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James Turner (Manager)

Oct 12, 2015

New Inventory, October 2015

   With our growth as a high quality instrument retailer holding strong despite the economic hardships in our area, you can count on us to keep bringing in new and exciting products and lines. In the last month alone we have gotten into two new major lines, which will be detailed below. Our increased access to new and exciting lines of instruments, amps, and accessories allows us to continue our growth; not only as a convenient place for locals to get what they need, but also as a destination for those looking for unique products, great value, and a personalized shopping experience.

Breedlove SDX25CES 12-string Acoustic
   Breedlove's new line-up of guitars has some unexpectedly splendid features. The new Studio Series are all finished with stunning whisky sunburst, high gloss finish. The solid spruce top and flamed maple back and sides really make the guitar a sight to behold. They manage to keep the looks very classy by sticking to some simple offset fret dot marker inlays, and a single channel mother of pearl inlay rosette. The new INK3 USB pick-up system from Fishman is built in. This new system has an improved digital tuner, a super durable knob assembly using jog dials rather than protruding volume and tone controls. The 3-band EQ gives you a great deal of control over the Sonicore understaddle pick-up. The USB output makes the guitar ideal for those who want to do some simple home recording, without buying additional hardware such as pre-amps and audio interfaces.
   Due to Breedlove's innovation, the guitar is much more durable than most other 12-strings, since it uses a Bridge truss system, relieving the immense tension of the strings from the top of the guitar, and directing it into the end block. This also helps to improve that balance and tone of the instrument as well. The bridge truss also allows them to use a forward shifted X-bracing pattern in the guitar, which increases low end response and overall volume of the instrument. When used on a small concert body like this, the results are fairly dramatic, giving the guitar a full bodied tone that is hard to achieve in other similar sized guitars. The pinless bridge also improves the overall look and usability of the guitar by making string changes simpler and quicker.
   The guitar also comes with Breedlove's Deluxe semi-rigid gig bag, which is extremely protective, while remaining very portable. This all comes together to make this one of the best buys on the market for a gigging or session musician, while staying well under $2000.00. I can't think of a single 12-string guitar I've ever played that is nicer than this guitar in almost any respect. From the aesthetics, to the tone, to the playability, durability, versatility, and so on, the guitar is just flawless. If you are in the market for a 12-string, you would be very remiss if you didn't try one of these.
Studio 12-StringStudio 12-String

Washburn Comfort Mini Koa
   In the last inventory update I showed you Washburns newest Comfort series guitar, the WCDM15SK. We now have in stock it's more stunning sister, the WCDM55K. These guitars are designed to be extremely comfortable to play, portable, and high quality. With 18-1 gear ratio exclusive Grover machine heads, Graphtech Black Tusq nuts, saddles and bridge pins, rosewood binding, and wood inlays, the guitars are extremely functional and attractive. This model is made with an all Koa body, which gives is a deeper, mellower tone than the other two versions, and looks incredible. The price is also a fair bit lower than the other models, while all of the features that make them great guitars are still present.
  The only down side is that to keep the costs of this model lower, they had to switch to a laminate Koa top, instead of the solid spruce top of the other models. This does impact the volume and vibrancy of the guitar to some degree. However, the problem that laminate tops often have is that they are thin sounding due to the decreased volume, but this isn't as much of an issue on this guitar because the laminate is Koa rather than spruce. The naturally rich tone of the koa does compensate for the lack of volume by still offering a fair bit of depth. If you care a lot about the tone, you will likely want to look at the other models still, as I personally do feel that they sound better.
   The small size, Comfort cut-away and body contour, the deluxe padded gig bag, and the great value for money make this a great buy. This guitar is not just for someone on the road a lot, who wants a great traveling companion. It also is ideal for a kid who can't yet fit a full size guitar, but would like something they can still use as an adult. Anyone who is smaller and wants something easier to handle, will also find these guitars a joy to play.
   See all the details here:

