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James Turner (Manager)

Sep 1, 2015

Sept and Oct 2015 Specials List

  Getting back into the swing of things this school year will take a little time. To help out with this we have some awesome new specials. These will apply until October 31st 2015, and many of them can be combined, and will apply to clearance priced products. Exclusions will apply, so be sure to chat with one of our associates before assuming one way or the other.

  • Get 10% off any remaining Hagstrom acoustic guitars, and any accompanying Accessories.
    Elfdalia Grand AuditoriumSiljan DreadnoughtDalarna Grand Auditorium
  • Get a free $20.00 power supply with the purchase of any Hotone mini effects pedals.
  • All Cleartone electric or acoustic strings are 50% off.
  • Hofner HA series acoustics are 20% off, plus get 50% off any gig bag or hardshell case and guitar stand with purchase.
  • PRS SE series acoustics and electrics are 15% off our regular price.
  • When purchasing any guitar over $500.00, we will offer 15% off any strings you purchase, and off the cost of restringing that guitar for the next 5 years! If you spend over $1000.00 we will give you 25% off, and over $2000.00 we will offer 35% off. Depending on how often you change strings, and which strings you use, this may save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars over the course of the 5 years.
  • Buy 3 or more sets of Innovative percussion drum sticks and get 50% off, while supplies last.
  • Parker PDF series electric guitars are 15% off our regular prices. Plus get 35% off any accompanying accessories.
  • Get a gift certificate worth 20% of the sell price of any Bedell guitar along with the purchase of the guitar. This can be used to purchase any accessories, amplifiers, or other instruments, as well as music lessons with any of our instructors.

  •   Our Breedlove acoustic guitars and mandolins are all 15% off our regular prices. Plus any acoustic amplifier or PA speaker you buy with them will get the same 20% discount applied. This will included special ordered Breedlove guitars. Anyone attending our Ed Gerhard workshop detailed here will get an additional 10% discount applied to any Breedlove purchase made within 10 days of the event (before or after). Simply bring in your event ticket to get the discount.
    Concert Ebony - FeaturesNylon - FeaturesOregon Dreadnought - FeaturesStage Bass - Features