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James Turner (Manager)

Feb 12, 2016

February 2016 Inventory and Other Updates

  As our more regular customers should be used to by now, we've been making a lot of changes over the past few months. Usually these updates focus on the new inventory we receive, but we also have some new music instructors that I will be talking about below.

Framus Legacy Acoustics
  Framus has recently released a new line of acoustic and acoustic electric guitars in what they call the Legacy Series. These range in price from about $400.00 CAD to nearly $2000.00 CAD, and include 4 classic body styles, a variety of wood combinations and finishes, and a cut-away electric version of each. So far we have in stock one of their Folk size models with an all mahogany body, and a Jumbo model with a solid spruce top, a black finish, and Fishman Electronics.
   The folk model FF14MNS has a natural satin finish, some simple yet elegant aesthetic appointments, die-cast machine heads, wood bridge pins, bone nut and saddle, and a surprisingly big sound. For such a small guitar, the depth of tone is very impressive, easily comparable to our best selling guitar, the Sigma 000M-15, while still having a slightly fancier look.
   The Jumbo model FJ14SBKCE has a large jumbo frame that is ideal for producing deep, powerful, low frequencies, and giving an overall rich and full tone. The solid sitka spruce top keeps the tone tight and punchy though with a  crisp clarity that makes it great for fitting into a mix when recording or playing live. The gloss black finish makes for an elegant look as well..
   I assume the low pricing is partially due to them being brand new in the market though, so if you are looking at getting something in their style and price range, I would definitely recommend checking them out soon, as I can't imagine them selling at this low of pricing for very long.
FF 14 Solid Mahogany Top - Natural Transparent Satin
FJ 14 Solid Sitka Spruce Top - Black High Polish CE - Solid Black High Polish

Breedlove Oregon Acoustics
   I have talked before about the Oregon series acoustics, and since they are my favourite series from my favourite brand, many of you may already know that I personally play one of these as my main guitar. However, it is worth mentioning again as I just received a few more in stock of variations that we haven't had before. One of them is their Oregon Concert Burst model with a Whisky Burst finish. This new finish doesn't add to the cost of the instrument compared to the natural finished model, but does make it much more eye catching. As with all of the standard Oregon series models, the ORC26ES is built with a solid Sitka spruce top, and solid myrtlewood back and sides. With this finish, the back and sides are stained darker, but you can still see much of the character in the always unique myrtlewood woodgrain. The tone of this wood combination is extremely balanced, with none of the frequency ranges being overpowering or thin. There is an overall warm character to it as well without much of the harsh high end frequencies, even when playing hard.  It also has a shimmery sheen to the sound which is great, especially when playing solo.
   The Oregon models are all equipped with the L.R. Baggs EAS VTC pick-up system, for great live tone. They also come with a beautiful hardshell case, a humidifier, and a wood handled truss rod adjuster. This means you'll be ready to travel, perform or jam anywhere without worrying about your guitars safety and stability. You can come check out these and all our other Breedlove models in store. You can also visit for more details.

Cort L300 models
   The Cort L300 models are by far my favourite guitars that I've yet seen from the line. They are built with solid Adirondack spruce tops, a solid mahogany back and mahogany sides, Grover machine heads, bone nuts and saddles, and some simple yet elegant aesthetics. The small OM style body makes it incredibly comfortable to play, while the high quality woods and hardware give it a big voice. The acoustic electric models are equipped with Fishman's Sonitone pick-up system and pre-amp, for great live sound quality.
   My only complaint is that they don't have a cut-away version of the guitar. Aside from that minor inconvenience, the guitar is great to play, has a rich powerful tone for it's size, and is incredibly well priced. Check them out in person in store, or watch my video review here:

New Music Instructors 
   In the past year we have added 4 new music instructors to our studio. The new instruments and styles we have instructors for include Jazz and rock keyboard, as well as drum kit and school percussion. We also have more teachers for all styles of guitar which makes it easier for scheduling and for finding an instructor who is ideal for your style of learning and musical interests.
   Here is some information on our new instructors:

Jonatha Bittencourt Vieira
   Jonatha is the newest member of our instructor team and he has been teaching for about 5 years in Brazil. He has moved to the Edmonton area to advance his education in music, and is currently going to Concordia University for a music degree. He has experience teaching bass, electric, acoustic and classical guitar, so he will make a great choice for most people looking to get into any form of guitar playing. For now he will be booking lessons on Sundays only, but as he develops a larger student base, this will likely increase to a few more days. Call us at 780-986-2251 for scheduling and details.

Gordon Chadney
Gordon has been teaching percussion for over twenty years both in one-on-one and classroom environments.  With a Bachelor of Music from U of C and training from several other music schools, Gordon brings a lot of experience and knowledge to the teaching studio.  Working with his students, he has produced five percussion CDs and has built their love for and skills on drums and percussion instruments. For scheduling, please contact the Turner Guitar Studio at (780) 986-2251.

Lori Young
   Lori has been teaching piano and keyboard on and off for over 30 years, with over 20 years of cumulative experience. She took music lessons from an early age at the Conservatory of Music in Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria from instructor Susan Derburge. She has recorded a couple of piano albums and has played professionally in a variety of different settings, from bands to solo performances. With this expertise, she invites you to learn how to play Rock, Blues, Jazz or Classical piano from her. Regardless of your age, experience, or ambition, Lori will be a great help along your musical journey.  For scheduling or for more details, contact the Turner Guitar Studio at (780) 986-2251

 Graham Strach
   As this is his first year of teaching, Graham has the lowest rates for guitar lessons at The Turner Guitar Studio.  With over 5 years of musical training and experience, Graham has shown a great enthusiasm and passion for music learning and performance. If you are new to guitar and would like some guidance, Graham can help you get started on your musical path.  For scheduling or for more details, contact the Turner Guitar Studio at (780) 986-2251