Breedlove Limited Edition Pursuit Models
   The Breedlove Pursuit series is likely one of the best value for money acoustic electric guitar lines around. Equipped with Fishman Isys+ USB pick-up systems with tuners, Breedlove's Bridge Truss system, great woods and hardware, and a great feel, the guitars are ready for anything. Coming in Between $600.00 and $1400.00 CAD, puts them in the perfect price range for a beginner who wants a guitar that they can use long term, or as a good quality mid-range instrument for those getting into gigging, or more serious practice, writing, or recording.
   We recently acquired a few of the Limited Edition Pursuit models. One of them is the 25th Anniversary model, which has koa back and sides, a spruce top, herringbone purfling, koa rosette inlays, and beautiful fretboard inlay markers. The other is one with the unique and stunning Australian Blackwood back and sides, a spruce top with a sunburst finish, and a simpler, single channel mother of pearl rosette inlay. Both are beautiful in their own way (though I personally prefer the Blackwood model), and both have a great voice. The spruce top makes both models loud, and bright, with a crisp high end ideal for fast response and clear note articulation. The 25th Anniversary models Koa back and sides give this model a more substantial midrange, and a little rounder tone than the Blackwood model. The blackwood back and sides give you a punchy low end, typical of a rosewood guitar, while having a slightly more pronounced lower midrange. This makes the guitar a bit darker sounding than the koa model.
  Both guitars would make an excellent choice for someone in need of a versatile, good value for money acoustic electric, so be sure to check them out if you are in the market.

Cort Guitars
  We are now dealers of Cort guitars. As one of the worlds largest instrument manufacturers, Cort is well positioned to offer great value for money across their line-up. They also have a very diverse range of instruments, from solid body electrics, to acoustic and electric basses, to acoustic and classical guitars. Designed with value for money in mind, they are a great choice for everyone from beginners, to gigging musicians on tight budgets. They also do some extremely high quality pro instruments, including some signature guitar and bass models for artists like Matthew Bellamy from Muse, and Master Bass player Jeff Berlin.
  I will likely post some detailed reviews of some of their guitars in the coming months, but for now we have about a dozen in stock that you can come try out. We can order anything they offer in Canada, so feel free to peruse their website to see what they have, and give me a call with any questions, or with order requests.

Pearl Cajons
   As I'm sure most of you are well aware, we don't really have enough floor space to stock a lot of drum kits in our current location. But we are a Pearl drum dealer, so I decided to get some of their Cajons in to show off the brand to what little extent we can. They offer some incredibly nice sounding and uniquely featured cajons. One of the ones we have in stock is a two faced model with the air port in the side so that they can use two different fronts with 5mm and 3mm thicknesses for two distinct tones. The thinner face has much brighter and puncher tone like most cajons. The 5mm surface offers a warmer woodier tone. Having these on the same instrument makes it so much more portable and convenient than having to separate cajons. Another is the Jesus Diaz Radial Edge, with a rosewood body and curved front edge for extra playing comfort.
Check them out by following this link:
Brush Beat CajonJesus Diaz SignaturePrimero Box Cajons

Marshall Acton Bluetooth Speaker
   Marshall has long been revered as one of the best electric guitar amplifiers on the market. Now they bring that quality and class to a product that is more for the music enthusiast, and less for the musician. The Acton Bluetooth speaker not only sounds great, but looks amazing, and has some awesome and unique features. Designed to have the same aesthetic as a Marshall amplifier, it has standard Marshall knobs, on switch, and the same style covering and cloth grill. With 40 Watts of power, it has a lot more volume than a lot of the Bluetooth speakers on the market, but what really separates it from the competition is the amp style volume and EQ controls. With a treble and bass EQ, you can get your music to sound the way you want without having to mess around with settings in your phone or computer. It has an Auxiliary input, as well as a very high quality coiled Aux cable included, for connecting to devices that are not Bluetooth capable.
   The thing that impresses me most about the speaker however is simply the astounding quality of everything. From the cable, to the knobs, to the sound, to the chassis, to the astonishingly high quality user manual, the entire thing just oozes quality and class. It's not a speaker for those on a tight budget however as all of this quality does come at a price. However, for the music enthusiast who wants nothing but the best, the Marshall Acton speaker is a great choice.
   They do also make some larger versions with various other features. Check them all out here:
   Here is the link to the specific model we have in stock:

Eden Bass Amplifiers
   Another new addition to our list of stocking brands is Eden. They manufacture a wide range of bass speakers, cabinets, and amplifiers, for everyone from the beginner, to the session musician, to the touring band. With a great deal of focus on the fidelity, and natural tone of their speakers and cabinets, the brand is appreciated for it's ability to fit a bassist comfortably in a mix, and maintain the true sound of the instrument. The high quality speaker design, enclosures, amplifier, and features, all combine to make a roadworthy amp for musicians of any level.
   There's a lot I could say about the amps, but they say it best themselves. Instead of rambling, I will link to the "About Us" section of their site so you can read up on all the details yourself.
   If you would like to come try out a few for yourself, we have some of their smaller models in stock. Until we clear out a few remaining Kustom models, I don't have the floor space for the larger versions. But we can order in anything if you have a specific model that you would like to purchase.