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James Turner (Manager)

Nov 1, 2015

Acoustic Guitar Package Give-away

Win the ultimate Acoustic Guitar Package!
   Beginning on Nov 1st 2015, and running until Dec 18th 2015, every purchase made by customers registered in our system will be entered into a draw for a music lovers accessory package worth over $1500.00 dollars. The Package will include the following items:

Washburn D10SK-RE 
   As the best selling guitar in the world, the D10S always has offered great value for the money. The solid spruce top, quality hardware, and versatile design made it an ideal all round guitar for any beginning musician or as a back-up guitar for pros.
Braven BZ570BBP
   The BZ570 is a bluetooth wireless speaker for laptops, tablets, and phones. With a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 10 hours of battery life that can be used to rapid charge cellphones as well.
Vox Amplug-IO
   The Amplug-IO is a USB interface and tuner for guitars, and other electronic instruments. As long as you have a 1/4" output, you can use the AP-IO to convert your analog signal into a high quality digital signal for recording, or use with a variety of software, including the included Jamvox software. It also has a digital guitar tuner built in.
   The Ace II is a magnetic acoustic guitar soundhole pick-up from EPM, with adjustable height pole pieces, and a wood chassis. Ideal for use one loud stages, the magnetic pick-ups wont have the feedback and body noise issues associated with many piezo or microphone pick-ups.
   This is a plywood hardshall case for protection from physical and environmental damage.
    This is a garment leather guitar strap with foam padding, and ladder style length adjustment
D'addario NYXL Wooden Stool
   This is a beautiful, all wood musicians stool, with various height cross bars, and D'addario's NYXL logo.
   The GS435 is a foldable acoustic guitar stand designed for its portability. It is not the most heavy duty stand on the market, but it's ideal if you want a stand you can fit in a gig bag pocket with ease.
   This is a beautiful bookbag from Levy's Leathers with our logo screen printed on the side. It has a variety of pockets and holders for a variety of tools and accessories you may want to keep wherever you bring your instrument.
   We are including 3 packs of the Red Brand light gauge (12-53) acoustic guitar strings, which have the highest copper content of any string on the market. The extra copper contributes to a much warmer tone than most other string materials, decent longevity for a non coated string, and a red hue (hence the name).
   We also have 3 packs of the Martin M140, which are a 12-54 gauge string in a traditional 80/20 bronze alloy.
   The Elixir strings are one of the longest lasting strings on the market due to their proprietary enamel coated. The coating gives the strings a very smooth surface for less string noise and less finger fatigue. The coating also prevents grime and oils from building up between the string winds, and stops oxidation of the strings. This is what makes them last so long. The 16536 is a 2-pack of their Medium gauge (13-56) phosphor bronze wound acoustic strings.
   To help keep the guitar looking new, we are including this Levy's leathers microfiber polishing clothe. It's texture is ideal for lifting off dust and fingerprints while being easy on your finish.
   We are including a half dozen guitar picks in an assortment of sizes and thicknesses.
   To make sure that you can keep track of the picks, we've included the Levy's Leathers pickers pouch, which has a key ring.
   To help keep your guitar in tune and your picking in time, we included a WC-1000 tuner and metronome. The tuner has a contact microphone as well for convenient tuning no matter how noisy the environment is.
   Planet Waves GH guitar humidifier is ideal for use in a hardshell case. The anti-fungal sponge will hold a fair bit of water, limiting the need to refill it as often as some other humidifiers. It's design makes it convenient to keep in between the string of the guitar in the soundhole.
Washburn T-shirt
   This is simply a nice cotton T-shirt with a Washburn logo screenprinted on the front.
Washburn Ballcap
   This too is a regular ballcap with a Washburn logo embroidered on it.

   As long as your name is entered in our POS system, every transaction you do with us between those dates will give you another ballot in our draw. We will do the draw on Dec 18th, giving you a full week to claim your prize before Christmas. This will make a great gift for yourself, or any music lover on your list. To come try out the guitar, and to enter to win, just stop by the store often, and make lots of purchases.
   There's a limit of one ballot per purchase. The prize will be awarded to the individual who's name and phone number is listed in our system when making the winning purchase.

Everything in the photos below are included in the give-away.