility.
  The metronome has a wide variety of rhythm settings, time signatures, and speeds available. You can also adjust the level of the volume, and plug headphones in to avoid annoying other people, or drowning out your metronome with loud playing.
   Lastly, the TRM-50 has a built in audio recorder, which can pick-up acoustic instruments or vocals using it's built in mic, or the 1/4" instrument input. You can store the recordings onto 100 different tracks, with up to 20 minutes of overall record time. The recordings are saved as 16-bit / 44.1 kHz WAV files, which is CD quality audio. You can easily export the recordings onto your computer through a USB cable, and you can play back and even loop the recordings on the device through the built in speaker or headphones.
  For all the details on the TMR-50 visit:

New Sigma Models
  As I've mentioned in a few previous posts, Sigma has been innovating a lot lately, coming out with some awesome new models. From a selection of beautiful new finishes to some super simple models - offering exceptional value for the money.
  One of the new models is called the 000ME. It has no binding, no fancy inlays, a satin finish, and awesome tone. With the 000ME, there is nothing superfluous, flashy, or unnecessary adding to the costs; you're money is going towards great woods and excellent hardware. It has a Sigma branded pick-up built in with a tuner and pre-amp controls for when you are ready to hit the stage. The solid spruce top, Mahogany back and sides, and small 000 body, gives it a nice balanced tone with a full midrange and a reserved bass. This makes it ideal for fingerpicking styles especially. There is also the DME model, which has the same features in a dreadnought body size.
  One of the new finishes they have is a vintage sunburst, that is phenomenally well done. Generally the sunburst on guitars in this price range tends to be very simple (as do some much more expensive ones). On this one however, the tone of the stain, and the way it is blended between the light and dark makes it look as though this is a much more expensive instrument. It's the high end Breedlove, Bedell, or Martin guitars that seem to have sunbursts this attractive. The Dreadnought body, and rosewood back and sides of this model give it a very powerful low end, and a deep projecting tone that will satisfy the tastes of a lot of county players along with those who do a lot of heavy flat picking and strumming.
  There is also a beautiful entry level classical guitar that they are finally bringing into the country. With a solid cedar top, mahogany back and sides, and a satin finish, it has volume and depth to compete with a lot of classicals twice the price. Again, this is due to some wise design choices by simply focusing on the wood and hardware quality, while eliminating costly and useless cosmetic features.
   You can check out the dozens of Sigma models we have in stock by visiting us in store, and can find out more about their features by visiting: